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A Word On Innovators, By Imaam Ahmad

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Imaam Ahmad said:

“And let him not be of those who invent new matters [into the Deen], for whenever such a thing emerges from such a man, he seeks to find a proof for what he is doing.

So he induces himself to do the impossible, searching for a proof for what he has brought out – whether valid or baseless – in order to beautify his innovation and his invention. And worse than that, is that he fabricates it – attributing it to some written text that has been conveyed about it. So he desires to beautify that with truth and falsehood.”

[Al-Ibaanah, by Ibn Battah, 2/472]

The Meaning Of Having Fear Of Allaah

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Ibn Al-Jawzee said:

“A person who truly fears his Lord does not care about others and does not put himself in a position where his religion is at risk.”

[“Sincere Counsel To Students Of Sacred Knowledge” by Ibn Al-Jawzee, p.72]

The Greatest Punishment

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Maalik Bin Dinar said:

“The greatest punishment a slave (of Allah) can get is hardheartedness.”

Narrated by ‘Abdullah Bin Ahmad [Bin Hanbal] in Kitab Al-Zuhd.

Knowing The Foundations Of The Deen, By Ibn Taymiyyah

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Ibn Taymiyyah said;

“Indeed, having knowledge of the foundations of things and its fundamental principle, and having knowledge of the deen and its fundamentals and the principles which emanate from it, is the greatest and most benefitial knowledge. Since, if a person does not encompass the knowledge of the reality of things, of which he is in need, he keeps thorns in his heart.”

[Majmoo’ Al-Fataawaa, 10/354-368]

The Importance Of Knowing The Fundamentals Of Your Deen

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Imaam Ibn ‘Abdil-‘Izz Al-Hanafee (d. 729H) said:

“Knowledge of the fundamentals of the religion is the most noble branch of knowledge, since the excellence of a certain type of knowledge depends on what it is concerned with…

…The need of the servants for this knowledge is greater than every other need; and it is the most necessary of all things for them, since there is no life for the hearts, nor any delight, nor any tranquility, except through knowing their Lord, the (only) One to be worshipped, their Creator – with His Names, His Attributes and His Actions, and that He – along with all that – is more beloved to the person than anything else…”

[Sharhul ‘Aqeedatit Tahaawiyyah, p. 69]

And included among the fundamentals of the deen is knowing Allaah through His Names and Attributes & knowing the correct ‘Aqeedah.

Are The Pleasures Of The Dunya Really Worth It?

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Anas ibn Malik that the Messenger of Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam said:

One of the people of Hell who found the most pleasure in the life of this world will be brought forth on the Day of Resurrection, and will be dipped into the Fire of Hell.

Then he will be asked: ‘O son of Adam, have you ever seen anything good? Have you ever enjoyed any pleasure?

He will say, ‘No, by Allah, Oh Rabb

[Muslim; Mishkat al-masabih, 3/102]

Explanation Of The Hadeeth: “The Deen Is Naseeha (Sincere Advice)…”

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Tameem ad-Dari(RA) said: “The Prophet(SAW) said, (three times), “The Religion is naseeha (sincerity and sincere advice).” We said, “To whom?” He said, “To Allaah, His Book, His Messenger, and to the leaders of the Muslims and the general people.”  [Saheeh Muslim No.55]

Imaam an-Nawawî (d.676H) (rh) said:

As regards sincerity to Allaah(SWT) then its meaning refers back to having imaan (faith) in Allaah, and the denial of misinterpretation with regards to His Attributes.

Describing Him(SWT) with the qualities of completeness, perfection, and greatness whilst declaring Him completely free from any defects or deficiencies.

To avoid disobedience to Him.

To love for His sake and to hate for His sake.

To keep good relations wit those who obey Him and to have enmity towards those who disobey Him.

To perform Jihad against those who disbelieve in Him.

To recognize His favours and to give thanks to Him for them.

To have sincerity in all affairs.

To call to everything that we have mentioned, and to encourage it.

To show kindness to all people, to all those whom you are able to, in this call. Imam al-Khattabî (d.388H)(rh) said, “The reality of this attachment refers back to the servant being sincere to himself, since Allaah(SWT) has not need of the sincerity of the one doing it.

As regards sincerity to His Book, then it is to believe that it is the Speech of Allaah(SWT) and His Revelation.

Nothing resembles it from the speech of the creation.

No one from the creation is able to match it.

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