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The Ruling On He Who Says The Qurān Is Created

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The ‘aqīdah of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamā’ah is that the Qurān is the speech of Allāh and that it is uncreated. But what is the ruling on the one who claims it is created? Below I shall present some quotes from our Salaf in this regard:

1) Sufyān Ath-Thawrī said, “The Qurān is the speech of Allāh (azza wa jall) and he who says that it is created then he is a kāfir, and he who doubts in his kufr then he is a kāfir.” [Abdullāh Ibn Al-Imām Ahmad in Kitāb As-Sunnaah, 20]

The likes of this statement has also been narrated from Abū Khuthaymah as is found in Sharh Usūl Iqtiqād Ahl As-Sunnah Wal-Jamā’ah, 265/2 the famous book of Al-Lālikāī.

2) Abū Bakr Ibn Ayyāsh Al-Muqri’ (died 194h) the trustworthy worshipper, was asked about he who says the Qurān is created so he said “A kāfir, and he who does not say that he is kāfir then he is also a kāfir.” Its chain is authentic and is found in As-Sunnah of Al-Lālikāī.

3) Ibn Hajr said in At-Tahthīb [303/2]: From Dāwūd Ibn Al-Hasan Al-Bayhaqī: It has reached me that Al-Halwānī* said, “I do not make takfīr of he who hesistates with regards to the Qurān.” Dāwūd said: So I asked Salmah Ibn Shabīb (died 247h) about Al-Halwānī so he said: “He is to be thrown in Al-Hush. He who does not bear witness to the kufr of a kāfir then he is kāfir.” Salmah Ibn Shabīb An-Naysābūrī (died 247h) was the Muhaddith of the people of Makkah.

Khatīb Al-Baghdādī also mentioned this in Tārīkh Al-Baghdād.

*Al-Halwānī is Abū Muhammad Al-Halwānī Al-Husayn ibn ‘Alī Ibn Muhammad Al-Hathli Al-Khilāl.

4) Abū Zara’ah ‘UbaydAllāh Ibn Abdil Karīm Ar-Rāzi (died 264h) said, “Whoever claimed that the Qurān is created then he is a disbeliever in Allāh Al-‘Athīm, a kufr that takes one out of the millah, and he who doubts in his kufr from those that understand then he is also kāfir.”

Abū Hātim Muhammad Ibn Idrīs Ar-Rāzi (died 277h) said exactly the same. Al-Lālikāī narrated all of it in As-Sunnah [2/176)]

5) Imām Ahmad in his reply about the Qurān said, “So it is the speech of Allāh not created, and he who says ‘created’ is a kāfir in Allāh Al-‘Athīm and he who does not make takfeer of him is also kāfir.” [Abū Ya’la in Tabaqāt Al-Hanābilah, 315/1. From Masrud Ibn Masurhad Al-Basrāwī]


Fighting Those Who Reject Ahaadeeth

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Al-Humaydee narrated to us saying:

“By Allaah, that I should fight against those who reject the ahaadeeth of Allaah’s Messenger (sallallaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam) is more beloved to me than that I should fight against a like number of Turks.”

Al-Humaydee narrated from the likes of: Fudayl Ibn ‘Iyaad, Sufyaan Ibn ‘Uyaynah, Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee amongst others.

Those who narrate from him include the likes of: Imaam Bukhaaree, Adh-Dhuhlee, Aboo Hatim, amongst others.

He died in the year 229H.

[Siyaar Vol. 10, Pp. 616-621]

Aboo Nu’aym (D. 219H), “The Quraan Is Uncreated”

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Ahmad Ibn Abil-Hasan At-Tirmidhee and others reported from Aboo Nu’aym that he said:

“The Quraan is the speech of Allaah, it is not created.”

likewise, Aboo Nu’aym said:

“I came to Koofah and it contained more than seven hundred shaykhs, al-A’mash and those lesser than him, all of them saying, ‘The Quraan is the speech of Allaah,‘…”

At-Tabaraanee said, I heard Sulayhah Bint Abee Nu’aym say:

“I heard my father say, ‘The Quraan is the speech of Allaah, uncreated, and whoever says it is created is an unbeliever.‘ “

A Short Biography Of Aboo Nu’aym:

Aboo Nu’aym was born in 130H, and died in 219H in Koofah.

Those who he narrated from include: Sufyaan Ath-Thawree, Aboo Haneefah, Ibn Abee Laylaa among others.

Those who narrate from him include: Imaam Bukhaaree, Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, Yahyaa Ibn Ma’een, Adh-Dhuhlee, Aboo Muhammad Ad-Daarimee, Aboo Haatim, At-Tirmidhee, among others.

What The Scholars Said About Him:

Yahyaa Ibn Ma’een said of him:

“I have not sen anyone more reliable than two men, Aboo Nu’aym, and ‘Affaan.”

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The ‘Aqeedah Of Imaam Al-Qurtubee (And A Refutation Of The Ash’arees)

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Imaam Al-Qurtubee (d. 671H) said:

“Not a single person from the salafus saalih (pious predecessors) denied istiwaa (Allaah Ascending) over the Throne to be haqeeqah (in a real sense)…

The reality of its kayfiyyah (how He Ascends) is not known. Imaam Maalik said that al-istiwaa is known, how is unknown and asking about it is an innovation.”

[Al-Jaami’ Li Ahkaamil Quraan, 18/216]

The Main Problem With The Ash’arees

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The primary principle that led the Ash’arees to distort many of Allaah’s Names and Attributes is that they wished to remove all resemblance between Allaah’s Names and Attributes, and between those of the creation.

This principle, which in essence is correct, was taken by the Ash’arees to an extreme. They used their intellect (1) and logic to decide which of Allaah’s Names and Attributes gave some type of resemblance, or anthropomorphic (2) qualities, and those Names and Attributes which did not. Based on this classification, they then interpreted those Names and Attributes which they felt gave anthropomorphic qualities (3) contrary to their literal, understood meanings, thinking that by doing this they were removing any fear of resemblance between Allaah and His creation.

In reality, their over-zealousness to free the Names and Attributes of Allaah from resembling those of His creation led them to deny and distort many or His Names and Attributes.

They used their intellect as the criterion to understand Allaah’s Names and Attributes. Whatever they felt was not befitting to Allaah, even if Allaah Himself had affirmed it, they interpreted until it satisfied their intellect.

As Aboo Haamid al-Ghazaalee (4) wrote:

“All that is found in the traditions (the Qur’aan and Sunnah) (concerning the attributes of Allaah) is examined. Then, if the intellect can agree with it, it becomes obligatory to believe in it… But as for those (attributes) which are deemed by the intellect to be impossible, then it becomes obligatory to interpret what has been found in the traditions (the Qur’aan and Sunnah), for it is not imaginable that the traditions will contain something that contradicts the intellect. As for the hadeeth which contain characteristics of resemblance (of Allaah between His creation), then most of them are not authentic, and those that are authentic are not explicit, but rather can be interpreted.” (5)

Therefore, they took their intellect to be their criterion to accept and understand the Attributes ol Allaah, so whatever their intellect agreed with, they accepted, and whatever their intellect could not understand, they rejected or re-interpreted (6).

[Taken from “An Introduction To The Sciences Of The Qur’aan” by Yaasir Qaadhee, p. 41]


(1) Please refer to this post and this post in refuting the concept of taking the intellect over the narrations.

(2) Anthropomorphic: To give an object human-like characteristics.

(3) Please refer to the previous post and this post: The Reality Of Ta’weel.

(4) Aboo Haamid al-Ghazaalee, during the end of his life returned to the beliefs of the salaf. Please read this post for more info on who he was.

(5) From his al-Iqtisaad fee al-‘Itiqaad, p. 132.

(6) Please read this post: The Futility Of Ta’weel, By Imaam al-Juwaynee (d. 438H)

Allaah’s Names And Attributes Are Unique

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A principle with regards to Allaah’s Names and Attributes are that they are Unique, and do not resemble the attributes of His creation. Allaah says.

There is nothing that is similar to Him, and He is the All-Hearer, All- Seer.” [42:11] (1)

Therefore, since Allaah’s Attributes are unique, it is not possible for mankind to understand the exact nature of Allaah’s Names and Attributes, even though it is possible to understand the concept that any Name or Attribute refers to.

For example, Allaah has described Himself in the Qur’aan as al-Hayy, which means, ‘The Ever- Living.’ Mankind understands that Allaah is Ever-Living; that He was always with Life, and will always be with Life.

Mankind also understands that, even though he himself is ‘alive’ (hayy), the life that he has is very different from the one that Allaah describes Himsell as having, for man’s life was given to him, and it shall be taken away from him, in contrast to the characteristic of life that Allaah describes Himself with.

In addition, man does not have the power to create life, unlike Allaah.

So man has the characteristic of life, and Allaah describes Himself as having the characteristic of Life, but the actuality ol the two characteristics differ as much as man differs from the Creator.

Therefore, mankind understands the concept of Allaah’s name al-Hayy, but can never understand the actuality of it.

The same analogy applies for the other Names and Attributes of Allaah.

[Taken from “An Introduction To The Sciences Of The Qur’aan” by Yaasir Qaadhee, Pp. 30-31]


(1) The point being derived at here is that Allaah first says that there is nothing similar to Him. He (swt) then goes on to affirm two Attributes which are also there in the creation. So by this we come to know that there are attributes which the creation has which Allaah also has but the reality of the two are non comparable. This shall be discussed with an example above.

If one understands all this mentioned above, one will easily be able to refute the ideas of the Ash’arees, as this is a principle which they have failed to grasp.

The Salafiyoon Are Not A New Group

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The Prophet (saw) said:

There will never stop to be a group from my Ummah (nation) upon the truth, manifest, not being harmed by those who forsake them nor by those who oppose them until the Hour is established.

This group, no doubt is Ahlul Hadeeth (the people of hadeeth) as has preceded in this post.

However some ignoramous’ amongst the Ash’arees claim that they are the saved sect, claiming the the Ahlul Hadeeth (AKA; Salafiyoon) are a new group to emerge in the fourthenth Islamic century. This is false and futile from many angles.

Below is a list of Imams and shaykhs who were upon the ‘Aqeedah of the Salafus Saaliheen, and is an established proof that the ‘Salafiyoon’ have not introduced a new ‘aqeedah, yet have a established list/chain of Imaam and Scholars going all the way up to the Salaf.

Note: For the ease of reading, I will only mention the names of the Scholars and their date of death, excluding the names of the books they wrote in refutation of the Ash’aree madhab. I have also excluded names from the first three generations as including them would only make the list too extensive. To Proceed:

Besides the Sahaabah, Taabi’een and Taba-Taabi’een, besides the four Imaams, we proceed with the list:

– Al-Qaasim Ibn Salaam (d. 224)

– Al-Hafiz Al-‘Udnee (d. 234)

– Imaam Ibn Abee Shaybah (d. 235)

– Imaam Ahmad (d. 241)

– Khusheesh Ibn Asram (d. 253H)

– Imaam Bukhaaree (d. 256h)

– Aboo Bakr Al-Athram (d. 272h)

– Aboo ‘Alee Hanbal Ibn Ishaaq Ash-Shaybaanee (d. 273H)

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