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Advice On Raising Children

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The school, the street, your neighbours, or maid should not play the largest role in raising your children. Rather you are specifically responsible for his task. The Prophet (saw) said:

A woman is a guardian of her husband’s house and children and is responsible for them.” [Bukhaaree]

Perhaps while you are cultivating your children, instilling within them guidance and moral standards, another person may come along and destroy that which you have worked hard to build. So do not allow others to raise and watch over your children; they may see from others that which disrupts the moral values that you have instilled.

Along with this, your home has certain standards and techniques in child rearing, which may differ from the techniques of you relatives. So observe your children an hour after mixing with their cousins. Do not neglect the importance of correcting misunderstandings, which they may have picked up while with other children; and encourage them to embrace the proper outlook.

[Taken from “20 Pieces Of Advice To My Sister Before Her Marriage”, pp.56-57]

Shi’ah Beliefs Regarding The Ka’bah

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Abu Abdullaah Ja’far As-Saadiq is reported to have said:

“Allaah revealed to the Ka’bah, ‘Had it not been for the soil of Karbaa, I would not have favoured you, had it not been for the people who reside their I would not have created you nor would I have created the House that I am proud of, so be a humble servant to the land of Karbala, otherwise I will cast you into hell.”

[Bihaar Al-Anwaar, 10/107]


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Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam said:

“A group of friends are all like each other, and the longer the friendship lasts, the closer the character and manners of each person in the group will be to the others. Do not believe that a good person can live for long with a corrupt person, unless the corrupt person improves and follows the example of the good person.

This is why you should look for the good people, and a friend is like a chain: he will either drag you into Paradise, or drag you into Hell. He will either cause you problems or he will help you solve your problems.”

[At-Tarbiyyah Al-Jihaadiyyah Wal-Bina, 5/35]

What Aboo Haneefah’s Critics Said About Him

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Because of Imaam Aboo Haneefah’s high standing, many laid severe criticism of him and many have fabricated statements to the scholars which show they had a hatred for Imaam Aboo Haneefah as well.

Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadee relates statements from a variety of scholars, statements that accuse Aboo Haneefah of being weak in the knowledge of hadeeth and of having access to only a small number of hadeeths. For example he relates the following four narrations:

Ibn Mubaarak said, “Aboo Haneefah was an orphan in hadeeth.”

Yahyaa Ibn Sa’eed Al-Qattaan said, “He was not one of the people of hadeeth.”

Imaam Ahmad said, “Indeed he has with him neither opinion, nor hadeeth.”

Aboo Bakr Ibn Abee Daawood said, “All of the hadeeth that have been related from Aboo Haneefah do not exceed 150 in number, and even in half of those he erred.

Because of his many deductions, some spiteful critics have said, “He is the most ignorant of people regarding what has occurred, and the most knowledgeable regarding that which has not occurred.

Two Reasons Why Aboo Haneefah Differed With The Majority In His Rulings

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1) Unauthenticating Many Authentic Narrations:

Aboo Haneefah stipulated strict conditions for a narration to be accepted – very difficult conditions indeed, but he only did so because fabrication in hadeeth became a widespread phenomenon. During his time, Iraaq was the source of revolutionary and intellectual groups in the Islaamic world, and as such, it was fertile soil for fabrications and fabricators to thrive.

These factors impelled Imaam Aboo Haneefah to be more circumspect when accepting the authenticity of a hadeeth, and so he only accepted those hadeeth that were famous and widespread, and came from trustworthy people. In this regard he was more careful and strict than even the scholars of hadeeth which is why he deemed many hadeeths to be weak, which in the view of the scholars of hadeeth, were authentic and accepted.

2) Accepting Mursal Narrations:

Although he was strict in one aspect of judging the authenticity of hadeeths, he was more lenient in another: he would consider disconnected (mursal) narrations to be acceptable, but only if the one who narrated it was trustworthy.

Mursal narrations are narrations wherein one of the Taabi’een would narrate a hadeeth without mentioning the source from whom he took it.

Imaam Aboo Haneefah’s view in this matter is contrary to the view of the majority of Hadeeth Scholars, which led him to arguing issues based on hadeeths that were considered to be weak and inapplicable by others.

[Taken from “The Sunnah And Its Role In Islaamic Legislation” by Mustafa As-Sibaa’ee, p.492]

Greeting Your Husband Upon Entering Home

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Oh sister, know that you will neither obtain lofty mannerisms nor a healthy marital life until you greet your husband like the greeting of the most gracious of hostesses to their guests. Be keen in rushing to welcome your husband upon entering the home with a warm embrace [as this shows you were looking forward to see him and hence makes him feel loved].

Kiss him with love and respect, a kiss of affection and enthusiastic desire. For this will cause him to have a strong bond with you, and in turn he will come to recognize your rights over him.

[Taken from “20 Pieces Of Advice To My Sister Before Her Marriage”, pp. 40-41]

Beware Of Raising Yourself Above Others

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Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam said:

“Pay attention to your heart, beware of raising yourself above others, and beware of belittling others. How many of these people have given for the sake of this religion – but have kept it secret between them and the Lord of the Worlds – from he whose statement is belittled and his appearance mocked, and he might even have given more for this religion than an earthful of people like you ever would?

So, pay attention to yourself, and may Allaah have Mercy on a man who knows his limits and stays inside those limits.”

[From a Khutbah entitled “An-Nas Asnaf” (People are of Various Types), given on September 26, 1986]

Definition Of Taqleed, By Ibn Al-Qayyim & Ibn Al-Jawzee

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Ibn Al-Qayyim said: “Knowledge is the realisation of the guidance with its proofs – that and bind following are not equal.” [Nooniyyah]

Ibn Al-Jawzee said: “Taqleed suspends the use of the intellect, whereas the intellect is created for thinking and reasoning. It is stupidity when a man is given light to show hi the way, (yet) he extinguishes it and walks in darkness.” [Tablees Iblees]