The Bravery Of ‘Ali Ibn Abee Taalib

‘Amr Ibn ‘Abd Wudd had fought on the day of the battle of Badr until he was badly wounded, so he was not present on the day of Uhud but when the day of the battle of the trench came, he marked himself to show his position.

Then he and the other horsemen took up their positions and said, “Who will come out to duel?”

‘Alee Ibn Abee Taalib came out to him and said to him, “O ‘Amr, you have promised Allaah that if any man of Quraysh gives you one of two options, you will accept one of them.”

He said, “Yes.”

‘Alee said to him, “I call you to Allaah and His Messenger and to Islaam.”

He said, “I have no need of that.”

‘Alee said, “Then I call you to a duel with me.”

He said to him, “Why, O son of my brother? I do not want to kill you.”

‘Alee said, “But by Allaah, I want to kill you.”

‘Amr got angry at that, so he dismounted from his horse, hamstrung it and beat its face, then he turned to ‘Alee, and they fought, circling around one another, until ‘Alee killed him  and their cavalry fled, bursting headlong in flight across the trench.

[As-seerah An-Nabawiyyah, 3/348, of Ibn Hishaam]


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