‘Alee (ra) Said, “From The Rights Of The Scholar Over You Are…”

‘Alee Ibn Abee Taalib said:

“From the rights of the scholar over you are:

– Give the salaams to the generalpopulas and specifying them (i.e. the scholar) by greeting them particularly.
– Sit in front of him.
– Do not point at him with your hand.
– Do not cut your eyes at them.
– Do not say that so and so opposes your statement.
– Do not backbite anyone in front of him.
– Do not walk through his sitting.
– Do not grab him by his garment.
– Do not pester him if he is tired.
– And do not turn away from his companionship.

He is like the date palm and you are waiting for something to befall you. The believing scholar has a greater reward than the warrior in the Cause of Allaah. When the scholar dies, a void is created in Islaam that will not be filled until the Day of Resurrection.”

[Al-Jaami Li Akhlaaq Ar-Raawee Wa Aadaab As-Saami’, 1/199]


12 Responses to “‘Alee (ra) Said, “From The Rights Of The Scholar Over You Are…””

  1. kalsum Says:

    Thank you brother….
    do you have a hadith from Jafar bin Abi Talib?
    I Wonder what Prophet Sulayman thought of
    this era?…
    when he married Bilqis was she a jinni or a full women?

  2. okay sorry sorry I have a meeting with Allah
    I do believe I have to answer for my sins
    I think marriage has a lots of responsibilties…
    now i am free of my chores
    all a wife has to do is clean the bathrooms….
    I think the husband can do his own cooking…
    I wish I can sing infront of angels in jannah inshaa Allaah..
    habibi habibi
    I would be diffently dance all around my bayt in jannah…
    I thouight Eisa alayhi as salam had come down…
    no for reals I thought he came back
    I believe I am turkish arab I cannot decend from a jewish tribe…
    if Eisa alayhi asalam would come and speak to me
    I wonder what he’s say about my salah!

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