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A Glimpse At An-Nawawi

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“It is well known that he is from the most knowledgeable of scholars in the history of Islaam. I mean, if you were to take the ten most notable scholars of the Muslims throughout history, An-Nawawi would be one of them. He wrote a commentary on Saheeh Muslim, and he wrote his book “Al-Majmoo’ ” in fiqh, regarding which Ibn Katheer said, “Nothing was ever written to match its brilliance.” And yes, nothing was ever written like this book.

When you read anything by An-Nawawi, you feel as if you are a plant that is being watered, as he delves deeply into meanings and concepts. Add to this that he abstained from the worldly pleasures, he was a devout worshipper, he would enjoin what is good, and he would forbid what was wrong. He would stand up to the rulers in the peak of their power…

He came into conflict with Dhahir Baybras, the ruler of Sham and Egypt. Dhahir Baybras requested a fatwa from the scholars that money should be collected in order to prepare an army to fight the Tartars in 658H. When the Tartars occupied Baghdaad and advanced upon Palestine ad turned towards Sham, he requested a fatwa while the Tartars were in Palestine that money should be collected to purchase weapons.

Every single scholar issued a fatwa except for An-Nawawi. He said, “I will not provide you with such a fatwa.”

Dhahir asked, “Why not? I want to purchase arms for this struggle, and you refuse to issue a fatwa for it? The entire Ummah and religion will be exposed to loss.”

He replied, “Because you came to us as a slave who owned nothing, and I see that you now own gardens, servants, slave girls, silver, and gold. So, if you sell all of these things and still need money after that, I will issue the fatwa you seek.”

So Dhahir replied, “Leave Sham!”

And he left and went to a small village in Nawa (his hometown). The scholars came to Dhahir Baybras and said to him, “The scholars of Sham are nothing without Muhi Ad-Deen An-Nawawi.” He replied, “Bring him back.” They then went to An-Nawawi and said, “Come back O Muhi Ad-Deen.” An-Nawawi said, “By Allaah, I will not go back while Dhahir is in it.” And Allaah fulfilled his oath; Dhahir died a month later, and An-Nawawi returned to Sham.

This isAn-Nawawi, the devout worshipper, the scholar, the zaahid, the scholar of Usool, Fiqh and Hadeeth. Look at the blessing that is in his books… Look at the barakah; his book Al-Majmoo’ has provided much benefit, his book Riyaadh As-Saaliheen, his book of forty hadeeth, his book Al-Adhkaar – you can feel the barakah in his boks. No books have been written so widely distributed as the books of An-Nawawi.”

[Fee Dhilaal Soorah At-Tawbah, by Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam, p.67-68]

Four Causes Of Disunity Among The Ummah, Sh. Saalih Al-Fawzaan

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1) Imported Methodologies

If we discard the methodology which our pious predecessors were upon and seek to introduce methodologies from here and there, we will become divided and every group will have its own methodology which differs from the others and every group will claim the others are mistaken.

2) Listening To Liars And Their Likes

Secondly, from the causes of separation and differing is listening to liars and slanderers, and to the false rumours and propagation which the weak in faith, hypocrites and biased ones propagate from within, those who do not want us to be united upon a single faith and religion. This is why it is compulsory upon us to verify narrations an to not make haste, as Allaah (swt) had ordered us to verify narrations (see Quraan 49:6).

3) Finding Fault With Muslims And Having Evil Suspicion

Thirdly, finding fault with the Muslim who has not committed a sin is impermissible and evil suspicion is impermissible. All of this is a prohibition against finding fault with the Muslims and from listening to those who backbite and slander them. For this reason Allaah made backbiting impermissible. And the worst of all is the one who moves between the students of knowledge and callers to Islaam in order to spread corruption and cause within the Muslim community and to incite feelings of hatred between them.

4) Abandoning The Muslims

The fourth cause of separation is: abandoning the Muslims, and abandonment means desertion and distancing. Meaning a person distancing and cutting himself from a person and no speaking to him.

Advice Of Ibn Taymiyyah To Muslim Women

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Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“The way in which to tell what is for men (i.e, their dress code) and what is for women is by the custom and what is suitable and what befits the two sexes and that which the religion has stipulated for them both with regards to their dress code.

Women’s beauty should be concealed from men at all times and they should not expose themselves to strange men. They are forbidden from wearing trousers, hooded cloaks, short dresses and so forth.

Women are also ordered to not raise their voices due to the fact that their voices affect other male’s hearts in public and this is one of the reasons why women are not allowed to raise their voices in the call to prayer. They should not make du’aa (supplications) or thikr (words of remembrance prescribed in the sunnah) out loud in the presence of non mahrams, nor do they climb Safa or Marwa (two smal mountains in Makkah). So the women are advised to cover their faces and hands from non-mahrams.

It is related in An’ni’hiya that men should have certain clothes which distinguish them from women and vice-versa: women should have clothes that distinguish them as women.”

[Majmoo’ Al-fataawaa, 22/148]

Don’t Waste Your Time

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Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam said:

“Work on making good use of your time. Do not waste your time. Always try to bring about some benefit from your social gatherings.

So if you see people talking about food, drink, telling jokes, etc., tell them, “Brothers, I read a story today to tell you about something that happened in Syria, or something that the Afghans did,” or say, “What do you think about this hadeeth? I read the tafseer of this verse to tell you about,” etc.

Benefit them in this gathering, and occupy them with something that will benefit them.”

[At-Tarbiyyah Al-Jihaadiyyah Wal-Bina, 5/35]

The Ka’bah Or The Grave Of Husain?

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According to the Shee’ahs visiting the grave of Husain in Karbala is greater than performing the 5th pillar of Islaam (Hajj).

Al-Majlisi (a top Shiah Scholar) mentions in his book Bihaar Al-Anwaar that Bishr Ad-Dahhan said, I said to Abu ‘Abdullaah Ja’far As-Saadiq, “Sometimes I forget to peform Hajj but I realise the greatness of the grave of Husain.

So he (Abu Abdullaah) said, “Good work, any believer who visits the grave of Husain knowing its virtue, it will be recorded for him as 20 Hajj and 20 Umrah which are all accepted. It will be recorded for him as 20 battles fought under a Messenger or a just ruler. Whoever goes to it on the day of Arafah, knowing its virtue it will be recorded for him as 1000 Hajj and 1000 Umrah of which are accepted and 1000 battles fought with a Messenger or a just ruler.

[Bihaar Al-Anwaar, by Al-Majlisi]

Boycotting The People Of Innovation, By Al-Baghawee

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Imaam Al-Baghawee said:

“The Prophet (saw) informed us that this ummah would divide into groups, and that desires and innovations would appear amongst them. And he (saw) declared salvation for whoever follows his Sunnah and the Sunnah of his Companions.

So it is a must upon every Muslim, when he sees a man dispersing any type of vain desire or innovation knowingly, or he is scorning any part of the Sunnah, to abandon him and free himself of him, whether he is dead or alive.

So he should not greet him with salaam when he encounters him nor should he respond to him if he is greeted initially. He should continue doing this until that individual abandons his innovation and returns to the truth (1).

As for the forbiddance of boycotting (hijrah from) one’s brother for more than three days, then this is with regards to a disagreement that occurs between two people in matters related to friendship or family ties. It is not with regards to the religion, for indeed, boycotting the people of vain desires and innovation is ongoing until they repent.”

He then quotes the hadeeth of Ka’ab Ibn Maalik and how the Companions boycotted him (2) and then mentions:

“There is evidence in this (hadeeth) for boycotting the people of innovation… The Sahaabah, Taabi’een, their successors and the scholars of the Sunnah have continued to implement this, unanimously agreeing on showing enmity towards the innovators and boycotting them.”

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Advice Of The Scholars

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Awn Ibn ‘Abdullaah said:

“The scholars used to counsel and write to each other with three advices:

1) Whosoever strives for the hereafter, Allaah will suffice him in his worldly life.

2) Whosoever rectifies his dealings that are done behind closed doors, Allaah will correct his affairs that are done openly.

3) Whosoever rectifies his relationship with Allaah, Allaah will rectify his relationship with others.”

[Al-Hilya of Aboo Nu’aym]

Having Manners When Forbidding The Evil

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Hasan Al-Bana, may Allaah forgive us and him, said:

“We used to follow this way of commanding the good and forbidding the evil. We had a shaykh who used to teach us and guide us, so one day, I saw him praying between the pillars of the Mosque. So I wanted to advise him that praying between the pillars of the Mosque is disliked (makrooh). So I wrote him a letter and addressed it on behalf of “A Doer of Good”, saying, ‘O Shaykh, I saw you praying between the pillars of the Mosque, and this is disliked, as the Prophet (saw) said.’ I then signed it ‘A Doer of Good’, and sent to him by mail.

He got the letter and read it, then he said, ‘O youth, I have received a letter from a man who advised me not to pray between the pillars of the Mosque, and I did not previously know that it is disliked, so don’t do it.’

I was amongst the youth that he was addressing. So we were able to fulfill a good action without causing any insult or offense to our teacher.”

[Quoted in “Fee Dhilaal Soorah At-Tawbah” by Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam, p. 75]

Sitting With The People Of Innovation And Desires

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Imaam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal said:

“Those who we learned from among the people of knowledge, used to despise Kalaam [theological rhetoric] and sitting with the people of deviation.” [Al-Ibaanah, by Ibn Battah, 2/471]

He also said:

“Safety- if Allaah has willed – is in abandoning sitting with them (the people of innovation) to discuss their innovation and misguidance.” [Al-Ibaanah, by Ibn Battah, 2/472]

He also said:

“So fear Allaah! Fear Allaah O Muslims! The good opinion you have of yourself and the knowledge you have that you are on the correct way, should not lead you to risk your Deen by sitting with some of these people of desires,thinking, ‘I will intrude upon them in order to debate with them or to expose their ideas.

However, they are a more severe form of fitnah than the Dajjaal, and their speech clings to a person more strongly than a severe itch,and it can burn the hearts more than a blazing flame can.

And I have seen a group of people who used to curse and revile the people of desires. Then they went and sat with them in order to contest with them and refute them. Then the cheerful, open attitude, the hidden deception and the subtle disbelief continued until they became inclined towards them.”

[Al-Ibaanah of Ibn Battah, 2/470]