Mu’aawiyah’s love for Islaam

During the reign of the caliphate of ‘Alee, the ruler of Byzantium tried to take advantage of the difference of opinion that occurred between Amir al-Mu’mineen ‘Ali and Mu’aawiyah (may Allah be pleased with them both) by acquiring some of the lands that were under Mu’aawiyah’s control.

Ibn Katheer said:

“The ruler of Byzantium got his hopes up of attacking Mu’aawiyah, after Mu’aawiyah had scared and humiliated him and had defeated him and his troops. When the ruler of Byzantium saw that Mu’aawiyah was preoccupied with fighting ‘Ali, he marched to some Muslim territory with a large number of troops, hoping to gain control of it. Mu’aawiyah wrote to him, saying: ‘By Allaah, if you do not give up and go back to your own country, O cursed one, I shall reconcile with my cousin against you, and I shall drive you from all of your land and leave you no room on earth, vast as it is.‘ At that point, the ruler of Byzantium got scared and refrained from fighting, and he sent a message asking for a truce.”  [Al-Bidaayah Wan-Nihaayah, 8/122]

This is indicative of Mu’aawiyah’s integrity and his love of Islam. [page 178-9]

Also the men of Syria who were with Mu’aawiyah swore that they would not be intimate with their wives or sleep on their beds until they killed the murderers of ‘Uthmaan and those who tried to prevent them from doing so, or they died trying. [Taareekh At-Tabaree, 5/600] [page 143]


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