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If you wish to see more articles on a particular category, please say.

Criticism only helps when it is done with manners. But still, feel free to criticise anything which you see necessary to criticise.

JazaakAllaahu khaira.

Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,


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85 Responses to “Feedback”

  1. aslamulikum

    mashallah i fort i have a good blog befor i found this blog May Allah except it from you, do you think you could have a look at mine and let me know what i cud do to improve mine.. its only 2 weeks old tho


    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      Firstly; stick to the far of Allaah. As the fear of Allaah is the root of all good, and what makes you rectify your mistakes.

      Secondly; look at ur niyyah (intention)… ask urslf “y am i doing this?” Is it to gain fame? or is it to spread His deen? Continually, week after week, refresh ur intentions as the devil is always near 2 destroy ur deeds.

      Thirdly; considering ur blog will (in shaa Allaah) go far and wide, ppl will look up 2 u… But dont let this get 2 u. Satan will try and make u feel prideful. Always kill this as soon as it comes…

      Fourthly, whenever ur asked a qstn and u dont know the answer to it, say u don’t know. Saying “Allaahu ‘alam” is safer than answering a qstn without knowldge.

      Fifthly, marketing. Market ur blog. Go to forums and post on articles from ur blog with a lonk to ur blog… That shud increase ur visitors…

      Lastly, know that all those who visit ur blog, don’t know ur sins… Keep that in ur mins as that also helps 2 kill ur pride.

      This is all for now in shaa Allaah…

      Plz feel free to take anything from here and put it on ur blog…

      I hope this has helped somewhat…

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,


      • brother (you are brother,rite?lol)
        May Allah give you Khir in this dunya and akhira..

        each point you made, i feel is bursting full of wisdoms
        And to Allah belongs ALL the praise..

        the last point you made could only have been given by sombody who has experience in this field (bloging)
        ..that point is more beleloved to me then Gold..

        and same with point 3.. i mean is so strange, because even tho no1 knows you by face, so you cant walk in the mosque and everyone will be like.. thats the authentic base brother..but still pride and this feelin of self purification very easy enter the heart worse.. then showing off

        Aki all your points where priceless, inshallah i will read them once a week to remind myself with
        i thankyou for taking the time out to right back to me..

        And to Allah belongs ALL the praise..

        (p.s iv already jacked most of your material..but thanks for offering..Inshallah more reward for you)

        wasalamulikum warahmatulah wabarkatuhu

        • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

          Also akhee, you may wanna change that “Uncategorised” category to something like “Miscellaneous” or something… (Just a suggestion)

          As for “jacking” my stuff… then alhumdulillaah, jack all u want…

          Lastly, think about what you can offer to your visitors that no-one else can… When I first started this blog, I used to copy and past articles from everywhere and bring it all together here, then as time went on, I started writing my own articles… Now, my routine is to read books, and when I find something interesting therein, I type it out and paste it on my blog… That way, my blog has some articles only known to be here on TheAuthenticBase…

          I’ve recently finished reading loads of books on ‘Aqeedah, making notes on interesting gems found within them which i wish to type out… This way, my posts are reminders for me and also guides for others… As the scholars have stated that the best way to memorise is to teach… So thru this blog, I’m learning myself, as well as benefitting others, alhumdulillaah…

          I’ve seen some blogs who only have articles from IslamQA on them. In all honesty, one needs something more than that…

          P.s, sorry for my poor spelling in my replies… (it happens when I type fast – sorry).

          Kepp me in your du’aas akhee,

          Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,


  2. alhamduliler iv changed it now to Miscellaneous, good suggestion.

    dont worry about spelling im in the same boat..

    ya aki, as i told my friend the other day..
    ‘this blog doesnt belong to me, but rather it belongs to you .. it belongs to the ummah .. it belongs to any one who wants khir for islam..’
    so please suggest away..

    This ummah is lacking in men not afraid to give advice and men who are happy to recive advice..May Allah make us from both of them…Ameen

    As for offering something just a blog
    but seriously you made a good point..

    coz i did notice you have some Aqeedah posts that no one else has.. so that a good idea, takes more time, but inshallah for rewarding.. ill definatly do that now.. o jus get my family to do it for me..haha

    yer i have alot of IslamQA stuff alhamduliler its serves a benifit but definatly blogs need to be more varied..

    the weird this is my friend emaild me the other day at rote..
    ”i have come to notice that nearly all the blogs that i have bookmarked for myself, seem to have the same quotes and articles as one another, which alhamdulillah is very good for those who have not already read it, but i was thinking maybe you can find some arab speaking brothers, and start on a project or something to translate some works from classical sources and stuff to benefit us english taalib ilm and make your blog more appealing.i know it can be time consuming, but think of it as an investment for your hereafter for those who are still in the process of learning arabic or for those who dont know arabic at all”..

    which is what your this inshallah is what im trying to sort out but jus aint got the time at the moment..But May Allah grant me Tawfeeq..

    and off corse what is the point of having a blog, where eveyone else benifits except you/me.. may allah grant us tawfeeq to implyment what we post..And not make it an proof against us..!..amaeen

    May Allah make us from thoes the Messenger (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam): said “Verily, from amongst Mankind are a people who are keys to goodness and they close the doors to evil.” [Ibn Majah, sahih]

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      Maa shaa Allaah… Also bro, dunno how hard this will be for u since ur blog is growing now, (and this only sincere advice) but what do you think about your blog title? “hefty1986”?

      No offense bro, but it seems … well… u know… u have “ilm centre” written on the top of ur page so maybe that would be a better blog address… ( maybe?) unless some1 has taken it (and i’ve checked no1s taken it)…

      bcz, and i mean no offense, hefty1986 dsnt sound like some website one wud go to, to learn the deen… if u know wht i mean…

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,


    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      Akhee you mentioned:

      “and off corse what is the point of having a blog, where eveyone else benifits except you/me..”

      Sorry but this is not quite what I intending by my previous comment. There IS benefit in your blog even if u r not gaining any knowledge, and that benefit is the rewards u r gaining. so to say there is no point in havng a blog where every1 ese benefits but yourself, is not 100% accurate…

      Sorry, just thought i’ll clear that out…

      So, even if u dont benefit in ur knowledge by ur blog, u still r benefiting by rewards, so just keep going…

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum

      • asalamualikum..

        jazakallah khiran for your advise..

        the reason why i rote “and off corse what is the point of having a blog, where eveyone else benifits except you/me..” is beasue of many reason for example

        the hadith about the man in the hellfire who will be waking arond with his intestings falling out..and people will say wasnt you the one who used to command us to good.. he will say yes , but i never used to do it..

        or the hadith about the man who is like a candle he guides others, the the light goes nothing but harms him..

        and many other staments from that salaf like

        but maby i misunderstood the issue allah knowns best

        inshallah i will continue my blog but pay carfull to the above narrations

        is what i have said aki correct?

  3. barakallah feek for this advise..

    the name is actually sentimental.. and jus somting that has jus stuck..

    and the funny the thing is the name hefty1986.. always gets people talking and people want to know .. why did he call it that.. and in time what has happend it became recognised and stud out.. because it was diffent.. not folling the trend.. its as if im saying the title my blog has nothing to do with the content or infromation within it

    so now as it stands hefty1986 is also my utube address..

    but jazakallah khiran for cheaking that ilm centre hassnt been taken

    but i hear you loud and clear.. and have NOT taken offence and to be honest it did cross my mind many times..

    as for the ilm centre i fort of that in 30 seconds..

    inshallah i will think about what you have said tho and will weight up the pros and cons inshallah

    jazakallah khiran for your time today..

    subhanallah keep up the khir..

    May Allah except from Me and You

  4. Quick question bro; r u married?

  5. To brother ‘TheAuthenticBase’:

    Akhi r u married?

  6. Asalamu-alaikum warakhmatullahi-wabarakatu, I hope you are well brothers. I have a question that needs answering and couldn’t find a good place to ask it so I’ll post it here. It’s more of a personal matter but it will shed light for other muslims outh there. If u or anyone can answer this then please email me and let me know, also if there is a possible way i can get advice from abu suhaib or brother rumaysa or anyone with good knowledge that would be great inshallah. jazakallah.


  7. Bint Hussein Ummu Houraira Says:


    In the Name of Allaah, and may the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon the Prophet as well as he’s family, to proceed:

    As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu ,

    Ya akhi fi Allaah , may Allaahu ta’ala have mercy on you , I’ve noticed that you write abbreviations such as “SAWS” or “SWT” . Know akhi that we are obliged to send Allaah’s peace and blessings upon Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam) properly when his name is mentioned as Allaahu ta’ala commended us ;

    { Verily Allaah and His Angels send salaah on the Prophet. O you who believe! Invoke salaah upon him, as well as a complete salaam! } [33:56]

    And also Sheikh Ibn Baaz rahimullaahu ta’ala issued the following verdict when asked about the validity of abbreviating the salaah on the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam): “The Sunnah is to write the entire phrase “sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam,” since it is a kind of supplication, and supplication is worship, (in one’s writing) just as it is in one’s speech. So to abbreviate it using the letter SAAD or the word SAAD-LAAM-‘AYN-MEEM is not a supplication nor it is worship, whether it occurs in speech or writing. For this reason, this abbreviation was not used by the the first three generations, those that the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam) testified to their goodness.” [Fatwaawaa Al-Lajnatid-Daa’imah #18770 (12/208-209)]

    Here is the entire article inshaa’Allaah ;

    As well as ;


    I thought I should mention it , for the believers have to help each other in good as Allaah says ; “By al-‘Asr (the time). Verily! Man is in loss, Except those who believe (in Islaamic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth (i.e. order one another to perform all kinds of good deeds (al-Ma’aroof) which Allaah has ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds (al-Munkar) which Allaah has forbidden),and recommend one another to patience.” (103:1-3)

    I’ve seen lots of brothers and sisters make this mistake and I never say anything , may Allaah give me the knowledge first and the ability of well spoken words ameen . This time , I decided not to pass it up wa alhamdullilaah . I had to say something . Just a reminder Akhi fi Allaah , firstly to myself and then to whosoever will come across this, inshaa’Allaah .

    I apologize for being long , may Allaah reward you for your efforts of transmitting what you have learnt .

    Ukhtukum fi Allaah ,

    Bint Hussein Ummu Houraira .

  8. The Permissibility of Not Writing Out the Peace and Blessings After Mentioning the Prophet

    al-Khatib al-Baghdadi said:

    “I saw the handwriting of Abu ‘Abdullah Ahmad bin Hambal of many ahadith in which the Prophet was mentioned, and he would not write ‘sall Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam’ after his name. I was informed that he used to invoke peace and blessings upon the Prophet by his tongue and not in writing.”

    [‘al-Jami’ li-Akhlaq ar-Rawi wa Adab as-Sami”; 1/271]

  9. Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

    @ Bint Hussein Ummu Houraira;

    Jazaakillaahu khaira…

    @ Muslim;

    JazaakAllaahu khaira…

    Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,


    Seriously, jazaakumullaahu khaira for both opinions…

  10. Bint Hussein Ummu Houraira Says:

    wa ‘Alaikum Salaam wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu ,

    akhi Muslim , it still doesn’t mean that we can write the letters “SAWS” or “SWT” and whatnot after the mention of the Prophet salallaahu ‘alaihi wa salam or when imploring Allaahu ta’ala . That’s what I was reffering to , to actually write the abbreviations such as “SAWS” or “SWT” after the mentioning of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa salam in writting . If we’re going to implore Allaah and send peace and blessings upon the Prophet salallaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam in witting , then we should do it correctly . BarakAllaahou fikoum ya ikhwaani wa hayakAllaahu ta’ala .

    Akhi Muslim , can you please tell me where you found or took that inshaa’Allaah . BarakAllaahou fik

  11. Could you find something about the nap of Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him… the mid day nap he used to take in teh afternoon… its often also called as Qailulah… what was its timing? Was it before Zuhr or after? How long was it? and all other related authentic details and post about an article about it.

  12. Assalam Alaikum Warahmatulahe Wabarakatuhu, brother could you find something about the Islamic Solar Calendar. When does the day of the Muslim start? I have heard that it starts from Maghrib, is it true? And what is the history behind the Islamic Calendar? An article about this topic would be very informative, also promoting to use the Islamic Calendar in our daily lives. Jazaak ALLAHU Khairan.

  13. MashaAllah, very nice blog akhee. May Allah reward your efforts. I would appreciate your feedback on my blog as well on how I can improve it.

    Jazak Allah Khairan.

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykumn,

      Firstly akhee, check your intentions. every deed is based upon its intentions. Ask yourself why you have a blog? What do you intend by it? Remember that the first three who will be thrown in hell will be a mujaahid, a qaari (reciter of the Quraan who also taught what he knew), and a charitable man. So pirify your intentions, as a good deed can lead to hell, and a bad deed can lead to paradise (due to the sincerity of forgiveness felt by the doer). So intentions are more important than the deeds done. As Ibn Al-Mubaarak said:

      “Many a big deeds turn small due to its intention, and many a small deeds turn big due to its intention.”

      Secondly, and this is just personal advice, but grabbing videos and stuff form youtube and posting them in your blog, is good no doubt, but what new thing are you bringing to your viewers? What is there on your blog which isn’t on others?

      Thirdly, you have to have something to give it. So learn the deen, and learn with serious learning, and don’t be embarrassed to say “Allaahu ‘alam” for that which you don’t know.

      Fourthly, if you really want to have a good blog, I advice you to go full time on your blog.

      Fifthly, don’t look at your hits as that could change your intentions. Remember there was a Prophet who only had 2 or 3 followers, and there was a Prophet who didn’t even have one follower. So its not about how many hits you get. Its like a scholar having 1000 student who are all ignorant and can’t comprehend anything. There is no real benefit, but a scholar having a few students who comprehend everything is far better.

      Lastly, also try cutting your posts, so that only a portion of it shows up in the homepage. As otherwise, it may seem too long for some people to read, but if you only have a portion of the post showing, then psychologically speaking, it doesn’t seem like a long article, hence more easier to read (inshaaAllaah).

      I guess thats it…

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum.

      • Salam Alikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Brother.

        Jazak Allah Khairan! Now that is some valuable feedback. InshaAllah, I have started to work on some and will do so more.

        I am trying to figure out how to cut the posts into half in the frontpage. How do we do it in wordpress?

        I hear you about the hits, akhee. It is distracting. Niyyah is the most important thing. Don’t want to waste away the efforts. I try hard to keep working in the niyah, but sometimes the nafs creeps in. Any good article you recommend to combat riyah?

        Can you please clarify on what you mean by going full time on the blog? Do you keep a schedule to post everyday?

        Very true. Seeking knowledge is a priority. I am currently a student at IOU (Islamic Online University). Alhumdlillah, it has been a wonderful journey with good teachers. InshaAllah, as time goes by, I’ll stop relying on youtube and focus on writing more :)

        I have been thinking about the “originality” of the blog. There are just so many blogs out there, so still pondering on this! One thing that is different is dawah powerpoint presentations available for download. I think I still have to zone in main focus of the blog.

        Jazak Allah Khairan!

        • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

          1) To cut the posts in half, click on the picture of two boxes with dashed lines in between. Its the fourth last button on the first (top) row.

          2) The main way to kill riyaa is to fear Allaah, and the best way to increase your fear of Allaah is to read about Hell, the Day of Judgement etc…

          3) By full-time i mean to say that dont just post a few articles in one week, then be totally disconnected with your blog for the next few weeks, then come back on it for a day or two, then again to loose touch with it for another week etc… Personaly with me, I’ve scheduled one post for everyday up til next month… So each time I log on, i write up a few posts, dont publish them now, but schedule them for the coming days… Plus this way, I dont overburden my subscribers by spamming out their inbox with loads of articles per day…

          Wassalaamu ‘alaykum and sorry for the late reply bro… May Allaah reward you for your patience, ameen.

  14. Akhi, after reading through your blog, I’ve decided to make changes to mine as well when it comes to sisters commenting. A lot of things you do here inspire me, mashaAllaah.

  15. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    My name is Abu Rayyan, I am the Amir of a new dawah movement called ‘Route To Islam’

    I would like to welcome you to visit our site

    and our youtube page

    This website aims to provide information about Islam to Non-Muslim audiences in a way that is clear, informative and concise.

    A website we hope that Non-Muslims around the world in future will refer to when they want to find out about Islam.

    A website for Muslims who are already engaged in dawah or want to start their Dawah but want to learn more convincing arguments and proofs etc. to give their Dawah the edge, can come and learn all that they need to know.

    We hope you be a part of the global effort to spread ‘RouteToIslam’ through your organisation, in any capacity that you can (e.g. recommending us on your site etc.)

    Also by inviting; whether family, friends, neighbours, work colleague, associates to visit this site, so they can get a better understanding of Islam.

    Thank you for your time
    Barakallahu feek

    P.s We would greatly appreciate your suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to email me directly at

  16. Why did you delete that article about Ayesha Muwahida, brother? I think that was an useful warning for brothers around the world as they may recognise the perverts from now by recognising their symptoms. Also, warning about the ‘fake’ salafi scholars could save 100s of innocent sisters and the salafi dawah from defamation.

    • Abu Sa'eed Says:

      I agree! This aishah muwahiddah article needs to be put out there again.

      A sister who takes £700 of donations pretending she is poor definitely needs to b exposed!

      by the way, is she divorced 6 times now?

      • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

        Allaahu a’alam whether she’s now divorced.

        I’m good friends with her 6th husband’s best friend, so its not hard for me to find out. But I guess there is no point. If she’s now behaving, then there is no point in finding out, but if she’s back at her old ways, exposure is easy.

  17. Sister I am with a group thru Dar Es Salam travel
    Called Sacred Caravan
    And I am in Madinah and need a volunteer who I am happy to do something(s) for in exchange for her
    Wheeling me in a wheelchair and taking me some to Haram and one other errand.
    I had a flare up of a muscular illness and I am here and the group is not responsible nor should they be limited to me
    But I can walk short distances
    And I have a haram view room
    You can text me 804-397-6409
    I’m at movenpick

  18. Salaam,
    There was an article posted and deleted. Could you contact me personally so I can speak to you about it?

  19. Assalam walaykum

    Where are you? Couldn’t find you online for weeks ! Is everything ok? Get back to me soon insha Allah .

    • Anoymous Brother Says:

      Asalamu alaikum.

      The broher behind this blog has been arrested in relation to some terrorism case. His house was searched for two days.

      There were about 8 or 9 police cars outside his house for those two days and a few officers standing outside his house, while some were inside carrying out the raid.

      Allaahualam where the brother is now, as I’ve not seen him for about 2 weeks now.

      Please keep him in your du’aas, and may Allaah bestow sabr upon him and his family ameen.

      • Muslim Sister Says:

        Assalam Alaikum Warahmatulahe Wabrakatuhu, Brother…. which country is this brother from? Where does he live… Does he have a family? Where does he work? Please inform us… Cause there are soo many subscribers who do not anything about the author of this site… Jazaak ALLAHU Khairan…

      • Brother A Says:

        SubhanAllah he has been arrested for terrorism case?!! I was shocked to hear that. I would never believe such accusation!! …& I was thinking probably he went to umrah or back home to visit with his family as he always does, no way I would ever imagine he was going through such bad time! May Allah keep him safe and bring him back to a normal life! Ameen. Btw, what was the allegation? What are they saying that he has done wrong? Please keep us updated on his situation. Why don’t you ask his family where is he?

      • may be this incident relates?

        terror arrests in Gloucester

        • Brother A Says:

          plus,he isn’t 31 or 52 rather in his 20s. So, there must be some other reasons. May be those who know him personally,like ‘anonymous brother’ can update us about his situation.

        • Anonymous Brother Says:

          I don’t think so as the brother is not from gloucester. He’s around 25 or so, so that is something different.

          • Anonymous brother, thank you so much for the update. Can you please update whenever you come to any other details about it? Please don’t forget. InshAllah he’ll be with his family and friends soon BUT if something bad happens like he gets imprisoned (may Allah forbid) for couple of months or years, then can you please post the name and prison address here so that we can write to him through his tough time? He did make sure that he finds enough time to spread the deen so that every sphere of ummah stays on straight path, so then it’ll be our time to do something in return. Nobody would like him to spend this tough time alone, thinking no one remembers him,no one cares for him you know.

            So, please keep us updated and if something bad happens then post here the name and cell address, so that he gets our letters etc. May be I am thinking too far but inshAllah he’ll be back soon.

  20. Brother A Says:

    no, how can it be when he doesn’t even live in glouchestershire?!!!

  21. Does anybody has any idea where is he now? What are the charges against him? Any tiny little details about his situation?

  22. Hang on , they’ve had him in for two weeks and not a word from any one ? I think you should go and protest outside of were he is beng kept ?

    • Soulsearch Says:

      May be ‘anonymous brother’ doesn’t know where they have kept him but may be his family knows. Probably anonymous brother didn’t contact his family yet but if his family also doesn’t know then its a very scary situation for him subhanAllah! He was such a good brother he doesn’t deserve to go through this! I don’t think he can even harm anybody. There must be some sort of misunderstanding. No matter what happens brothers from his community should contact his family and see whether they need any help from them regarding his case and to know what is his situation time to time. This is the time they should be there for their brother as he need them most now. I can’t imagine how hard will it be for him to stay in prison with dangerous people! He was so innocent.

      Anonymous brother, did you contact his family yet? Do they know where he is eing kept? Please update us.

  23. Soulsearch Says:

    Any update about the brother,please?

  24. feesabilillah Says:

    [Message Deleted]

    • Abdullah Says:

      SubhaanAllaah ya ukhti FEAR ALLAAH!

      BY ALLAAH u utter nothing but falsehood and lies, and deep down inside u know that for a fact!



      BY ALLAAH u do nothing but twist the truth!

      And u sound exactly like sister aishah, Allaahu Akbar! exposed numerous times for ur lies. BY ALLAAH when will u stop ur devilish ways?

      How dare u speak about the brother knowing for certain he cannot reply!? And talk about al-wala wal-bara, feeling a sense of happiness at a brother being locked up behind bars!

      Allaahu Akbar ya ukhti fear Allaah! FEAR ALLAAH!!

      BY ALLAAH everyone who truly knows u,knows ur true nature! If u want we can get shaykh feiz to comment here as well as all ur 20 ex-husbands and the hundreds of brothers who know u for who u really r!

      Stop taking advantage to spread lies about a brother knowing that he cannot reply to ur falsehood.

      So reply now and ask Allaah to shower his curses upon u and to return u to kufr if u have spoken falsely about this brother!

    • Abdullah Says:

      It seems its quite obvious to anyone reading that this aishah muwahidah sis has hidden herself rather than come out open and profess a simple statement…

      I guess its obvious now who the liars are!

      If she’s upon the haqq, why is it so hard to state a simple request of a curse upon herself if she’s lying?

  25. Alhamdulilah if she has made tawba, may Allah accept it. Ukhti there are brothers that have had far worse experiences with her than brother —- and they have proof. I dont want to expose her sins as she has dishonoured herself enough as unfortunately have others. They know who they are and you should be relieved because many brothers could have said much worse with no salt and pepper sprinkled on top.Yes what brother —- did was wrong, Perhaps brother —— should take her back for her own sake he is a very good brother And supported her like you said and is the —— — — —, that way she won’t feel the need to keep asking brothers for ‘help’ If not then there are sisters who can help her as she needs all the help she can get given the fact she finds herself in the same repeated scenario and it always seems to be everyone else’s fault. How does she meet them and speak to them, can she not gather enough information before speaking over the phone then asking for help? Everything you have said ukhti I have heard before.
    She needs a good sister to give her nasheehah and help her at least before she even thinks of getting married. May Allah accept —— tawba and —-.

    …..strangely you happen to sound just like her

  26. Isma'eel Ibn Haneef Says:

    Take my word bro, if a woman has ben divorced she’s been divorced for a reason, so now what do u think about this aishah muwahiddah who’s been divorced 4 times?

    Common sense says she’s either been really really really really unlucky, or that she’s really really really really mashup.

    Btw just out curiosity is this the same sis who lives in east london (goodmayes)?

  27. omg I think I know her! I think she’s my cousin!!!

    • Abdullah Says:

      This sis is a australian revert sis living in london. If she is indeed your relative then advice her that flirting with many men at once and betraying her husband, are all unislamic concepts. As is lying and cheeting in getting donations from sincere Muslims.

      A woman like her (divorced 4 or 5 times) needs some serious naseehah.

  28. Asalamualakum aki I have benefitted massively from your blog mashallah, wali u have increased me in much ilm, for that may Allah put that on Ur scales of good deeds. Ameen
    I have a question , I sent something from Ur blog to a Salafi brother and he responded by saying that u also upload videos of and I quote “yasir qadi” uthmaan kamees” Muhammad Hassan . Could plz verify if u do and if u do is this right or wrong do I can defend Ur blog brother . Jazakallahukhair

  29. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu,

    Al hamdulillaah, the book REACHING OUT TO MY RABB – WITH EXPLANATORY NOTES is uploaded on the website This is a book of invocations and supplications for all occasions. I have gathered as many explanations of the du’aas as I could, from scholars and from various authentic books. Pls read the book and it can be downloaded from the website. May Allaah Azza wa Jall accept it from us.

    Jazaak Allaahu Khayr

    Umm Abdul Ahad

  30. Salaam alaykom, would you mind re-blogging this please. It makes a huge difference if you do as the message can get across to many muslims out there. I have verified the source of the petition and they are trustworthy muslims.

  31. Umm Nadrah ♥ Says:

    Assalaamu alaikum,

    Perhaps I haven’t looked carefully enough, but do you have some sort of biog on yourself or just something brief stating your name and whether you’ve studied or not etc?

    I thought I would post this in the feedback section because personally I always find it helpful when bloggers state their name somewhere visible.

    May Allaah accept this from you and make it beneficial.

    BaarakAllaahu feek

  32. I read somewhere in your blog’s comment section that you’re in Sham? If so, may Allah forbid if something bad happens to you, how will the readers/subscribers of this blog know about it? Will any of your friends update us (the readers of your blog) here?

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      Yes I’m in Sham alhumdulillaah. SubhaanAllaah the only ‘bad’ thing that can happen to me is not getting shahaadah. There are many things which may seem ‘bad’ from the worldly perspective, but a huge blessing if you look at it from the Aakhirah-perspective. E.g., shahaadah, injury, pain etc.

      And I guess someone will comment here and let the readers know inshaaAllaah.

      Btw, hows life? Where are you now? As in which country? Plz update me inshaaAllaah -)

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum.

    • Also, do you have whatsapp?
      If so msgs me on 00905444401692
      Look fwd to hearing from u bro -)

  33. MaashaaAllaah a quick reply.

    Lol, dude u sound like a 5 yr old kid -)

    Anyways, I guess ur still a teen. Bro SubhaanAllaah ur bare cute when u act all emotional. U remind me of another bro (he’s about 14 or so as well).

    Anyways…… yh mA i hope ur havnig a good time in ur country.

    And iA I’ll make it to jannah, do du’aa I get a bullet to my heart iA. I recently got shot in my arm, felt nice alhumdulillaah. I’ve been out of action for like 5 weeks now, alhumdulillaah. The Doctor said it should heal in another month, and then I need physiotherapy (or I think that’s what it’s called) for about another month. Kinda boring being out of action, but alhumdulillaah.

    Some time for u? Lol, bro u sound like a woman, lol. Yh dude, just look for the most beautiful palace and walk towards it. iA i’ll be inside -) But I might make u wait like 20mins outside in the rain just for jokes, lol.

    And yh I miss u to bro, wAllaah I miss u too. Ok moving on, before I get all emotional, sooo…. U still have that purple top u wore that time in the park? lol

    No whatsapp? Broooooo… What’s wrong with u? Go to ur local shops, buy a phone and install whatsapp -) (Seriously)

    Oh mA a parent! No wait, subhaanAllaah! MaashaaAllaah! Mabrook bro. U gonna name ur son Omar right? -)

  34. And na, no sadness bro. Plz do du’a that Allaah accepts my efforts and that my niyyah stays clean and pure for him….
    I love u for the sake of Allaah bro…

    WAllaahi i miss u bro… and that purple top of urs, lol -)

    Ameen to ur du’aas…and InshaaAllaah in jannah -)

    Take good care of urself bro… -)

    SubhaanAllaah dude, I got bare love for u. -)

    Wassalaamu ‘alaykum.


  35. And ameen to all ur du’aas.
    I hope u have a wonderful life, and alhumdulillaah ur family life is improving. Nice to hear that.
    Ok, take good care of urself bro.
    wAllaahi gonna miss u loads…
    Wassalaamu ‘alaykum
    In Jannah iA -)

  36. Is that true that ISIS is keeping yazidi women as slaves? Isn’t slavery banned in Islam? I heard those guys rape those yazidi women and keep them as slaves. In fact, I just saw in an article where a british girl tweeted how surprised she was when she saw a ‘yazidi slave girl’ replying her salam when she visited some of her friends or something! So, they’re ok that their husbands are with those yazidi women?! I thought I would ask rather than judging them without knowing the truth.

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      1) Slavery is not banned in Islam, its just disliked to keep Muslims as slaves.

      2) Many companions had slaves.

      3) The Prophet (saw) also had a slave girl who he later married (I believe it was that jewish woman).

      4) Yes Yazidi women are slaves in ISIS, and there is nothing Islamically wrong with this in and of itself.

      5) I have never heard of brothers raping Yazidis. If such news is true, then such brothers need to get whipped or stonned to death (depending on their marital status).

      6) I do not personally know of any brother who has a slave, but from what I have heard, majority of brothers who have these Yazidi slaves are single brothers, so the thing about wives allowing it, Allaahu alam. I can fully understand if a married sister would dislike it.

      7) I stress again, many companions had slaves, even many scholars, like Ibn Taymiyyah.

      8) The word “slave” is not the sae as the western terminology as “slaves”, as the prophet (saw) said we should feed them as we feed ourselves, cloth them as we cloth ourselves etc.

      9) Unless anyone is wondering, no I don’t have a slave -)

      I hope this somewhat clarifies ur query, if not, ask away -)

  37. Lol @ point number 9. :) I know that because you’ll rather do your own work lol. So, why unmarried brothers wanna keep yazidis as slaves? So that those girls can take care of their house? I mean obviously, they won’t have any physical relationship with her as it’ll be raping her due to her not wanting to sleep with him,right?
    Even if it is allowed to have slaves in Islam I guess its better to free them because I’m sure they also wanna live with their family and live according to their wishes as we all do. I mean if anyone asks them, they’ll surely like to be freed.
    No offence but I don’t like many things that some muslims do.
    Anyway, on a personal note, I think (saw a picture online) u’ve grown your beard mashAllah! ….and as for your arm, may Allah grant you shifa akhi! Ameen.

  38. Where are you akhi? Didn’t see you online for a month or so.

  39. Akhi, finally expecting to be a father soon. Make dua inshAllah.

  40. binmohammed Says:

    Ibn Uthaymeen was of the opinion that you CAN read Quraan for the dead. Ibn Baaz was of the opinion that you CANNOT read Quraan for the dead.

    reference for this ??

  41. Asalamu alycom WRWB,

    May Allah swt reward you for your beautiful blog.

    Can you please advice me on where to get a english copy of Ahkam Ahl Adh-Dhimmah’, by Ibn Al-Qayyim?

    Jazakallah kheir

  42. amatullah Says:

    Salamwalakom WA rahmatullahi WA barakatahu,
    Brother, could you start a section about being closer to Allah, how to focus and gain khushoo, and everyday matters that can improve our souls before the coming Ramadan. You may already have one, I’m new to the site.

  43. AsSalaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. Eid Mubarak. WasSalaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

  44. AsSalaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu. Eid Mubarak.

  45. Asalaamu aleykum, may I know what manhaj you follow? I saw the name sayyid qutb in the list … I saw also the ulama of Salafiyyah but couldn’t understand Why sayyid qutb is mentioned aswell… this is the first time I came here. Im A sister by the way

    • Wa alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh sis.

      I follow the manhaj of abiding by the quran and sunnah as understood by the righteous salaf, avoiding all innovations.

      As for sayid qutb, then I quote him knowing full well of his errors. But I say as ibn Taymiyyah said, “Not everyone I quite from I agree with 100%”

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