Having Patience While Giving Da’wah

The young male and female Muslim who take up the duty of calling others to Islaam are subject to ridicule, harassment and derision – in pubic areas such as the marketplace and school, but even in their own homes. Many among the youth complain that their mothers and fathers are harsh with them, outwardly showing disdain for their religious zeal.

What is our position and attitude in the face of these difficulties? It is compulsory upon us to be patient and to bear hardship, all the while hoping for reward from Allaah (swt). Yet such difficulties should not prevent us from making da’wah to the way of Allaah (swt). Allaah sent Muhammad (saw) with guidance and the true religion, yet when he (saw) stood to call others to the truth, was he left alone to peacefully convey his message or was h harmed along the way? Were the Messengers sent before him left alone to peacefully convey the message of Islaam or were they harmed as well? Allaah said:

“Verily, (many) Messengers were denied before you (O Muhammad), but with patience they bore the denial, and they were hurt, till Our help, reached them.” [6:34]…

Some of the Prophet’s neighbours in Makkah would leave foul-smelling, impure filth at his doorstep, yet all along, he patiently endured the harm thy inflicted on him saying, “What kind of neighbourliness is this?” [Related by At-Tabaraanee in his Taareekh, 2/343]

In other words, “Why do you inflict harm upon me in this manner? How does your treatment of me reflect on your duties as a neighbour?”…

Along with being patient, should we continue to invite our families or should we become angry and observe silence? We should continue to invite them without loosing hope, and when we do invite them, we should deal with them gently and in a wise manner, without resorting to harshness or severity…

Know for sure that people do not become guided overnight, except for those whom Allaah (swt) exempts from this general principle. It is the way of Allaah that matters come to their completion gradually. The Prophet (saw) remained in Makkah for 13 years, inviting the people to Islaam, yet his da’wah still did not achieve complete success. Then he went and lived in Al-Madeenah, and in total, the Religion only became complete 23 years after the Prophet was sent.

Never delude yourself into thinking that people will change overnight. You must tread the path of da’wah with patience and with imperturbable determination…

Be patient and determined; i one does not change for the better today, he may do so tomorrow. In attempting to better the manners of your family, begin with easy matters an then move on gradually to the more difficult ones. By the Might of Allaah, I am confident that, if one is patient, determined and consistent in his da’wah, he will in the end succeed.

[The Islamic Awakening, by Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, pp.54-57]


4 Responses to “Having Patience While Giving Da’wah”

  1. If daees are supposed to be patient in giving dawah, then why those muslim group in Syria/Iraq so violent towards Christians/Yazidis? It doesn’t make sense to me. What about capturing 300 Yazidi women & making a brothel with them?! Isn’t having sex out of marriage haram in Islam? Then how can those Muslims use these women as sex slave?! If what we hear is true then thats very unjust of them. No one can force anyone to become muslim or have sex with those guys. Also, think about the kids born out of these relationships.

    Anyways, its a beneficial article mashAllah. May Allah preserve you & reward you with the best of rewards in this world & the next! Ameen.

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum -)

      How r u doing bro? Long time. How have u been? I hope all is well with u.

      Ok as for ur comment, then its all false. There are many false rumours going around about ISIS, and sadly many Muslims are believing them. We are not violent towards Christians, quite the contrary. We have departments in our offices which deal specifically with complaints from Christians. Yes it is true that many Christians fled Mosul, but that was before we entered the town, and I don’t blame them for being afraid of us with all the propaganda being spread about us.

      As for Yazidis, then they ran away without even fighting us. Again the fear they had of us was enough for them to make up lies against us. As for them hiding up in the mountains, then they were already there. They had homes there, only a few hid there. The rest ran away to other towns.

      As for making brothels with them, then Allaah knows we are free from this accusation. May Allaah expose those who fabricate lies against ISIS and may He guide all those who believe in whatever the media say without verification.

      Btw I hope ur all good inshaaAllaah -)

  2. Sorry I made a mistake on the other comment, didn’t know that it was allowed in Islam. :p Indeed you know much more than me! ………btw, alhamdulillah you’re ok! :) I was quite worried. :) Take care.

  3. I mean taking jiziya lol

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