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Tour Of Madinah University

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Tour Of Madinah University

Part 1:

Part 2:

Markaz Al-Madina Institute

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Markaz Al-Madina Institute

Markaz Al-Medina is an Institute for those students of knowledge who are committed to the methodology of The Pious Predecessors.

The Institute prepares and arranges for them a suitable place and environment for learning their religion.

Furthermore, the Institute teaches them the Arabic Language, which is the basis for the student in matters of understanding the Qur’aan and Sunnah and the Methodology of The Pious Predecessors (Salaf Us-Saalih).

The Institute assists students in attaining knowledge leading to acceptance by Allah the Most High. Allah says in His Book meaning, “And when you are told to rise up, rise up, Allah will exalt the degrees of those of you who believe and those who have been granted knowledge”. 58:11

He the Most High also says meaning, “Indeed it is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah”. 35:28

Ibn Mas’oud heard the Messenger of Allah say, “There is no envy except in two: a person whom Allah has given wealth and he spends it in the right way, and a person whom Allah has given wisdom (i.e. religious knowledge) and he gives his decisions accordingly and teaches it to the others.” (Al – Bukhari)

Abu Hurairah narrated from the Messenger of Allah, “He who treads a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to the Garden.“ (Muslim)

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About The Islamic University Of Madinah

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About The Islamic University Of Madinah

Lots more information can be found at their website, although the English site is still heavily under construction.

Assuming that you know a little bit about the university, I’ll restrict this page to the aspects of study that most people ask about.

For non-Arabic speakers, there is a mandatory 2 year Arabic course. The course has the same conditions as entrance to the university, and guarantees acceptance on the degree course, providing that the student passes the exams with a reasonable grade. Even if you decide not to apply, following the course material privately is well worth considering, even if it means that you do it in your own country with a teacher. When done with a proper teacher, and in a good environment, the course can have you on your way to fluency in just two years full time study. The entire syllabus is available here, as well as on the university website (to some extent). Update: I just added a new site to the “Useful links” – Madinah International University, which is an online effort to replicate the syllabus of the Islamic university. Their entire website is excellent, especially the Arabic language component.

The 2 year Arabic course is split into four terms, with each term representing one level of Arabic. Within each level there are several subjects, all of them are taught with the intention of developing the necessary Arabic skills to be able to study with the Arab students on the degree course.

The entire teaching and administration in the University is done in Arabic from the first day you arrive (including the exams!). This immersion in the language allows you to learn a lot quicker…there’s nothing like going hungry for a day or two to teach you how to ask for food.

Allowances are made in the first two years, and you will find yourself in an environment where most of the students are only learning Arabic. However, once the two year programme is completed, you will be expected to speak, write, and understand Arabic proficiently, and few allowances will be made if you don’t.

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Al-Fajr Institute

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Al-Fajr Institute

Fajr Center for the Arabic Language was founded in Cairo in 1995, and affiliated to the Egyptian Ministry of Education with the sole purpose of teaching Classical Arabic to non-Arabic speakers .

Our Goals

Our goals are to train non-Arabic speakers to become proficient in speaking, writing, and reading the Arabic language.

Thus, enabling them to obtain entry into Arabic Universities, to teach Arabic as a second language, to obtain employment in translation services and to obtain employment in Arab countries.

Our Vision

A beacon for teaching Arabic and related disciplines to the entire world.

Why Fajr Certificate?

The Fajr Center certificate is consolidated from the Egyptian Ministry of Education and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is accredited by and affiliated to many organizations as:

* United Nations
* Al-Azhar University
* World Youth Conference
* Fulbright Organization – U.S.A.
* East University – Ukraine
* American Open University – U.S.A.
* Durham University of England
* Kiev Linguistic University – Ukraine
* Chelyabinsk University – Russian
* Minsk State Linguistic University – Belarus
* Qatari Ministry of Endowment

And many ministries of education such as: Spain; Belgium; Norway; Holland; Sweden; …; ….

Manage Your Career With Fajr:

Fajr Center takes the initiative to help students in managing their careers by designing special programs for diplomats, translators, journalists and academic students, as well as other programs which will assist students to develop and improve their skills in order to be able to start a new career, or take on a new role in their current career.

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