Thinking Little Of Oneself, By Ibn Al-Jawzee

Ibn Al-Jawzee:

“Whoever thinks of the inclination of his own self and the sins that his self is committing will release his sins and shortcomings for certain and will be uncertain with regard to other people. What he must beware of is self-admiration and exaggeration about the righteous deed that he is doing for the hereafter. The believer in that regard is always thinking little of himself.

It was said to ‘Umar Ibn ‘Abdil-‘Azeez, ‘If you die we will bury you in the chamber of the Messenger of Allaah (saw).‘ He said, ‘If I meet Allaah with all kinds of sins except for polytheism (shirk), that is dearer to me than thinking of myself a qualified for that.‘ “

[Sayd Al-Khaatir, p. 250]


One Response to “Thinking Little Of Oneself, By Ibn Al-Jawzee”

  1. Women who dont wear hijab and jilbAab are munafiqeen

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