Explanation Of Zaad Al-Mustaqni’

Explanation Of Zaad Al-Mustaqni’, taught By Ustaadh Abu Rumaysah.

I have also written up notes to some of these classes which can be viewed here.


Lesson 1 – Notes

Lesson 2:  Notes

Lesson 3 – Notes

Lesson 4 – Notes


Timing Of Salaah:

Lesson 5: Times for Salaah (Zhuhr & Asr) – Notes

Lesson 6: Times for Salaah (Maghrib, Fajr & Ishaa’) – Notes

Lesson 7: Praying Salaah In Time V.s. Qadhaa – Notes

Pre-requisites Of Salaah:

Lesson 8: Covering One’s Awrah In Salaah (Part 1) – Notes

Lesson 9: Covering One’s Awrah In Salaah (Part 2) – Notes

Lesson 10: Fiqh Of Clothing During Salaah (Part 1) – Notes

Lesson 11: Fiqh Of Clothing During Salaah (Part 2) – Notes

Lesson 12: Facing The Qiblah In Salaah (Part 1) – Notes

Lesson 13: Facing The Qiblah In Salaah (Part 2) – Notes

Lesson 14: The Intention For Salaah – Notes

The Masjid And Related Rulings:

Lesson 15: Etiquettes Of The Masjid – Notes

Lesson 16: Rulings Pertaining To The Jamaa’ah – Notes

Description Of Salaah:

Lesson 17 – Notes

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