Advice For Those Going Makkah / Madeenah

Afer coming back from Hajj I’ve decided to write a small article giving advice to those intending to travel out to the two holy cities. Whether you’re going for pilgrimage or whether you’re intending to do hijrah to the land, iA this page will give you small pieces of advice regarding many matters iA.

Prior To Travelling Out:

– If you’re going for hajj or umrah, the first piece of advice I give you is to make sure you have the correct niyyah. You’re not going for a holiday, or for shopping (though there is no harm in shopping), nor are you going to find a wife. You’re main intention is to please Allaah.

– Depending on what group you go with will depend on how much annoyance and stress you’ll be in for. Unless you’re going with a well known specialist group like Al-Maghrib, Al-Hidayah, or something similar, then be prepared for the worst of all management from your group leader. My group leader was an old man, white hair, lacking quit a lot of common sense (he was a pakistani born in some village), so he lacked a lot of common sense and lacked basic management skills. This will be common if you end up going with “brelwis” (no disrespect to my Brelwi brothers, just stating that most back home people are brelwis).

– When packing, don’t go over the top. Everything you can buy from here you cn buy from there. You’re just going to the other side of the world, you’re not going to the moon, so no need to take every single necessity with you. You have superstores there where you can buy everything which you can buy from here. You got boots, pharmacies, shops equivalent to asdas/tescos in terms of food supplies, so no need to go ott in packing.

– Sisters, if you wear makeup here in the uk, then there is no need to take your makeup with you there. For two main reasons: 1, you’re going for hajj not any other purpose, and 2, even if you’re a makeup freak, you can buy all the same stuff there.

– Its best to have very little in terms of hand luggage and send most of your luggage forward when booking in from the uk. Wearing the ihraam (for guys) can be very uncomfortable, and if its your first time, it can be very annoying, especially when you’re holding luggage while walking in the airport (in the uk and in Saudi) Holding luggage while at the same time trying to keep your upper ihram from falling off is very annoying. So the lighter the better. The bet hand luggage is a bag like this (click here)

– Its common for you to wait in the airport for your bus/coach. Expect this wait to be for a few hours. While waiting in the airport however, there are many shops where you can purchase ice cold drinks, ice creams, and all the UK luxuries. Money exchangers are also very near so use this time to exchange your money and gain rewards by buying a few people cold drinks, tea and biscuits iA.

– Once you sit in your bus/coach, expect another 30 mins to an hour before it drives off, as the people in authority take your passports off of you here, and this process (although it may seem simple) takes a while. (Saudi’s are very slow workers and their system is totally backwards and slow.)

– On your way from th airport to your hotel in Makkah, I would advice you just knock out to sleep. No point in taking pics / videos of scenery as you want to keep your battery life full for once you get in the Ka’bah. SO knock out and ignore everything. You’ll stop over at some petrol station for Salaah so you have nothing to worry about. Don’t hassle yourself with asking your group leader how long left, as he’ll just say “1 hour” to keep you quite. The more you ask him questions, the more stressed out he will get, so just close your eyes and zzzzzz, knock out.

– Once you arrive in your hotel, its best to freshen up, adjust your ihram if need be (especially if this was your first hajj and you had no experience of how to tightly wrap your lower garment.

Life in Makkah:

Life in Madeenah:


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  1. abdullaah Says:

    Can you pls remove the comment posted by someone claiming to be called Aisha.
    Not befitting for it to remain Akhee.
    JazaakAllaahu khayr.

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