Studying in The West

Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam said:

“I declare it forbidden for the youth to study in the West, except if they are married. Hear it from me; it is forbidden for a youth to study in the west, unless he is married. Relay on my behalf, even if it is one fatwa: it is not allowed, not allowed, not allowed. How can one protect himself? It is impossible to protect oneself, except through marriage.

It is impossible, impossible, impossible for the unmarried person to live there, unless he is abnormal. If he is abnormal, then he might be able to live there. As for the normal human being, then how my brother? Sex is available like water, and it is allowed, according to the law, in the street, everywhere!”

[Fee Dhilaal Soorah At-Tawbah, p.12]


4 Responses to “Studying in The West”

  1. Assalaam wayakalaum wa ramtullaah wa baraktu
    .plesde could you give me a bit of information about this shaykh as I look on the internet and I think I have serach for a wrong one.

  2. Assalaam wayakalaum wa ramtullaah wa baraktu
    Could you please inform me more about this shaykh as I have look on the internet and I think I have been earching 4 the wrong one.

  3. patsik234 Says:

    you describe it as sex is the only thing western people can do. it’s not obligatory for the one to have intercourses as soon as he crosses the borders and so on. it’s his own power of will to resist such things and decline… nobody is forced to do this. How the one can protect himself? Just keep away from these kind of things, simple as that.

    • 1) If you have lived in a country where the Shari’ah is implemented (where women wear the full veil, adulterers are stoned to death, etc), then you will come to realise how animal-like the majority of the Kuffaar truly are.

      2) Ok intimacy (zina to be more specific) is not the ONLY thing the Kuffaar do, but their lives are revolved around it. Women only get jobs if they are dressed like prostitutes while the honorable sisters in niqab are subjugated and looked down upon. Its a sex-driven society where the hypersexual men take control of everything.

      3) No one said its ‘obligatory’ for the migrant to commit intercourse, however the society pushes one in that direction. Practically every other kafir couple are cheating on each other (to the extent that TV shows are made of it – e.g, Jerry Springer). No man trusts his wife when he leaves her alone in the house, and no women trusts her husband when he goes to work. Nay marriage is a pointless deed for the Kafir.

      I remember years ago when I was in college, a Kafir told me how his mother and father were ‘getting married’! Allaahu musta’aan! After so many years and so many kids, these fornicators decided to get married!

      The problem is, the Kafir has looked at so much nudity that his wife no longer seems good looking to him, hence why he goes elsewhere. But as for us Muslims, we lower our gaze and protect our chastity only for our wives (and that which our right hands possess – baqiyah wa tatamaddad!) hence why we don’t go elsewhere for our needs.

      The Kafir and the Muslim are living two completely different lives. And if this is understood then one realises why so many Muslims are leaving Dar Al-Kufr to migrate to the land where the Shari’ah is being implemented.

      I apologise if I have offended your western values, but I just thought I should clarify my views about the West.

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