The Kuffaar Will Continue To Attack Islaam

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Ash-Shaheed Sayyid Qutb said:

“They spend their money, concentrate their efforts and use all their ability to turn people away from the path of Allaah. They set up obstacles to impede the progress of this religion and to suppress the Muslim community everywhere and at all times.

This war against Islaam will not stop. Hostile forces will not leave this religion alone. They will not allow its followers any time of peace and security.

Hence, the method of this religion is to move forward to attack jaahiliyyah.

It is the duty of its followers to take pre-emptive measures to smash the ability of jaahiliyyah to wage aggression, and then to raise Allaah’s banner high, immune from attacks by its enemies.”

[Fee Zhilaal Al-Quraan [English trans.], 7/131]


4 Responses to “The Kuffaar Will Continue To Attack Islaam”

  1. Asalaamu alaikam the kuffar want Muslim parents to give Vitamin drops from their clinics, to have injections before starting school. These are not safe. This is their way of getting our children against us. After the injection they give the child a lolly. Even in the school playground they have supposedly ‘Jesus’ on a Cross. Barbaric people. I would like to demolish it. And the policemen who made that Muslim Woman uncover on the beach should be charged with indecent assault.

  2. Is the brother who developed this website the same al-britani who joined ISIS?

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