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The Ruling On He Who Says The Qurān Is Created

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The ‘aqīdah of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamā’ah is that the Qurān is the speech of Allāh and that it is uncreated. But what is the ruling on the one who claims it is created? Below I shall present some quotes from our Salaf in this regard:

1) Sufyān Ath-Thawrī said, “The Qurān is the speech of Allāh (azza wa jall) and he who says that it is created then he is a kāfir, and he who doubts in his kufr then he is a kāfir.” [Abdullāh Ibn Al-Imām Ahmad in Kitāb As-Sunnaah, 20]

The likes of this statement has also been narrated from Abū Khuthaymah as is found in Sharh Usūl Iqtiqād Ahl As-Sunnah Wal-Jamā’ah, 265/2 the famous book of Al-Lālikāī.

2) Abū Bakr Ibn Ayyāsh Al-Muqri’ (died 194h) the trustworthy worshipper, was asked about he who says the Qurān is created so he said “A kāfir, and he who does not say that he is kāfir then he is also a kāfir.” Its chain is authentic and is found in As-Sunnah of Al-Lālikāī.

3) Ibn Hajr said in At-Tahthīb [303/2]: From Dāwūd Ibn Al-Hasan Al-Bayhaqī: It has reached me that Al-Halwānī* said, “I do not make takfīr of he who hesistates with regards to the Qurān.” Dāwūd said: So I asked Salmah Ibn Shabīb (died 247h) about Al-Halwānī so he said: “He is to be thrown in Al-Hush. He who does not bear witness to the kufr of a kāfir then he is kāfir.” Salmah Ibn Shabīb An-Naysābūrī (died 247h) was the Muhaddith of the people of Makkah.

Khatīb Al-Baghdādī also mentioned this in Tārīkh Al-Baghdād.

*Al-Halwānī is Abū Muhammad Al-Halwānī Al-Husayn ibn ‘Alī Ibn Muhammad Al-Hathli Al-Khilāl.

4) Abū Zara’ah ‘UbaydAllāh Ibn Abdil Karīm Ar-Rāzi (died 264h) said, “Whoever claimed that the Qurān is created then he is a disbeliever in Allāh Al-‘Athīm, a kufr that takes one out of the millah, and he who doubts in his kufr from those that understand then he is also kāfir.”

Abū Hātim Muhammad Ibn Idrīs Ar-Rāzi (died 277h) said exactly the same. Al-Lālikāī narrated all of it in As-Sunnah [2/176)]

5) Imām Ahmad in his reply about the Qurān said, “So it is the speech of Allāh not created, and he who says ‘created’ is a kāfir in Allāh Al-‘Athīm and he who does not make takfeer of him is also kāfir.” [Abū Ya’la in Tabaqāt Al-Hanābilah, 315/1. From Masrud Ibn Masurhad Al-Basrāwī]


‘Alee Ibn Al-Madeenee In The Trial Of The Quraan

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Ibn ‘Ammaar Al-Mawsilee said in his Taareekh:

” ‘Alee Ibn Al-Madeenee said to me, ‘What prevents you from declaring the Jahmiyyah to be disbelievers?‘ And at the beginning I had not used to declare them to be disbelievers. Then when ‘Alee (Ibn Al-Madeenee) consented to their saying in the trial (concerning the Quraan) I wrote to him reminding him of his saying to me, and I reminded him of Allaah.

Then later a man informed me about him that he had wept when he had read my letter. Then I later saw him and he said to me, ‘There is nothing in my heart of what I said with my tongue, (i.e. in response to the trial concerning the Quraan) and I responded because I feared that I whould be killed, and you are aware f my weakness, which is such that if I had been ashed a single time I would have died.‘ “

Al-Marroodhee said:

I heard a man from the people of the army say to Aboo ‘Abdullaah (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal);

“(‘Alee) Ibn Al-Madeenee sends the greeting of salaam to you.”

So he (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal) remained silent. So I said to Aboo ‘Abdulaah (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal):

” ‘Abbaas Al-‘Anbaree said to me that ‘Alee Ibn Al-Madeenee mentioned a person and spoke against him, so ‘Abbaas Al-‘Anbaree said to ‘Alee Ibn Al-Madeenee, ‘They will not accept your saying, rather they will only accept from Ahmad Ibn Hanbal.‘ So ‘Alee Ibn Al-Madeenee said, ‘Ahmad was able to withstand lashes, whereas I could not withstand it.‘ “

Ibn ‘Ammaar also said, “He (‘Alee Ibn Al-Madeenee) did not consent out of belief in that, but merely through fear.

Muhammad Ibn ‘Uthmaan said, “I heard ‘Alee Ibn Al-Madeenee say two months before he died, ‘The Quraan is the speech of Allaah, uncreated, and whoever says that it is created is a disbeliever.

Aboo Zur’ah abandoned narrating from ‘Alee Ibn Al-Madeenee due to what occured from him during the trial, but Aboo Haatim used to narrate from him since ‘Alee Ibn Al-Madeenee disassociated himself from what he had done (i.e. under stress). Aboo Haatim said, “ ‘Alee (Ibn Al-Madeenee) was a sign amongst he people with regards to knowledge of hadeeth and hidden defects of transmission (‘ilal).

Adh-Dhahabee said, “Some people report from ‘Abdullaah Ibn Ahmad (Ibn Hanbal) that his father (Imaam Ahmad) withheld from narrating from ‘Alee Ibn Al-Madenee, but I do not see that. Rather ahaadeeth are reported from him in his Musnad, and there are a great number of ahaadeeth from him in Saheeh Bukhaaree.

[Siyaar A’laam An-Nubulaa, 11/41-60]

The Quraan Is The Uncreated Words Of Allaah

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Some people came to Aboo Mus’ab Az-Zuhree and said, ‘There is, in our area in Baghdad a man who says that his recital of the Quraan is created.‘ (1)

So he said, ‘This is a foul saying of the nabatheans.

Aboo Ishaaq said about him (Aboo Mus’ab Az-Zuhree), “Aboo Mus’ab Az-Zuhree was one of the most knowledgeable of the people of Al-Madeenah.

He was born in the year 150H and died in 242H.

He studied at length under Imaam Maalik, learned fiqh from him and heard the Muwatta from him, reporting it precisely.

Those who narrated from him include the likes of: Imaam Bukhaaree, Imaam Muslim, Aboo Daawood, At-Tirmidhee, An-Nisaa’ee, amongst others.


(1) The issue of the Quraan being created has been discussed previously in my blog. However, in short, Ahlu Sunnah say that the Quraan is the uncreated words of Allaah. Dispute arrose over this issue, mainly at the time of Imaam Ahmad. The issue of whether the Quraan was created or not caused a split to occur among the Ummah of Muhammad (saw), the correct opinion being that it is uncreated.

However the issue of whether a persons own recitation of the Quraan is created or not (as was asked in this quote above) is a tricky and deviant question, as it is not certain whether what is being asked is whether the Quraan is created or whether the persons movements of his lips and mouth is created. This was another question which caused deviations to occur.

The main point to know is the saying of Al-Awzaa’ee where he said, “Stop where they (the salaf) stopped, and refrain from saying that which they refrained from saying.

Aboo Nu’aym (D. 219H), “The Quraan Is Uncreated”

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Ahmad Ibn Abil-Hasan At-Tirmidhee and others reported from Aboo Nu’aym that he said:

“The Quraan is the speech of Allaah, it is not created.”

likewise, Aboo Nu’aym said:

“I came to Koofah and it contained more than seven hundred shaykhs, al-A’mash and those lesser than him, all of them saying, ‘The Quraan is the speech of Allaah,‘…”

At-Tabaraanee said, I heard Sulayhah Bint Abee Nu’aym say:

“I heard my father say, ‘The Quraan is the speech of Allaah, uncreated, and whoever says it is created is an unbeliever.‘ “

A Short Biography Of Aboo Nu’aym:

Aboo Nu’aym was born in 130H, and died in 219H in Koofah.

Those who he narrated from include: Sufyaan Ath-Thawree, Aboo Haneefah, Ibn Abee Laylaa among others.

Those who narrate from him include: Imaam Bukhaaree, Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, Yahyaa Ibn Ma’een, Adh-Dhuhlee, Aboo Muhammad Ad-Daarimee, Aboo Haatim, At-Tirmidhee, among others.

What The Scholars Said About Him:

Yahyaa Ibn Ma’een said of him:

“I have not sen anyone more reliable than two men, Aboo Nu’aym, and ‘Affaan.”

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The Speech Of Allaah, Part 12 | Proofs That The Quraan Is Uncreated

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The beliefs of Ahlu Sunnah is that the quraan (which is the speech of Allaah), is uncreated. Below are the proofs for this:

Allaah Says:

To Him belongs the Creation and the Command,” [7:54]

Sufyaan ibn ‘Uyaynah (d. 198 AH) in explaining this verse said:

“He has lied (who says that the Qur’aan is created)! Allaah has stated, “To Him belongs the Creation and the Command,” so the creation is the creation of Allaah, and His Command is the Qur’aan.”

[Reported by Al-‘Aajurree in Ash-Sharee’ah]

Imaam Ahmad ibn Hambal (d. 241 A.H.) also used this verse to prove that the kalaam of Allaah is not created. [ibid]

Seeking Refuge In The Kalaam:

The Prophet (saw) said:

Whoever dismounts at any place, and says, ‘I seek refuge in the kalimaat (words) of Allaah from the evil that is created,’ nothing will harm him until he moves from his stop.” [Muslim]

This hadeeth also proves that the kalaam of Allaah is not created, since the Prophet (saw) commanded the believers to seek refuge in the kalaam of Allaah from all types of evil. Refuge can only be sought from the Creator (and His Attributes), and not from the creation.

Imaam al-Bukhaaree (d. 256 A. H.) stated:

“In this hadeeth is proof that the kalaam of Allaah is not created.”

Likewise, Imaam Bukhaaree’s teacher, Nu’aym ibn Hammaad (d. 228 A.H.), stated:

“It is not permissible to seek refuge in the created, nor in the speech of men, jinn or angels.”

In other words, the very tact that a person seeks refuge in the kalaam of Allaah proves that it is an uncreated Attribute of Allaah, for it is not allowed to seek refuge in a created object.

Explicit Quotes From The Salaf:

Ibn ‘Abbaas, in explaining the verse,

A Qur’aan without any crookedness,” |39:28|


This means that the Qur’aan is not created.” [Al-Laalikaa’ee, 355]

Imaam Aboo Haneefah (d. 150 A.H.) wrote in his Fiqh al- Akbar:

“The Qur’aan is the speech (kalaam) of Allaah, written in the mus-hafs, preserved in the hearts, recited by the tongues, and revealed to the Prophet (saw),”

and in another place he mentions more specifically that:

“..the Quraan is not created…” [Fiqh Al-Akbar, 301]

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The Speech Of Allaah, Part 11 | Is The Quraan Created? What The Ash’arees Say

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The Beliefs Of Ahlu Sunnah:

The belief of Ahlu Sunnah is that the Quraan is uncreated. All the scholars of Ahlu Sunnah have explicitly stated this, and quotes from the Salaf regarding this exceed over 500 (as stated by Al-Laalikaa’ee). The Ash’arees believe something illogical and innovative. They differentiate between the actual kalaam of Allaah and the Quraan (which they claim is an expression of the internal kalaam).

The Innovative Beliefs Of The Ash’arees:

Since the Ash’arees claimed that Allaah’s Kalaam is an internal kalaam, they then followed up this principle by stating that the actual text of the Qur’aan is created, but the kalaam of Allaah is not. The Arabic Qur’aan, according to the Ash’arees, is not the actual kalaam of Allaah, but rather an ‘expression’ of the kalaam of Allaah.

Most of them stated that the Qur’aan was first created in the Lauh al-Mahfoodh (in other words, the Arabic words of the Qur’aan did not exist until they were created by Allaah in the Lauh al-Mahfoodh), thus explicitly claiming that the Quraan was created!

In other words, the Ash’arees were forced to admit (an innovated belief) that the Arabic Qur’aan is not the actual kalaam of Allaah, and that it is created. This is due to the fact that they differentiated between what they called an ‘internal kalaam’ of Allaah, which is without language, sound and words, and between the actual Qur’aan, which is in Arabic, recited and heard, and composed of words.

The Internal kalaam Is Uncreated But Its Expression (The Quraan) Is Created!

This ‘internal kalaam’ of Allaah, according to them, is not created, but the Qur’aan, since it is only an ‘expression’ of the ‘internal kalaam’ and not the actual kalaam of Allaah, must be created.

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The Speech Of Allaah, Part 8 | A Revision Of Past Material

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In shaa Allaah I will be uploading more articles on the kalaam (speech) of Allaah, but before I do so, I guess it’s good for a quick revision of the old posts.

The Speech Of Allaah, Part 1 | Proofs From The Qur’aan And Sunnah

Here^ we proved that Allaah speaks with a voice than can be heard and understood by man (contrary to the beliefs of the Ash’arees).

The Speech Of Allaah, Part 2 | Proofs From The Salaf

Here^ the same was being proved, but by quotes from the salaf.

The Speech Of Allaah, Part 3 | A ‘Proof’ And The Refutation Of The Ash’arees

Here^ we saw how the Ash’arees say that the speech of Allaah is without sound, and a refutation of such a belief.

The Speech Of Allaah, Part 4 | If The Kalaam Of Allaah Is Without A Sound Then…

A nice argument was presented here^ regarding the same belief above.

The Speech Of Allaah, Part 5 | Is Allaah Mute?

Again refuting their claim that the speech of Allaah is without sound.

The Speech Of Allaah, Part 6 | The Story Of Ibraaheem (a.s)

The Speech Of Allaah, Part 7 | The Story Of Moosaa (a.s)

And then a story of Moosaa and Ibraaheem which show, without a shadow of a doubt, that Allaah speaks with a voice that can be heard and understood.

In the forthcoming parts, I will in shaa Allaah show more deviations of the Ash’arees. Three in particular:

(1) Their claim that the Quraan is not the speech of Allaah!

(2) Their claim that the Quraanic text is created.

(3) Their differentiating between the recitation of the quraan and the quraan itself.

Interesting stuff coming up in shaa Allaah, but for now, revision of the old posts will be useful. Wassalaamu ‘alaykum