Having The Love of Allaah In One’s Heart

If there is some weakness in a person’s faith, that weakens his love for Allaah. The love of this world becomes stronger in his heart and takes over until there is no room left for love of Allaah, except for the smallest trace, which has no apparent effect in counteracting the nafs or in restraining it from committing sin or urging it to do acts of obedience.

So the person indulges his desires and commits sin, and darkness of sin piles up in his heart and keeps on covering up what light of faith is present, although it is weak. When the stupor of death comes, the love of Allaah grows weaker in his heart because he sees that he is departing this world which is so dear to him. His love for this world is so great that he does not want to leave it and it hurts him to depart from it. Allaah sees that from him.

There is the fear that hatred may displace the love of Allaah in his heart, and that weak love may turn to hatred. If his soul departs at this moment of great danger, his end will be a bad one and he will be doomed for eternity.

The reason for this bad end is love of this world, being content with it and rejoicing in it, whilst also being weak in faith which means that one’s love for Allaah is weak. This is a chronic problem which may affect most people. If a person’s heart is overwhelmed with some worldly matter at the point of death, this is what will fill his heart and mind, leaving no room for anything else. If his soul departs at that point, his heart will be filled with that worldly matter and his face will be turned towards it, and that will form a barrier between him and his Lord.

[The Minor Resurrection, by ‘UMar Sulaymaan Al-Ashqar, p. 55]


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