Sitting With The People Of Innovation And Desires

Imaam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal said:

“Those who we learned from among the people of knowledge, used to despise Kalaam [theological rhetoric] and sitting with the people of deviation.” [Al-Ibaanah, by Ibn Battah, 2/471]

He also said:

“Safety- if Allaah has willed – is in abandoning sitting with them (the people of innovation) to discuss their innovation and misguidance.” [Al-Ibaanah, by Ibn Battah, 2/472]

He also said:

“So fear Allaah! Fear Allaah O Muslims! The good opinion you have of yourself and the knowledge you have that you are on the correct way, should not lead you to risk your Deen by sitting with some of these people of desires,thinking, ‘I will intrude upon them in order to debate with them or to expose their ideas.

However, they are a more severe form of fitnah than the Dajjaal, and their speech clings to a person more strongly than a severe itch,and it can burn the hearts more than a blazing flame can.

And I have seen a group of people who used to curse and revile the people of desires. Then they went and sat with them in order to contest with them and refute them. Then the cheerful, open attitude, the hidden deception and the subtle disbelief continued until they became inclined towards them.”

[Al-Ibaanah of Ibn Battah, 2/470]


One Response to “Sitting With The People Of Innovation And Desires”

  1. minhaj chisti Says:

    indeed imam Ahmed is the righteous slave of Allah(swt).

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