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The State Of A Believer And A Hypocrite

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[The Believer]

“And the believer – subhaanAllaah, glory be to You, O Lord – is liked by everyone no matter what. Why?

The believer isn’t fake. There is nothing you can hold against him. What he does in secret is what he does openly. There aren’t secret acts and public acts. He doesn’t have a personality in secret and a different one in public. They are both the same. So, if you were to peek into his life when he’s alone, you would find him even better than he is in public. If you were to see him at home at night, you would find him either praying, sleeping, eating suhoor, or reciting the Quraan. There is nothing you can hold against him. There is no girl he has snuck in to commit indecent acts with, nor does he have stolen money that he is counting.

His outer condition is like his inner condition. In fact, his inner condition is even better than his outer, and the early Muslims would say, “O Allaah, make our inner condition better than our outer condition, and make our outer condition good.” There is nothing you can hold against him. He has inner confidence, is sure of himself, and is relaxed.

[The Hypocrite]

As for the hypocrite, he fears that everyone will discover his faults and that they are privy to his sins. This is why it’s as if the suspicious person wants to tell people, “Take me away. Take me away.” Why? He is filled with faults, and he suspects that this person knows of them, that person found out, etc. So his whole life is full of anxiety and constriction.”

[Fee Dhilaal Soorah At-Tawbah, by Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam, p.489]

The Description Of The Salaah Of The Hypocrites, By Sh. Saalih Al-Fawzaan

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There are seven characteristics that Allaah and His Messenger (saw) mentioned about the salaah of the hypocrites:

1) They stand in salaah lazily.

2) They only remember Allaah a little in the salaah.

3) They show off for the people (i.e. they pray to be seen).

4) They don’t fear Allaah.

5) They don’t establish the salaah at its proper time.

6) They don’t perform the prayer in congregation.

7) They don’t have any tranquility in the salaah, instead they peck like a bird.

[“The Virtues Of Salaat” by Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan, p.27]

Mutah and Hypocrisy

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Mutah And Hypocrisy

The following question was asked on the Shia Chat forum:

Would you give your daughter, sister, or widowed mother for Mutah?

On that site, Hezbullahi–a veteran member of that site–says:

I’m asking this question out of curiosity because the other day a sheikh was telling my friend how good mut’a is and how society needs it etc.. but when my friend asked him (just to test) if he could do mut’a with his daughter he refused and got angry. (Hypocricy if you ask me)

Here is a poll on that site, asking whether or not these Shia would give their daughter or widowed mother in Mutah. An astonishing 40% of them said “YES.” (The other 60% are hypocrites of course.) This thread can be found here

12th Imaam Of The Shias Is The Jewish Anti Christ (Ad-Dajjaal)

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12th Imaam Of The Shias Is The Jewish Anti Christ (Ad-Dajjaal)

1) Mahdi of the Rawafidees will rule according to the Laws of David and the family of David:

[Al-Kulyani reports in his work al-Kafi, volume no.1, p.397-398:]

a) Narrated Ali ibn Ibraheem -from his father-from ibn Abi Umair-from Mansour-from Fadhl al Aour-from Abi Ubaidah who reported: “During the times of Imam Jaffar [as] we used to go around like herds without a caretaker. We met with Salim ibn Abi Hafs who asked me: ”Oh Abu Ubaidullah, who is your Imam?” I replied:” My Imams are from the household of the prophet”. He then stated: “You have perished and so have I for both of us have heard Abu Jafar [as] saying: “One who dies without recognizing his Imam, he dies a death of Jahiliyyah.” Then I affirmed what he said. It was before that three or somewhat close to it (time span) when I entered upon Abu Abdullah [as] and God granted me knowledge. Then I said to Abu Abdullah [as]: “Salim said such and such.” He replied: “Oh Abu Obaidah nobody here will die until he is succeeded by some one who does the same thing as his, and adopts the similar manners of his predecessor, and calls to the same thing as his predecessor did. Oh Abu Ubaidah, it was permitted that whatever was given to David was also provided for Sulaiman.” Then he added: “Oh Abu Ubaidah when the Qaem of the household of the prophet appears, he will rule according to rule of David and Solomon.”

b] Muhammad ibn Yahya-Ahmad ibn Muhammad-Muhammad ibn Sinaan-Abaan who reported: “I heard Abu Abdullah [as] saying: “The world will not fade away unless a person from us appears who will rule according to the rule of the family of David and he will not ask his house. He will give every one his right.

c) Ahmad–Ahmad ibn Muhammad–Ibn Mahboob–Hisham ibn Salim–Ammar as Saabati who reported: “I asked Abu Abdullah [as] : “On what will you rule if you are made the rulers.” He replied: “By the rule of Allah and the rule of David. And if we are confronted by a situation which we cannot solve, Gabriel (Ruh al Quds) will reveal it to us.”

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