The Story Of Umm Ibraheem Al-Hashimeeyah

One of the righteous women in Basra was Umm Ibraheem Al-Hashimeeyah. The enemy attacked one of the Muslim towns so people were encouraged to join jihaad. Abdul Waahid Bin Zayd Al-Basree delivered a speech encouraging jihaad and among the audience was Umm Ibraheem. Among the things Abdul Waahid talked about was Al-Hoor (the gorgeous women of Paradise).

Umm Ibraheem stood up and said to Abdul Waahid:

“You know my son Ibraheem and you know that the nobility of Al-Basra wish to have him marry one of their daughters and I have not agreed to one of them yet. But I like this girl you described and I would be happy tp marry her to my son. Can you please describe her again?”

Abdul Waahid then narrated a poem in the description of the Hoor. Umm Ibraheem said:

“I want my son to marry this girl and I would pay you 10,000 dinars as her dowry and you take him with you in this army. He might die as a shaheed and intercede for me on the Day of Judgement.”

Abdul Waahid said:

“If you do so, that is a great success for you and your son.”

She then called her son form the audience. He stood up and said:

“Yes my mother?”

She said:

“Are you pleased to mary this girl with the condition of giving your soul to Allaah?”

He said:

“Yes! I am very pleased!”

She said:

“O Allaah, you are my witness that I have married my son to this girl from Paradise with the condition (that) he spends his soul in Your sake.”

Then she went and brought back with her 10,000 dinars and gave it to Abdul Waahid and said:

“This is her dowry. Take it and use it to provide for the Mujaahideen.”

She then purchased for her son a good horse and she armed him. When the army started its march, Ibraheem came out with the reciters of the Quraan surrounding him and reciting: “Indeed, Allaah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise.” When Umm Ibraheem was greeting her son, she told him:

“Be careful and don’t allow any shortcomings from yourself to be seen by Allaah.”

She then embraced him and kissed him and said:

“May Allaah never bring us together except on the Day of Judgement!”

Abdul Waahid said:

We reached the enemy’s territory and people were called to fight. Ibraheem was in the front and he killed many of the enemy but then they overwhelmed him and killed him. On our way back I told my soldiers not to tell Umm Ibraheem that her son was killed until I tell her. When we entered Al-Basra, she met me and said: “Did Allaah accept my gift so I can celebrate or was it rejected so I should cry?”

I said: “Allaah did accept your gift and your son died as a shaheed.”

She then prostrated to thank Allaah and said: “Thank You Allaah for accepting my gift.”

The following day she came to me in the masjid and said: “Rejoice!”

I said: “What good news do you have?”

She said: “I saw my son Ibraheem last night in a dream. He was in a beautiful garden dressed in green clothes, sitting on a throne made of pearl and he had a crown on his head. He told me, ‘Rejoice my mother! I got married to my bride!” “

[This story was mentioned by scholars like Aboo Jaafar Al-Lubnaan, and is quoted in “Mashri Al-Ashwaq Ila Masari Al-Ushaaq”]


4 Responses to “The Story Of Umm Ibraheem Al-Hashimeeyah”

  1. The story of Umme Ibraheem is a master piece by it self. This is the reason our prophet said that the first three generations are the best generations. This show how their faith and belief are so strong that they never think any thing else except Allah (SWT) and the Rasoolullah (SAWS). This story inspires all who ever goes through this. May Allah (SWt) bestow us the knowledge and increase our level of faith and beleif in order to be steadfast.

  2. Uzairu Muhammad Nasir Says:

    many thanks for u jaxallahu bikhyr about this sorie

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