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Last updated: June 2013

Please note that I may not entirely with everything that each of the following scholars believe. If you restrict your knowledge to take from only those you agree with 100% then you harm no one but yourself. Many giants of Islam held odd opinions, whether its Ibn Al-Qayyim believing the dead can hear, whether its Ibn Taymiyyah believing there is no sutrah in the Haram, whether its Al-Albaanee holding the opinion that gold is prohibited for women, whether its the extreme opinions of some when it comes to labeling others as innovators, whether its Bin Baaz who holds that the person who arrives late for the jamaa’ah and finds no one to start a new row with must not join the salaah (until he finds another person to make a row with), or whether its any other Imaam who held a deviated opinion in ‘Aqeedah. Indeed Al-Albaanee quoted from Ibn Hajar in his saheehah, even though Ibn Hajar held the views of the Ash’arees. Imaam Bukhaaree narrated from some in his saheeh who had shee’ah incinations. So I say as Ibn Taymiyyah said, “Not everyone I quote, I necessarily agree with (in all his opinions).” And this is the methodology of many ulamaa’ throughout history. If you restrict your knowledge to only those who you agree with 100%, you are depriving yourself from a lot of knowledge.

Ibn ‘Uthaymeen

Every Mother Is A Da’ee

Al-Walaa Wal-Baraa Based On Ignorance

What Is The Khimaar That A Woman Is Obliged To Cover Herself With?

The Meaning Of “Muhammad Is The Messenger Of Allaah”

From The Textual Proof For The Obligation Of The Niqaab, Part 2

Verifying Information

The Niqaab Is Nothing But Good

Dangerous Literature Can Effect Ones Religion

Choosing Companions Wisely

Rectifying The Ummah, Starts From Our Own Selves

The Effects Of Smiling

- From The Textual Proofs For The Obligation Of Niqaab

- Refuting A Claim Against The Obligation Of The Niqaab

- Are Suicide Bombing Permissible In Islaam?

Guidelines For Applying Takfeer & When Is A Person Excused, Part 3

Islamic Degrees Are Not Weighty

From The Virtues Of Knowledge

Speaking Without Knowledge (Part 1)

Speaking Without Knowledge (Part 2)

The Humbleness Of Ibn ‘Uthaymeen

Advice Concerning The Watching Of Sports Events

Ibn Uthaymeen And The Inkpot!

Sh. Ibn ‘Uthaymeen & The Taxi Driver

Affirmation & Negation In The Names & Attributes Of Allaah

The Most Benfitial Type Of knowledge Is Knowing Your Lord Through His Names & Attributes

The Meaning Of Tahreef (Change) And Its various Types

Tamtheel (Drawing A Similarity Between Allaah And The Creation) And Its Various Types

Giving Zakaah To Someone Who Wants To Get Married

Hunting For Mistakes And The Vulture Culture

Sittings In Ramadhaan With Shaikh Ibn Uthaymeen (Day 1 to 5)

Passing Away During Ramadhaan

Using Toothpaste While Fasting

Feeding Others Who Are Opening Their Fast

A Male Doctor Specialising in Women’s Matters

The Evil Dangers Of Bid’ah

Specifying The Day of The 15th of Sha’baan By Fasting or Reciting The Qur’aan or Performing Naafilah Prayers

Coming Late To A Seminar And Greeting Those Seated

The Difference Between A Picture And A Photograph

Taking Books As Your Scholar

Which Is Better, Seeking Knowledge Or Night Qiyaam?

Does Allah forget?

Ignorance Leads To Knowledge

Shining Stars Among The Scholars

The Day You Will See Your Lord, Most High, With Your Very Own Eyes

The Merits Of The Sahaabah (Companions)

Should We Excuse One Another On Matters Wherein We Differ?

The True Salafis Are The Followers Of The Path Of The Prophet (Blessings And Peace Of Allah Be Upon Him) And His Companions

Ruling On College/University

Do Not Marry 7 Types Of Women

Ruling On Initiating The Greeting Of Salaam With Jews And Christians, And How To Push Them To The Narrowest Part Of The Road

Do Not Tie The Truth To Men – The Humility Of Ibn Uthaymeen

Is Islam Unjust To Women By Keeping Them Indoors!?

Praying Behind Or Next To Women In The Haram Area

Watching Football Matches & The Wasting Of Time

Advice To The Students Of Knowledge

Showing Off (Riya) In Worship

Extraordinary Answers Of Sh. Ibn Uthaymeen

Advice to the Students of Knowledge

Shaykh Bin Baaz

Recognising A Scholar

The Virtues Of A Scholar

Advice To Students Of Knowledge

O Men, Prevent Your Women From Unveiling

Advice To Muslim Women

Slandering Du’aat

- Hijacking Planes And Kidnappings

Is It legit To Say “SadaqAllaahul ‘Azheem” After Reciting The Quraan?

Islaam Is Against All Forms Of Violence

Sh. Bin Baaz Honors That Guest

Sh. Bin Baaz Awakens And Prepares Him Food

Utilising Time Wisely – A Story Of Bin Baaz

Hunting For Mistakes And The Vulture Culture

Does The One Who Starts To Pray Taraweeh Have To Complete It?

Reciting The Qur’aan In A Group

The Celebration Of Al-Israa’ And Al-Mi’raaj

Shining Stars Among The Scholars

Allaah’s Shade For Women

The Mahr (Dowry) Should Be A Small Amount

Speaking Against The Evil Amongst The Dead

When Does A Slave Know That A Trial Is A Test Or A Punishment?

The Foundation Of Marriage Is Polygyny (Having More Than One Wife)

Ruling On College/University

The Milaad – A Caution Against Innovation

Salaah Behind Someone Who Trails His Izaar (Below The Ankles)

Ruling On Kissing The Mus-haf

The Ruling Concerning The Braylwiyyah

Shaykh Al-Albaanee

Book: Marriage

- Was Al-Albaanee A Dhaahiree?

- When Is It Allowed To Resume Sexual Activity After Menses?

- What Is Permissible Between Spouses When The Wife Is On Her Periods

The Length Of Sh. Al-Albaanee’s Tarawee Prayer

Where Is Allah? Debate Between Sh. Albaanee & A Azharee Shaykh

Shaykh Al-Albaani, Six Hours On A Ladder!

Shaykh Al-Albaanee’s Humility & Dislike For Being In The Spotlight

Shaykh Al-Albaanee Had Memorised Over A Hundred Thousand Hadeeth

Wives Preventing Polygyny

A Question Posed To Shaykh Al-Albaanee By His Daughter – Shall We Cut Off Everything Except For The Qur’aan?

Al-Imaam Al-Albaanee at Eighty Four

Shining Stars Among The Scholars

The Future Is For Islam,

Advice To Students Of Knowledge

A Forgotten Sunnah: Walking Barefooted

Virtues of Chapters in the Qur’aan – Surat Al Baqarah

Virtues Of Chapters In The Qur’aan – Surat Al Faatihah

Signs Of A Good End

Ahadeeth of Tawheed, Prompting A Dying Person To Say The Shahaahdah

The Ahadeeth Of Tawheed – The Ruqiya Which Is Shirk

Sufficing With One Tasleem In The Prayer

The Virtue Of Abu Ubayda And Using Khabar Al-Ahad As A Proof

Whoever Does Not Supplicate To Allaah, Then Allaah iIs Angry With Him

The Ruling Of The Prayer In Which Tight Fitted Clothing Is Worn

What Is The Dress Of The Woman In The Prayer?

The Intention For The Prayer

Advice To The Youth Who Love to Refute

The Consequences Of Bidda & Extremism In The Religion

مختصر كتاب الجناٸز – اردو

The Imaams’ Followers Leaving Their Views If These Contradicted The Sunnah

Sayings Of The Imaams Regarding Following The Sunnah And Ignoring Their Views Contradictory To It

Shaykh Al-Albaani Cries After Hearing A Dream

Ask Those Who Know

A Muhaddith Or A Faqih

Some Miscellaneous Examples Of Errors Taken From ‘Albani Unveiled

Some Miscellaneous Points Taken From The First Volume Of ‘Tanaaqadaatul Albaanee’ Of Hasan Saqqaaf

Nine Points In Defence Of Sheikh Al-Albaani

It Is Not Permissible To Mention The Weak Ahaadeeth Unless Its Weakness Is Made Clear

Ibn Jibreen

- Placing The Quraan On The Ground

Reciting The Qur’aan While Lying Down

Advice To Parents: Teach Your Children The Qur’aan,

First 10 Days Of Dhul-Hijjah

‘Abdul-Muhsin Al-’Abbaad

Sh. ‘Abdul-Muhsin’s Unity With Sh. Al-Albaanee Despite Their Differences

Book: Muslims Unification At Times Of Crisis

Busying Oneself With Warning, Boycotting And Finding Faults Of Others

Who Is better, Prophet Muhammad Or Prophet Yunus?

Rabee’ Al-Madkhalee

Arrogance: An Evil Characteristic

Do The Followers Of The Mubtadi (Innovator), Do They Join Him With Regards To Hajr?

The Praise Of Shaykh Rabia’ Al-Madhkhalee For The Muhaddith, The ‘Allaama, Shaykh Of Hadeeth, Muhammad Nasr ud-Deen al-Albaani

Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan

A Discussion Of The Khimaar That A Woman Must Wear

Supplicating To Allaah During Trials

The Status Of Patience

- The Three Categories Of Patience

The Description Of The Salaah Of The Hypocrites

The Ruling Of The One Who Abandons Salaah

The Evils Of having The Youth Detached From The Scholars

The Saved Sect Is Only One

The Path Towards The Rectification Of The Ummah

Is Marriage An Obstacle Towards Gaining Knowledge?

The Universe Must Have A Creator

The Necessity To Educate The Youth

Women Being Lax In Their Hijaab Of The Speech

O Parents, Don’t Deviate Your Children

Nurturing Your Children’s Fitrah, By Sh. Saalih Al-Fawzaan

Dealing With Someone Who Insists On The Mawlid

Picking And Choosing Opinions That Suit Ones Desires

Who Will Have A Worse Punishment (In The Hereafter): The Sinners Or The Innovators?

Forgetting The Qur’aan Is Of Two Types

Advice When Reading The Qur’aan

Standing The Night of the 15th of Sha’baan in Prayer and Fasting During its Day

Reciting Soorah Al-Faatihah Behind The Imaam

Warning Against Innovation

Ruling On Celebrating The Birthday Of The Prophet

The Majority Is Not A Proof That Something Is Correct

Exposing Our Enemies

Manners of Du’aa

Zayd Al-Madkhali

A Woman Is Obliged To Cover Her Face

The Woman Is ‘Awrah

Shaykh ‘Abdullaah Al-Ghunayman

Hunting For Mistakes And The Vulture Culture

Shaykh ‘Abdullaah Al-Ghudayaan

Is it Permissible For a Father To Prevent His Daughter From Marriage For The Purpose of Completing Her Studies?

Shaykh Husayn Ibn ‘Abdul-’Azeez Aal Shaykh


Shaykh Husayn Al-Awaayishah

Question Yourself

Shaykh Khaalid Ar-Raddaadee

The Advice Of The Mashaayikh To Salafi Publications (SPUBS)

Regarding Some Of What Is Being Circulated On Salafi Talk

Shaykh Saalih As-Suhaymee

-From the Shirk Of The Soofees

Protecting Your Wives And Children

- The True Believer

Shaykh Mashhoor Hasan Aal-Salmaan

How To Approach the Quraan And Sunnah

Ahlul Hadeeth’s Approach To The Laws Of Islaam

The Causes Behind Ahlul Ra’y Coming To Surface

Indulging In Hypothetical Fiqh Issues

What Is True knowledge?

- The Saved Sect: Between Ahlur-Ra’y (People Of Opinion) And Ahludh-Dhaahir (The Literalists)

- Was Al-Albaanee A Dhaahiree?

- A Final Word On The Dhaahirees

- Was Imaam Bukhaaree A Blind Follower Of One Of The Four Madhhabs?

- The Dhaahirees Approach To The Quraan & Sunnah, (Example 2), By Sh. Mashhoor

- The Dhaahirees Approach To The Quraan & Sunnah, (Example 1), By Sh. Mashhoor

- Doing Nāfilah, After Dawn Break, Other Than The prior-Sunnah Salaah

Pacing To The Masjid Is Not From the Sunnah

Wiping Ones Eyes With Ones Thumbs On Hearing The Prophet’s Name Is Proofless,

Doing Salāt While One’s Head Is Uncovered

Tucking Up Clothes In Salaah

In Islaam There Are Only Two Eids: Eidul Fitr And Eidul Adhaa

Worshiping Allaah The Night Before ‘Eid Is A Biddah

Raising One’s Hands When Reciting Takbeer In Eid Salaat Is Not Of The Prophet’s (saw) Sunnah

The Ruling On Wearing The Shalwaar Khamees To Distinguish Oneself

Book: The Clarified Ruling Of Mistakes Done In Salaah

Reciting Takbir, Qur’aan And The ‘Athkaar Silently (In Salaah)

Forged Ways Of Doing Salātul Istikhārah

Football – Its Benefits And Ills According To The Divine Legislation

Thousands Of Football Matches Fans Abandon (Friday) Salaat

Uncovering The Organs Of Prostration

One Ma’mum Should Stand To The Imaam’s Right Side

Repeating Faatihah More Than Once

Closing One’s Eyes In Salaat

Leaving bathing, applying perfume, beautifying oneself and using Siwaak before going to the mosque

Mr ‘Ubayd Al-Jaabiree

Busying Oneself With Refutations

Shaykh Saleem Al-Hilaalee

Book: The Manners Of The Scholar And Student Of Knowledge, By Sh. Saleem Al-Hilaalee

Shaykh Ahmad Shaakir

When Were Ahadeeth First Written?

‘Umar Baazmool

Will Knowledge Really Be Removed by The Death Of The Scholars, Even Though Their Books Are Still Amongst Us?

Ignorant Du’aat (Callers To Islaam)

Muhammad Ibn Ibraaheem Aal-Shaykh:

From The Evils Of Football

Muhammad Al-Ameen Ash-Shinqeetee

What The Scholars Have Said Regarding The Khimaar

Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdil-Wahhaab

My Call To Tawheed

Ibn ‘Abdil-Barr

A Youth Could Be Elder With Regards His Knowledge

- Venerating Graves

The ‘Aqeedah Of Ibn ‘Abdul-Barr (And A Refutation Of The Ash’ariyyah)

Ibn Rajab

Guidelines For A Preacher

Hidden Shirk

- The Hidden Worries Of A Believer

How To Get Your Sins Forgiven On The 15th Of Shaaban

The Beauty Of Knowledge And How It Enlivens The Heart

Intentions First

Be In This Life As If You Are A Stranger Or A Traveller On A Path

Ibn Hazm

Ibn Hazm’s Advice To Students Of Knowledge: Self Admiration

Ibn ‘Aqeel Al-Hanbalee

- How Can You Be Other Than A True Slave Of Allaah?

Ibn ‘Asaakir

The Flesh Of The Scholar Is Poisonous

Ibn Al-Qayyim

Why Worshipping Allaah At Graves Is Haraam

The Prophet’s Keenness To Prevent His Ummah From Falling Into Shirk

The Inheritance Of The Prophets

Guidelines For A Scholar: Nurture Your Students

The Importance Of Knowledge

[Poem] Description Of Paradise

Who Are “Those In Authority” Who We Are Obliged To Obey?

Not Everyone Is Suitable To Be Your Friend

What Was The Inheritance Of Zakariyyah?

What Was The Inheritance Of Daawood To Sulaymaan?

The Reality Of The Blind Followers

When Scholars Err

Treating The Seeker Of Knowledge Kindly

The Prophet’s Noble Manners, By Ibn Al-Qayyim

Corruption Of Children, Ibn Al-Qayyim

Loosing Worldly Material And Possessions

A Beautiful Quote From Ibn Al-Qayyim

- Do The Blind Followers Really Follow Their Imaams?

- A Final Word On The Dhaahirees

- Ibn Al-Qayyim On Celebrating The Festivals Of The Non-Muslims

- The Five Levels Of Prayer

The Believer Has No Concern/Connection With The Dunyaa

Feeling The Beauty Of The Quraan

The Doors Of Tawfeeq Are Closed Upon Six People

Investing For The Hereafter

Polishing The Rusty Heart

The Heart Needs The Remembrance Of Allaah

How Sins Can Lead To Jannah, & Good Deeds Can Lead To Hell

Between The Two Extremes Of ‘Blind Following’ And ‘Boycotting’

Having Allaah As Your Only Concern

Sins generate More Sins

The True Meaning Of Shukr

The Foolishness Of Falling In Love With This World

Wasting Time Is Worse Than Death

The Six Stages Of Learning

Allaah Is Above The Throne

The True Meaning Of Knowledge

The Body And Soul

From The Rulings Of Ahl Adh-Dhimmah

This Dunya

The Opinion Of The Sahaabah Is Better Than Our Own Opinion

10 Ways of Protection from Shaytan

Six Attacks By Shaytaan – Ten Defenses

Sin Leads To More Sin

Five Types Of Abandonment Of The Qur’aan

The Doors Of Success

Only for the Lovers of Knowledge

The Difference Between Advice And Backbiting

Five Categories Of Patience

Sahaabah On The Virtues Of Patience,

What Ibn Al-Qayyim Said About His Teacher

Correcting The Two Strengths Of Knowledge And Action

And Establish Regular Prayer For My Remembrance

Ten Useless Matters

The Great Virtue of Lowering the Sight

Inspirational Words From Ibn Taymiyyah And Ibn Al-Qayyim

A Sin That Leads To Jannah

The Supplication and Al-Qadar

Ibn Taymiyyah

The Daff Is Only For Women

The Reality Of The Ash’arees

The Prohibition Of Music

The Ruling On Innovators And Innovations

What The Scholars Have Said Regarding The Khimaar

The Best Of The Muslims

Who Are “Those In Authority” Who We Are Obliged To Obey?

Regarding Scholars Who Err In Their Ijtihaad

Book: Al-Jawaab As-Saheeh (Answering Those Who Altered The religion Of Jesus)

- Ibn Taymiyyah On Celebrating Christmas (And Other Non-Musilm Festivals)

- Is The Way Of The Khalaf More Knowledgeable And Wiser Than Tht Of The Salaf?

- The Difference Between Specifying And Generalising Takfeer

- Guidelines For Applying Takfeer & When Is A Person Excused, Part 2

From The Hidden Blessings Of Calamities

How Major And Minor Shirk Affects One’s Hereafter

“Seek beneficial Knowledge”

The Reasons For Differing Amongst The Ummah

Knowing The Foundations Of The Deen

- Ibn Taymiyyah On The Speech Of Allaah

Book: Expounds On Islaam

The Evil And Harm Of The Innovators Is Worse Than That Of The Kuffaar

Istiwaa Is Not Unknown

Does Allah Have A Jism (Body)?

When Is Lailatul Qadr

The Ten Ways to Expiate Your Sins

Was Ibn Taymiyyah For The Mawlid (Celebration Of The Prophet’s Birthday (saw))?

The Day You Will See Your Lord, Most High, With Your Very Own Eyes

Words of Wisdom

The One Who Refutes The People Of Innovation Is A Mujaahid

Engaging in Ibaadah Or Speaking About Ahl Al-Bid’ah?

Ibn Taymiyyah’s Attitude Upon Entering Prison

Ibn Taymiyyah’s Memory

Speaking About The People Of Bida’

Beneficial Knowledge

Inspirational Words From Ibn Taymiyyah And Ibn Al-Qayyim

Ibn Katheer

Ibn Katheer Describing The Hoor Al-Ayn

The Methodology Of Ibn Katheer

The Dangers Of Women In The Field Of Business

The Etiquette of Women Walking in the Street


The Advice Of Adh-Dhahabee Regarding The Soofees And Mutakallimoon

Beautiful Words From Imaam Adh-Dhahabee

Ibn Al-Jawzee

Enduring Temptations

Teaching And Disciplining Children

Guidelines For A Preacher

The Importance Of Knowledge

- I Understood That Guiding People By Action Is More Inspiring

- The Meaning of Having ear Of Allaah

Days Are But Hours

Ibn Al-Jawzee Cried Out Within Himself

A Word On Ramadhaan

Ibn Jawzi’s Advice To His Son


Benefiting From Knowledge

Imaam Juwaynee

- The Futility Of Ta’weel

A few Examples Of Ta’weel

Aboo ‘Uthmaan As-Saaboonee

From The Characteristics Of The Innovators

The ‘Aqeedah Of Imaam as-Saaboonee (& A Refutation Of The Ash’arees)

Ibn Qudaamah

Why didn’t you respond to him?

The ‘Aqeedah Of Ibn Qudaamah (And A Refutation Of The Ash’ariyyah)


Ash-Shawkaanee’s View On The Niqaab

Ibn Hajr

Worrying About The Dunya

Patience And Shukr During Trials And Tribulations

Ibn Hajar And The Jew

Memory Of Bukhari, Abu Dawud, Ahmad Ibn Hanbal

Hafidh Ibn Hajar’s Incident With A Fanatical Ibn Arabi Follower

A Short Biography Of ‘Ibn Hajar


The Example Of The Scholars, By Al-Aajurree

Qaadhi ‘Iyaad

Respecting The Scholars

Aboo Shaamah (d.665H)

The Meaning Of Sticking To The Jamaa’ah

Qaadhi Aboo Ya’laa

The ‘Aqeedah Of Qaadhee Aboo Ya’laa (& A Refutation Of The Ash’arees)

Imaam At-Tirmidhee

The ‘Aqeedah Of Imaam At-Tirmidhee


The Emergence Of Ahlul-Bid’ah

Imaam Aboo Haneefah

Imaam Aboo Haneefah On Affirming Allaah’s Attributes

Aboo Haneefah Vs. The Hanafees Of Today

Aboo Haneefah’s Position On Theological Rhetoric

Ibn ‘Abdil-’Izz Al-Hanafee

Purpose Of Life And Knowing The Path To Your Lord

The Importance Of Knowing The Fundamentals Of Your Deen

Can We Say A Specific Person Is From The Inhabitants Of Paradise Or Hell?

The Best/Worst Of All Generations

Imaam Ismaa’eel Ad-Dehlawee Al-Hanafee

The Origin Of Shirk: Venerating Graves

- A List Of Common Deeds Of Shirk Which Are Done At The Graves

Abul Hasan An-Nadwee Al-Hanafee

The Definition Of Shirk, Part 1

The Definition Of Shirk, Part 2

Allaamah ‘Alee Suwaydee Ash-Shaafi’ee

The Definition Of Shirk

Even The Prophets Feared Falling Into Shirk!

Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee

- tKilling By Mutilation Is Unislamic

Accepting The Sunnah Is A Part Of Accepting The Quraan

The Scholars’ Praise For Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee

What The Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee has Said About The Soofees

- Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee’s Position On Venerating Graves

“All Humans Are Dead Except Those Who Have Knowledge”

Imaaam Ash-Shaafi’ee’s Strict Adherence To Hadeeth

Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee’s Strict Adherence To Hadeeth

Imaam Ash-shaafi’ee on The Different Levels Of Imaan

Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee’s Words On Swearing By Other Than Allaah

Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee’s Position On Theological Rhetoric

Imam Shafi’ee On Innovators

Troubled In Aspects Of Deen: Imam Shafi’ee’s Response

Imaam Shafi’ee Visits Imaam Ahmad – A Strange Incident With A Beautiful Explanation!

Advice Of Shaafi’ee


Sufis And Their Songs

The Virtue Of The Scholars

A Muslimah’s ‘Awrah In Front Of A Disbelieving Woman

Book: At-Tadhkirah (In Remembrance Of The Affairs Of The Dead And Doomsday)

- Al-Qurtubee’s Position On Venerating Graves

The ‘Aqeedah Of Imaam Al-Qurtubee (And A Refutation Of The Ash’arees)


- Venerating Graves

- Seeking Blessings (Tabarruk) From The Graves Is Haraam

O Sisters, Your Brother-In-Law Is Nothing But Death!

Explanation Of The Hadeeth: “The Deen Is Naseeha (Sincere Advice)…”

The Way To Paradise Is Very Hard

Abul Hasan Al-Ash’aree

The ‘Aqeedah Of Abul Hasan Al-Asharee As Stated In His Final Work Al-Ibaanah

Aboo Haatim Ar-Raazee

Signs Of The Innovated Sects

Imaam As-Sam’aanee

What The Scholars Have Said Regarding Accepting The Text Over The Intellect

Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadee

The ‘Aqeedah Of Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadee (D. 463H)

Ibn Al-Mundhir

- Sticking To Your Peace Treaty

Imaam Maalik

Imaam Maalik Laughs At The “Soofees”

Imaam Maalik’s Position On Theological Rhetoric

Imaam Ahmad

A Word On Innovators

Words Of Imaam Ahmad Regarding The People Of Innovation

Imaam Ahmad’s Praise For Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee

- Sinners From Ahlus Sunnah Are Better Than Ascetics From Ahlu Bid’ah

‘A Sign That Life Is Short’

Arguing To Defend The Sunnah

Imaam Ahmad Refuses Positions Of Authority And Boycots Members Of His Own Family

Imaam Ahmad’s Praise For Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee

Words Of Imaam Ahmad Regarding The Companions

“No Vision Can Grasp Him.” [6:103]

Imaam Ahmad’s Position On Theological Rhetoric

Speaking Out Against The Caller To Innovation – Quotes From Imaam Ahmad

From The Blessings Of The Scholars Of The Sunnah

A Beautiful Response By Imaam Ahmad

Imaam Ahmad’s Wounds And Scars During His Trial

“Am I one of the oppressors…?”

Verdicts From Imam Ahmad

Imaams Ahmad And ibn Ma’een Catch A Fabricator

With The Mihbarah (Inkpot) To The Maqbarah (grave)

Imaam Shafi’ee Visits Imaam Ahmad – A Strange Incident With A Beautiful Explanation!

Memoirs From The Life Of Imam Ahmad, By Muhammad Al-Shareef

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