Burning The Books Of Innovations, By Ibn Al-Qayyim

Ibn Al-Qayyim said:

Chapter: Likewise There Is No Insurance To Be Paid For Burning And Destroying Deviant Books.

Al-Marwazee said, ‘I once said to Ahmad, ‘I borrowed a book that has evil and wicked things in it. Do you think I should tear it apart and burn it?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ So I burned it.’

The Prophet (saw) once saw a book in the hand of ‘Umar (ra) that he had transcribed from the Torah and which caused him to be fascinated at how much it conformed to the Quraan. So the face of the Messenger of Allaah became very angry to the point that’Umar went over to the fire and threw it in.

So how would it be if the Messenger of Allaah (saw) saw what was written after him from the books that oppose and contradict what is in the Quraan and the sunnah?! And we ask Allaah to aid us.

The Prophet (saw) commanded everyone that recorded anything from him apart from the Quraan to erase what they had written down. However, afterward, he allowed his sunnah to be written, but did not grant permission for anything besides that.

Therefore, all those books which contain opposition to the sunnah in them, have no permission to be written. Rather, they only have permission to be erased and destroyed, for there is not anything more harmful to the ummah than these books. The Companions burned all the copies of the mus-haf that contradicted the mus-haf of ‘Uthmaan out of fear that differing would spread amongst the ummah. So how would it be if they were to see the books of today that cause disunity and division amongst the ummah…?!”

Ibn Al-Qayyim then goes on to mention:

“The objective is for these books, which contain lies and innovations, to be annihilated and destroyed. Destroying these books takes a greater precedence than destroying musical instruments ad alcoholic containers, since their harm is much greater than the harm caused by these things (musical instruments etc.). And there is no insurance to be paid for their loss, just as there is no insurance to be paid for breaking the vessels in which alcohol is drunk out of.”

[At-Turuq Al-Hukmiyyah, p.282]


14 Responses to “Burning The Books Of Innovations, By Ibn Al-Qayyim”

  1. where is the reference for the saying of Al-Marwazee and the other 3 incident /narration of the Prophet and the companions mentioned? Please provide them. Baarak Allaahu feek

  2. Where are you ya Omar? Has anyone heard anything about the author of this blog? Does anyone know how is he? He has been away from his blog for a month or so.

    • Assalaamu alaykum,
      Yeah I’m here bro.
      Just kinda busy atm.
      Wusup? -)

    • Lol dude ur jokes.

      Btw I don’t visit my blog that much nowadays, all my posts are scheduled.

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      I haven’t checked my email in sooo long, maybe 6 months or so, so I apologize if I never replied 2 u there. But yh, whatsapp is the best way to get in touch with me iA.

      Give all the brothers my salaams iA.

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      • Dude don’t think whatsapp is a good idea for so many reasons. I m not a social guy till I start talking to people I like. If I start msging anyone it’ll be hard for me to stop (then my wife will b probably knock me out as well). Plus dont thnk U should use these apps either for the safety issue.

        Anyways, have fun with your 3 wives & 15 kids lol! I can imagine how helpless u’ll look among them. :D take care akhi.

        • It’ll b hard for u to stop? Bro… just msg me. -) dw, if ur wife nags, just buy her a new dress or sth, that’ll keep her away for a while, lol. (Apparently women love to look at the mirror for half the day when they buy a new dress, lol jk).
          And lol ameen wa iyyaak 2 ur dua -)
          And btw, hows life, how u keeping? What’s new? How’s ur mum and dad doing? Health good? What about ur iron intake? Still taking pills for it?

          • akhi I dont fink its wise for me to whatsapp u while living here in the west. Just last week a few akhis got raided for speaking to some bro from ur side. Mad stuff.

            yeah, started taking iron pills recentlt again.

            • Ah yes, understood. No problem then iA.
              and shafaakAllaah, may Allaah heal u and likewise ur dad, ameen.
              oh and how many kids u got? I remember u saying sth about expecting a kid, how did that go? Forgive me if I said sth wrong, as I remember u had some complications or sth. May Allaah give u pious offspring, ameen.

  3. jazakAllah. r u there akhi?

  4. kalsum Says:

    anyone who commits shirk jannah is haram for him….

    • Not really.

      If a person repents from it then they are forgiven.

      Also there is ikhtilaf whether minor shirk will be treated like a major sin or major shirk on yawm al qiyaamah.

      Ibn tayniyyah says that even minor shirk will not be forgiven on yawm al qiyamah (if a person did not seek forgiveness for it), but other scholars say that Allaah may forgive minor shirk just as He may forgive major sins on yawm al qiyamah, even if the perpetrator did not seek forgiveness.

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