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Accepted Students List For Islamic University Of Madeenah 1432

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It pleases us to announce the following brothers have been blessed with acceptance to pursue their studies at the islaamic university of madeenah commencing this october (2011), inshaa.-Allaah:


1) KARL PIERRE ODET COUTET كارل بيير أدير كوتي
2) RUNAKO AKUA CHARLES روناكو أكوء تشارلس
3) KIERAN HUGH HAMM-PASCOE كيران هو همبسكو
4) abdulmajid mohamed hersi عبدالمجيد محمد حرسي
5) STEPHEN TOMS ستيفين طمس
6) HUSSEIN JAMAL HUSSEIN حسين جمال حسين
8) Adnan Khan عدنان خان
9) MUHAMMED ABUBAKER محمد أبو بكر
10) HAROON METWALI هارون ميتوالي
11) Shaun James Donoghue شون جيمس دونوغوي
12) uwais mohamad khan أويس محمد خان
13) hamza ahmad khan حمزة أحمد خان
14) ADESINA ARABA أديستار مايوا
15) SAAD BURBANK سعد بربنك
16) AMERI RAMIN أميري رامين
17) HELAL UDDIN هلال الدين
18) KENNIS BANJAMIN DIEDRICK كينيس بنيمين ديدرك
19) NAHAD ABAS نهاد عباس

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Madeenah Uni Acceptance List 2010-2011

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Notification of acceptance for the UK

English Name & Arabic Name

CHARLIE GARNI-WILLIAMS تشارلي غارني ويليامس

TANZILUR RAHMAN NUMAN تنزيل الرحمن نعمان


Daniel Linehan دانيال لاينهن

DOMINIC STEWART دومانيك ستويت

SAEED WADEE سعيد وادي

SALEH PATEL صالح باتل

ABDIRAHMAN MOHAMED عبدالرحمن عثمان محمد

OMAR OUIDIR عمر علي عمر قويدر

IMRAN PATEL عمران باتيل

FAISAL IQBAL فيصل إقبال

MOHAMMED A JUNEJA محمد عمار جنيجر

WAYNE BLAK وين بلاك

Notification of acceptance for the USA

AZAR KHALID HUSSAIN أزار خالد حسين

AKIRAH MONTEL CHANEY أكيرا منتل تشاني

ALEXANDRE NICHOLAS DE VITRY ألكسندر نيكولاس دو فتري

BRANDON PETTIFORD براندون بتيفورد

TREVOR LAWRENCE FAULK تريفر لورينس فولك

GREGORY HUSTAD جرجير هيوستد

JAMIL ABDULAZIZ COTTO جميل عبد العزيز كتو

JOEY DARRELL JACKSON جوي داريل جاكسون


RALIK IKEE CHARITY راليك أخي تشارتي


SAAJID TAYMULLAH LIPHAM ساجد تيم الله ليبهام


ABDIRAHMAN A. ABDULA عبدالرحمن أحمد عبدالله

ANDRE BRYANT SPRAY عندري براينت سبري



MOHAMMED EL-HADI SMAIL MANA محمد الهادي المانع

MUSA ABDULKARIM موسى عبدالكريم

Warrayat Adel ورايات عادل

Notification of acceptance for Canada



ISMAEL HABIB اسماعيل حبيب

BILEL LOUATI بلال لواتي

JIHAD AIT MOUSSA جهاد آيت موسى

HEMZA YAGOUB حمزة يعقوب

RIAZ KARIM FAZAL رياض كريم فضل

SYED BILAL SHAFI سيد بلال شفيع

SAIF AHMED MORAD سيف احمد مراد

AAMIR AZHAR ZAIDI عامر أزهر زيدي


MAHMOUD IBRAHIM MOHAMED محمود ابراهيم محمد



How To Get Accepted Into Madeenah Uni

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[Written by brother Khaldun – A crurrent student enrolled at Madeenah University]

Now there is no simple answer or way to this, as muslims we believe in the Qadr of Allah. If it is written for you it will happen and if not then do not be sad about it.
Disclaimer! Please remember this is in no way a promise, even if you did implement these things it does not guarantee your acceptance.

1. Sincerity

Ask yourself, why do you want to go to Madeenah and study? Is it to become someone? To make a name for yourself? Most of you might say of course not, but then ask yourself, are you actively seeking knowledge where you are now? If not, what makes you think you will do so in Madeenah?

2. Du’aa from the Parents

This is very important, yet we see a lot of people wasting this opportunity. They might feel shy etc. Be kind to your parents and ask them to make du’aa for you, remind them constantly. The Prophet told us that the du’aa of the parent is always accepted so make the most of it.

When I applied to the uni, my father took me to his father all the way in Somalia, now my grandfather is a bedouin about 90 years old, so when we came there my father entered my grandfathers little hut explaining to him that I wanted to go to the city of the Prophet and learn the Qur’aan and the Sunnah, afterwards I was called in and my grandfather made a lot of du’aa for me.

The point is, try to get du’aa from your parents, uncles, even righteous (living) people in general.

3. Know someone here

When applying, try to come here in person have all your papers ready, if possible try to get a senior student to go with you into the office and by senior I mean a doctor or the likes of it.

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Opportunities For Sisters To Study The Deen / Live In Saudi Arabia

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Opportunities For Sisters To Study The Deen / Live In Saudi Arabia

***Please note that I have no contact/link with the universities. Please do not provide your e-mail address, telephone number or any other personal details. I am just a brother who has collected/gathered this information together so as to help those who wish to study the deen in an Islamic University by providing some information. Again, please do not provide any contact details to myself. Jazaak-Illaahu khaira.***

Also, when asking me a question, please keep speech to a minimum. No ‘lol’, no smiley faces, no excessive talking etc.  I’m a brother just like any other brother…  (Jazaak illaahu khaira) Excessive speech will be edited/deleted.

To proceed;

There are a few ways in which a sister can study the deen / live in Saudi Arabia. One way is by applying directly to the respected universities (if you already have a mahram there in saudi). For those who do not have any mahrams in saudi, then another way is to get your mahram (husband, brother, father, father-in-law, son etc.) to apply along with you. And finally, to live in Saudi can be done by your mahram (husband only) calling you over once he has his own place and is working there in the Kingdom.

I will discuss these below:

Studying The Deen In Saudi

Saudi has four main universities where the deen is taught at a high level.

– Islamic University of Madinah, (Madinah, Saudi Arabia)

– Umm Al-Qura University (Makkah, Saudi Arabia)

– Imam University (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

– Daar Al-Hadith (al-Khayriyyah) (Makkah, Saudi Arabia)

UPDATE: A full list of the Saudi Government Universities can be found on this page. Masha-Allaah there’s quite a lot of Universities in the Kingdom…

– Madinah University:

As for Madinah University, then there are no courses for sisters. Madinah University only caters for brothers and brothers only.

UPDATE: Madinah University May be planning to extend their University to also accept female students. They are making progress in terms of the sisters’ facilities, and we may see something more concrete next year – and Allah knows best. Not only does this open the door to sisters who want to apply, but also could potentially make it much easier for married students.

UPDATE: (31/03/10) With regards to sisters studying the deen in saudi while their husbands are students in Madeenah uni, the following can be considered:

There are women teachers of course, but the male scholars have the most famous halaqaat (in Masjid Un-Nabawi), and they also teach the sisters.

There are basically two main types of women’s teaching which is done by men.

* At the Masjid An-Nabawi, the audio is transferred from the shaykh’s microphone and broadcast into a certain area of the women’s section (which is completely separate, unlike Makkah, which is partially separate). The women who want to learn from that shaykh sit in that certain place, so that they can hear the audio.

* In the Islamic institutions, colleges, etc. – They teach via one way video link, and the sisters have an audio link and a classroom assistant who manages the whole thing. The shaykh can hear their questions, but can’t see them, and they can both see and hear the shaykh. The classroom assistant is a woman who makes sure they all behave themselves. There is an amazing 3 year course which is taught in this manner by some of the major scholars in Madinah.

I know there are women who teach as well, and I’m sure there are some prominent people of knowledge amongst them, but they don’t have a really open role, and the major halaqaat are still taught by the male scholars.

Allah knows best.

So if sisters can learn the Arabic language (which can also be done while they are there in Madeenah via private tuition) they can then “attend” the halaqahs by the noble shaykhs at Masjid An-Nabawi.

– Umm Al-Qura University:

As for Umm Al-Qura University, then sisters can apply here as they do cater for sisters. Sisters would, however, need to apply with their mahram or already have a mahram living in Makkah throughout her time there. Unlike the other three universities, Umm Al-Qura is not solely an Islamic University, it is just like any other university in Saudi Arabia, however one of its departments/faculties is Islamic Studies. The Arabic program is for two years and all classes maintain an Islamic environment where sisters can relax with their hijaab.

Like all universities listed above (excluding Daar Al-Hadith), the university pays it’s student a monthly stipend of roughly SR. 845 and also provides free hostels (accommodation) for it’s students. If a sister is there with her husband and wishes to live with him, then they can do so at their own expenditure, which will obviously be away from the main batch of hostels. If she wishes to stay in the universities hostel (which may be the case if she is there with her brother) then accommodation is free.

The tuition is likewise free, irrespective of where she stays. The students also get one free round-trip air ticket every summer holiday.

For more information, please visit this page.

– Imam University:

As for Imam University, then this also caters for sisters.

Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University does have a women’s section, unlike the Islamic University of Madinah which is a male-only University, but this section of the University does not offer scholarships to foreign women to study. The Arab women that do attend are either housed in their own dorms or remain with family members living in Riyadh.

* * *Awaiting for more info* * *

– Daar Al-Hadith:

As for Daar Al-Hadith, then unlike the above mentioned three universities this is not governmentally run. It also doesnt have a Arabic program which means students must already be fluent in Arabic. It only caters for sisters who are residing legally in Makkah, Saudi ‘Arabia, and show proof for their legal residence.

Best Option:

The best option for sisters would be to apply along with their mahrams to Umm Al-Qura University. However, if sisters wish to live in Saudi, then things are a bit different. Below is the information regarding that.

Living In Saudi

As for living in Saudi Arabia, then this seems to be a more easier option for sisters than it is for brothers. Brothers wishing to live in Saudi usually go on a teaching course (usually a TEFL or a CELTA) and apply for a job in Saudi Arabia. Sisters however can simply get their husbands to apply and then go over with them.

A Sister can likewise apply to a TEFL or CELTA course depending on her circumstance. As for a married sister, than it is better for her to get her husband to apply on one of the english teaching courses. Once he has passed the course, he can apply for a job in Saudi Arabia and call her over. If I’m not mistaken, she can go with him to live in Saudi Arabia from day one (unlike if her husband applies to one of the Saudi Universities and gets accepted, as this way he will have to apply once he is there, and this could be very difficult).

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Princess Noora Bint Abdur-Rahman University Scholorship Program, Riyaadh, Saudi Arabia

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Please visit: for information on this university, as well as the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education page here.

Princess Noora Bint Abdur-Rahman University Scholorship Program,
Riyaadh, Saudi Arabia

(Looking for serious sisters uunder 30 years of age who are interested in learning Arabic and Islamic Studies)


Air fair, room and board, monthly stiffan, and
Sponsorship for husbands and/or mahrams


$700-$1000 for processing and domestic affairs (VISAS)

All applicants will need to submit copies of passports, Highschool diplomas or ged birth certificate, and any college transcripts

All documenrs and fees for September 2010,

Admission must be submitted by Febuary 28, 2010

For admissions September 2011, all documents must be submitted by the end of March 2010 (NO EXCEPTIONS)

For further information please contact: Umm Maryam Rasheedah (Saudi Consultant) 011966535300346 OR Umm Muhammad Naimah,

Please visit:


Until Further Notice, No-One Should Apply To This, As It Is Possibly A Scam

I Will, However, Leave This On My Blog For A While So That Other People Who May Not Be Aware That This Is Fake, And Have Probably Come Across It Somewhere Else, Know Of This


Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University,

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Al-Imaam University
Ar-Riyaadh, Saudi ‘Arabia

In the Name of Allaah, the All-Merciful…


Al-Imaam Muhammad bin Su’ood Islaamic University, or Al-Imaam University for short, opened with two colleges, the College of ‘Arabic Studies and the College of Islaamic Law in 1953 in Ar-Riyaadh. Since then, many colleges have been added, as well as branches in other cities. Similar to Al-Madeenah and Umm Al-Quraa, non-‘Arabic speakers have a chance to learn ‘Arabic here from the beginning in an ‘Arabic Language Institute designed specifically for them. They can then continue their studies in ‘Arabic or seek admission to one of the colleges.


To be considered for admission, applicants must be 25 years old or younger with a high school diploma (at least 80% average or better). Their application must include photographs, copies of passport, birth and health certifictes, high school transcripts and a copy of the diploma, all verified by the Saudi Embassy of their country. Also required are letters of recommendation from known Islaamic organizations or personalities


The school provides the students with a monthly salary of SR 845 (about $225), a round-trip plane ticket yearly, discounted meals, and free housing (for single students only). A single student should bring about $1,000 to get by initially. After that, the monthly salary is sufficient for single students living in the dormitory. Married students who have children should expect their living expenses to be $6,000 to $12,000 yearly, depending on their standard of living, number of children, etc.


We do not currently have an application available for downloading. Howeve you can write the school to request an application:

Imam Mohamed Bin Saud Islamic University (IMIU)
P.O. Box 5701
Riyaadh 11432
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Or you can call them at:
(01) 258-0000 (from America dial 011-966 first)

Or fax them at:
(01) 259-0271

Or contact a student at the university for additional information at

For more information, please visit:



– Imam Universities official webpage: Arabic| English

Wassalaam o alaykum and all the best to see you succeed

Information About Umm Al-Qura University In Makkah

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Information About Umm Al-Qura University In Makkah

Overview Updated 1425-8-11

Located in the most virtuous of cities, Umm al-Qura University in Makkah offers a chance for non-Arabic speakers, male or female, to learn Arabic within a two-year intensive program. Upon completing the initial studies in the Arabic Language Institute with excellent grades (80% average or higher), the student earns the opportunity to take an entrance exam apply to study in one of the colleges of Umm Al-Qura University. If students do not qualify, the ‘Arabic Institute provides a chance for them to broaden their studies in ‘Arabic, specializing in teaching ‘Arabic with a two-year and four-year program.

Requirements For Admission Updated 1425-8-11

To be considered for admission at Umm al-Qura University, applicants should be 25 years old or younger with a high school diploma and generally good grades (80% or higher). Their application must include photographs, copies of passport, birth and health certificates, high school transcripts and a copy of the diploma, all verified by the Saudi Embassy of their country. Also – letters of recommendation from known Islamic organizations or personalities, a 75-word essay about their goals for studying Arabic, and female applicants must present proof of a male family member currently living in Makkah, if they are not applying along with their spouse or brother.

New Condition: All applicants to Umm al-Qura University’s Arabic Program must first be approved by their own country’s “Ministry of Education”. Enquiries about this should be directed to the Saudi Embassy of the applicant’s country. Applications are no longer being accepted at the university itself in Makkah. All applicants must apply through the Saudi Embassy in their country. Additionally, further conditions may apply as stipulated by the Saudi Embassy in the applicant’s country. So for the most accurate and up-to-date information about what is required for one’s application, applicants should contact the nearest Saudi Embassy in their country.

Update: It seems most applicants from many countries are being exempted from this, at least for the submission of the application. Applications are being submitted once again at the university for all countries. [1427-01-02]

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Tour Of Madinah University

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Tour Of Madinah University

Part 1:

Part 2:

Markaz Al-Madina Institute

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Markaz Al-Madina Institute

Markaz Al-Medina is an Institute for those students of knowledge who are committed to the methodology of The Pious Predecessors.

The Institute prepares and arranges for them a suitable place and environment for learning their religion.

Furthermore, the Institute teaches them the Arabic Language, which is the basis for the student in matters of understanding the Qur’aan and Sunnah and the Methodology of The Pious Predecessors (Salaf Us-Saalih).

The Institute assists students in attaining knowledge leading to acceptance by Allah the Most High. Allah says in His Book meaning, “And when you are told to rise up, rise up, Allah will exalt the degrees of those of you who believe and those who have been granted knowledge”. 58:11

He the Most High also says meaning, “Indeed it is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah”. 35:28

Ibn Mas’oud heard the Messenger of Allah say, “There is no envy except in two: a person whom Allah has given wealth and he spends it in the right way, and a person whom Allah has given wisdom (i.e. religious knowledge) and he gives his decisions accordingly and teaches it to the others.” (Al – Bukhari)

Abu Hurairah narrated from the Messenger of Allah, “He who treads a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to the Garden.“ (Muslim)

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About The Islamic University Of Madinah

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About The Islamic University Of Madinah

Lots more information can be found at their website, although the English site is still heavily under construction.

Assuming that you know a little bit about the university, I’ll restrict this page to the aspects of study that most people ask about.

For non-Arabic speakers, there is a mandatory 2 year Arabic course. The course has the same conditions as entrance to the university, and guarantees acceptance on the degree course, providing that the student passes the exams with a reasonable grade. Even if you decide not to apply, following the course material privately is well worth considering, even if it means that you do it in your own country with a teacher. When done with a proper teacher, and in a good environment, the course can have you on your way to fluency in just two years full time study. The entire syllabus is available here, as well as on the university website (to some extent). Update: I just added a new site to the “Useful links” – Madinah International University, which is an online effort to replicate the syllabus of the Islamic university. Their entire website is excellent, especially the Arabic language component.

The 2 year Arabic course is split into four terms, with each term representing one level of Arabic. Within each level there are several subjects, all of them are taught with the intention of developing the necessary Arabic skills to be able to study with the Arab students on the degree course.

The entire teaching and administration in the University is done in Arabic from the first day you arrive (including the exams!). This immersion in the language allows you to learn a lot quicker…there’s nothing like going hungry for a day or two to teach you how to ask for food.

Allowances are made in the first two years, and you will find yourself in an environment where most of the students are only learning Arabic. However, once the two year programme is completed, you will be expected to speak, write, and understand Arabic proficiently, and few allowances will be made if you don’t.

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Al-Fajr Institute

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Al-Fajr Institute

Fajr Center for the Arabic Language was founded in Cairo in 1995, and affiliated to the Egyptian Ministry of Education with the sole purpose of teaching Classical Arabic to non-Arabic speakers .

Our Goals

Our goals are to train non-Arabic speakers to become proficient in speaking, writing, and reading the Arabic language.

Thus, enabling them to obtain entry into Arabic Universities, to teach Arabic as a second language, to obtain employment in translation services and to obtain employment in Arab countries.

Our Vision

A beacon for teaching Arabic and related disciplines to the entire world.

Why Fajr Certificate?

The Fajr Center certificate is consolidated from the Egyptian Ministry of Education and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is accredited by and affiliated to many organizations as:

* United Nations
* Al-Azhar University
* World Youth Conference
* Fulbright Organization – U.S.A.
* East University – Ukraine
* American Open University – U.S.A.
* Durham University of England
* Kiev Linguistic University – Ukraine
* Chelyabinsk University – Russian
* Minsk State Linguistic University – Belarus
* Qatari Ministry of Endowment

And many ministries of education such as: Spain; Belgium; Norway; Holland; Sweden; …; ….

Manage Your Career With Fajr:

Fajr Center takes the initiative to help students in managing their careers by designing special programs for diplomats, translators, journalists and academic students, as well as other programs which will assist students to develop and improve their skills in order to be able to start a new career, or take on a new role in their current career.

For more info please visit: