Relaxation Through Worship

Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam said:

“Why does a person become relaxed? A person becomes relaxed as the result of worship, because this fills the empty space inside. That empty space that is reserved specifically for worship becomes filled with it. So a person becomes relaxed when he fills himself with worship, just like when a motor is filled with oil.”

[At-Tarbiyyah Al-Jihaadiyyah Wal-Bina, 5/27]

8 Responses to “Relaxation Through Worship”

  1. Hi I’ve come here recently as Kulsum khan
    Just to let you know I’m mentally ill

    I havery schizophrenia

  2. Can I meet you and hug the jawbone out of you I love you!

  3. I wish I did the black magic of harut and Marut on you and started pounding my love on you!

  4. I feel like saying bitch

    A bitch is a woman worse than a whore

  5. A bitch is a woman who thinks she is god

  6. I’m talking about Firawns kibr here with all my spamming here jimmy

    Jimmy we need a Musa and Haroon…

    Clause next spam I get hit by Firawns again

  7. You know what every time I’m skinny and fit with a flat belly and nice long black hair with fair skin my life turns into a misery I guess Allaah tests me the most when I have a hot model body…

    And we test you twice a year verse from the Quran

  8. Yo. Your website feels so relaxing
    I hope we leave the dunyah together

    If just saying not to praise you
    You’re very comforting…
    I mean when I hang around you
    I feel like loving Allah so much

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