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Beware Of Raising Yourself Above Others

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Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam said:

“Pay attention to your heart, beware of raising yourself above others, and beware of belittling others. How many of these people have given for the sake of this religion – but have kept it secret between them and the Lord of the Worlds – from he whose statement is belittled and his appearance mocked, and he might even have given more for this religion than an earthful of people like you ever would?

So, pay attention to yourself, and may Allaah have Mercy on a man who knows his limits and stays inside those limits.”

[From a Khutbah entitled “An-Nas Asnaf” (People are of Various Types), given on September 26, 1986]


Ibn Hazm’s Advice To Students Of Knowledge: Self Admiration

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Ibn Hazm said:

“Whoever is tested with self-admiration, let him think of his faults; if he admires his virtues, let him think of his bad manners and attitude. If he cannot find any, to the point that he thinks that he has no faults, then he should realise that his problem is chronic and that he is the most imperfect of men, and he has the most faults and least discernment. That is because he is feeble-minded and ignorant, and there is no fault worse than these two, because the wise man is the one who can see faults in himself and tries to overcome them, whereas the foolish man is the one who is ignorant of his own faults.

If you admire your opinions, then think of the number of times you got it wrong; remember them and do not forget them. Think of every time you expressed your opinions and it turned out to be wrong, and someone else got it right and you were mistaken.

If you admire your knowledge, then remember that it is not from yourself; rather it is a pure gift from Allaah (swt) that was given to you by your Lord, so do not respond to it in a way that angers Him, for He may cause you to forget it by means of a problem with which He may test you, which my result in you forgetting what you have learned and memorised.

If you are impressed by your brothers’ praise for you, the think of the criticism of your enemies; then your self-admiration will disperse. If you have no enemies, there is nothing good in you; there is no one whose status is lower than the one who has no enemy. It is no more than the status of the one who has no blessing from Allaah (swt) for which he is to be envied, may Allaah keep us safe and sound. If you think little of your faults, then think of them if people found out about them. Imagine people finding out about them, then you will be embarrassed and will recognise your shortcomings.”

[Al-Akhlaaq Was-Siyar, p. 71]

The Wisdom Behind Not Sitting With Innovators

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It is reported from Sufyaan Ath-Thawree – Allaah have mercy on him – that he said:

A person who sits with a heretic (an adherent of bid’ah) will not escape one of three things:

(a) either he will become a trial (fitnah) for others,

(b) or some deviation will occur in his heart and he will slip and be cast into the Fire by Allah,

(c) or he will say to himself, ‘By Allah, I don’t care what they say, I am confident about myself,’ but whoever feels secure from Allah about his religion even for the blinking of an eye, Allah will take his religion away from him.

[Ibn Waddâh, Al-Bida’ p125]

Praising Allaah In Times Of Calamities

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It is reported that Shurayh – Allâh have mercy on him – said,

“If I am afflicted with a calamity, I praise Allâh for it four times:

I praise Him because it wasn’t worse than it was,

I praise Him when He gives me the patience to bear it,

I praise Him for enabling me to say al-istirjâ’ (‘To Allâh we belong and to him we will return’; see Al-Baqarah: 154-156) in hope of a great reward,

and I praise Him for not making it a calamity in my religion.”

[Al-Dhahabî, Siyar A’lâm Al-Nubalâ`, in his biography of Shurayh Al-Qâdî]

This Life Is Nothing But Three Days

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It is reported from Al-Hasan Al-Basrî – Allâh have mercy on him – that he said:

The life of this world is made up of three days: yesterday has gone with all that was done; tomorrow, you may never reach; but today is for you so do what you should do today.

[Al-Bayhaqî, Al-Zuhd Al-Kabeer, p.197]

Committing Sins Due To Arrogance

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Sufyan al-Thawri said:

“Every act of disobedience committed due to passion, its forgiveness is hoped for.

Every act of disobedience committed due to arrogance, its forgiveness is not hoped for because the root of Satan’s disobedience was arrogance, whereas the root of Adam’s lapse was passion.”

Ibn Abee Haatim “I Advise You With 5 Matters”

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Ibn Abee Haatim (Rahimahullah) said:

I entered Damascus and came upon the students of hadeeth, and I passed by the circle of Qaasim al-Joo’ee . I found a group sitting around him and he was speaking. Their appearance amazed me; and I heard him saying:

“Seize the benefit of five things from the people of your time: (1) when you are present, you are not known; (2) when you are absent, you are not missed; (3) when you are seen, your advice is not sought; (4) when you say something, your saying is not accepted; (5) and when you have some knowledge, you are not given anything for it.

I advise you with five matters: (1) when you are treated unjustly, do not behave unjustly; (2) when you are praised do not become happy; (3) when you are criticised, do not become upset; (4) when you are not believed, do not become angry; (5) and if the people act deceitfully towards you, do not act deceitfully towards them.”

Ibn Abee Haatim further remarked:

So I took this as my benefit from Damascus.

Related by Ibn al-Jawzee (RH) in Sifatus-Safwaa (2/200)