Understanding The Intercession Of The Day Of Judgement

It is true that on the Day of Judgement, some humans will intercede for others, e.g, the Prophets, the martyrs, the highly righteous and others. But these intercessions will take place with two conditions:

1) With the permission of Allaah(i.e, that Allaah is pleased with the one who is interceding and gives him permission).

2) They will only intercede on behalf of those whom Allaah is pleased with.

The proof for these two conditions are found in the Quraan:

1) Allaah says, “Who is he that can intercede with Him except with His permission.” [2:255 – Also known as aayat Al-Kursee]

2)They cannot intercede except for him with whom He (Allaah) is pleased.” [21:28-29]

BOTH these conditions are needed. Intercession is of no avail if one of these two conditions are missing. For example, the intercession of Prophet Nooh (as) on behalf of his son was rejected as was the intercession of Prophet Ibraheem (as) on behalf of his father.

The wisdom behind these two conditions is that it keeps the hearts attached to Allaah, turned to Him, submissive to Him, and humble to Him, as He is the One who grants intercession. So we should attach our hearts to Him, and not to others besides Him for intercession.


2 Responses to “Understanding The Intercession Of The Day Of Judgement”

  1. BarakAllahu feek, ameen

    Appreciating the post so far, however, InshaAllah next time when you quote an ayah from the qur’an, is it possible to show an image of the arabic too- you can get them from quran.com?

    Jazaak Allahu Khayra, ameen.

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