Death Is The Greatest Calamity

Qurtubi said:

“Know that death is the greatest calamity, the most terrifying thing, the cup whose taste is most hateful and bitter. It is the destroyer of delights, which puts an end to all comforts and brings all that you dislike.

The thing that cuts off your limbs, separates your body parts and destroys your strength is indeed a terrifying thing, an immense calamity, and the day when it happens is a terrible day.”

[Tadhkirat Al-Qurtubi, 99]


4 Responses to “Death Is The Greatest Calamity”

  1. Salam alaykum brother

    I hope you are feeling well brother, it’s now 2015 so do you have any news from Umm ul-Qura?

    • Wa alaykum assalaam akhi,

      Sory akhi, I’ve not been in touch with any of the brothers studying there for a very long time now, plus my personal circumstances do not permit me to constantly be up-to-date with all that is happening there in the unis.

  2. Death can also be a good thing. A rest and relief from this filthy world. May Allah grant us a peaceful death. Ameen

    • Yes death can also be a good thing, as its when a slave finally meets his Lord and its a passageway for a Muslim leading him to jannah.

      However, it is a calamity for the lover of the dunyaa, and it can also be a calamity for everyone else, due to the pangs of death, and the horrors of the day of judgment etc.

      Except of course for the shaheed, who dies while fighting fi sabeelillaah, and may Allaah make us all shuhadaa’, ameen.

      JazaakAllaahu khairan for ur input.

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