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Understanding That Victory Comes From Allaah Alone

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Allaah says regarding the events of the battle of Badr: “(Remember) when you sought help of your Lord and He answered you (saying): “I will help you with a thousand of the angels each behind the other (following one another) in succession. Allah made it only as glad tidings, and that your hearts be at rest therewith. And there is no victory except from Allah. Verily, Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise.” [8:9-10]

Ash-Shaheed Sayyid Qutb comments on these two verses saying:

“Their Lord then answered their appeal and informed them that He had decided to reinforce them with 1000 angels moving in close ranks. Greatly significant as this decision is, indicating the great value assigned by Allaah to those believers and the faith of Islaam, Allaah does not want the Muslims to understand that there is a mechanical process of a direct cause leading to a definite effect. The whole matter is referred back to Him so that the Muslims maintain the right beliefs and concepts.

This whole response, enforcement, and the revelation announcing it were merely given as happy news to reassure the believers’ hearts. Victory itself comes only from Allaah. This is a basic fact of faith restated here so that Muslims do not attach undue importance to any particular cause or factor.

It was sufficient that the Muslims should do their best and exert their maximum effort, overcoming the initial shock some of them experienced as they found themselves facing real danger. All they needed to do was to actually proceed in obedience of Allaah, assured of His support. In other words, they needed to fulfill their part and leave the rest to Allaah’s will. It is He who plans matters for them and dictates the final outcome of their efforts. The rest was merely a piece of happy news, giving reassurance to the believers to calm their hearts and enable them to face up to the real danger.

A community of believers does not need more than to feel that they are supported by Allaah’s soldiers for their hearts to be set at rest and to go into battle with courage and perseverance. Victory then comes from Allaah, who alone can grant it.”

[Fee Zhilaal  Al-Quraan [English trans.], 7/92]

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Running Away From The Battlefield, By Ibn Al-‘Arabi

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Regarding the statement of Allaah:

O you who believe! When you meet those who disbelieve, in a battle-field, never turn your backs to them. And whoever turns his back to them on such a day – unless it be a stratagem of war, or to retreat to a troop (of his own), – he indeed has drawn upon himself wrath from Allah. And his abode is Hell, and worst indeed is that destination!” [8:15-16]

Ibn Al-‘Arabi said:

“People (i.e, the scholars) have disputed whether the running away in flight applies only to the Battle of Badr or to all battles Muslims may fight at any time until the day of judgement. Aboo Sa’eed Al-Khudree reports that this order applies only to the battle of Badr, when the Muslims had no other company or troop other than Allaah’s Messenger. This view is supported by Naafi’, al-Hasan, Qataadah, Yazeed Ibn Habeeb and Al-Dahhaak.

Ibn ‘Abbaas and all other scholars are of the view that this Quranic verse applies at all times until the day of judgement. Those who have taken a different view, saying that it applies to Badr only have misinterpreted the statement, “Anyone who turns his back on them that day,” [8:16] making the phrase ‘on that day’ a reference to the battle of Badr only. But this is not so. It refers to the day of battle whenever a battle takes place.

In evidence we take the fact that this Quranic verse was revealed after the battle of Badr was over with all that it involved. The Prophet is authentically quoted to list fleeing from battle as one of the worst major sins. In itself, this hadeeth should settle all disputes and make the ruling absolutely clear. We have clarified how the confusion arose that led some scholars to think that it applied to Badr only.”

[Ahkaam Al-Quraan, by Ibn Al-‘Arabi, 2/843-844]

“We Will Not Say To You As The Jews Said To Moses”

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When the Prophet (saw) arrived on the battlefield of Badr, he consulted his Companions. Abu Bakr spoke first, then ‘Umar, and then Al-Miqdaad Ibn ‘Amr spoke. Al-Miqdaad said:

“O Messenger of Allaah (saw) go ahead and do whatever you feel is best. We will not say to you as the Israelites said to Moses: “Go with your Lord and fight the enemy while we stay behind!” What we will say is: “Go with your Lord and fight the enemy and we will fight alongside you.” By Him who has sent you with the message of truth, if you ask us to march with you to Bark Al-Ghimaad (a remote place in Yemen), we will fight with you anyone who stands in your way until you have go there.”

The Prophet (saw) thanked him then prayed for him.

[Imtaa’ Al-Asmaa’, by Al-Maqreezee, p. 94]