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Information About Umm Al-Qura University In Makkah

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Information About Umm Al-Qura University In Makkah

Overview Updated 1425-8-11

Located in the most virtuous of cities, Umm al-Qura University in Makkah offers a chance for non-Arabic speakers, male or female, to learn Arabic within a two-year intensive program. Upon completing the initial studies in the Arabic Language Institute with excellent grades (80% average or higher), the student earns the opportunity to take an entrance exam apply to study in one of the colleges of Umm Al-Qura University. If students do not qualify, the ‘Arabic Institute provides a chance for them to broaden their studies in ‘Arabic, specializing in teaching ‘Arabic with a two-year and four-year program.

Requirements For Admission Updated 1425-8-11

To be considered for admission at Umm al-Qura University, applicants should be 25 years old or younger with a high school diploma and generally good grades (80% or higher). Their application must include photographs, copies of passport, birth and health certificates, high school transcripts and a copy of the diploma, all verified by the Saudi Embassy of their country. Also – letters of recommendation from known Islamic organizations or personalities, a 75-word essay about their goals for studying Arabic, and female applicants must present proof of a male family member currently living in Makkah, if they are not applying along with their spouse or brother.

New Condition: All applicants to Umm al-Qura University’s Arabic Program must first be approved by their own country’s “Ministry of Education”. Enquiries about this should be directed to the Saudi Embassy of the applicant’s country. Applications are no longer being accepted at the university itself in Makkah. All applicants must apply through the Saudi Embassy in their country. Additionally, further conditions may apply as stipulated by the Saudi Embassy in the applicant’s country. So for the most accurate and up-to-date information about what is required for one’s application, applicants should contact the nearest Saudi Embassy in their country.

Update: It seems most applicants from many countries are being exempted from this, at least for the submission of the application. Applications are being submitted once again at the university for all countries. [1427-01-02]

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