Burning Someone With Fire, Part 3

Proof 2:

During his Khilaafah, Abu Bakr (r.a) gathered a number of his advisors from amongst the Sahaabah and consulted them about the case of a man found guilty of committing sodomy. The one who had the most severe position was ‘Ali Ibn Abee Taalib (r.a) who said:

“This is a sin that no nation had committed before except for one nation, and you know how Allaah dealt with them. I view that we should burn him alive.”

So the Sahaabah agreed with his position, and Abu Bakr wrote to Khallid ordering him to burn the man alive.


Note: On this occasion, the sahaabah as a whole agreed with the actions of ‘Ali Ibn Abee Taalib, including Abu Bakr’s advisors in his shoorah council. Again, showing that the sahaabah didn’t view it as completely haraam to burn with fire, but in fact viewed it permissible for maslahah. And this is also the position held by the Hanafis and Shaafi’ees.


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