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A Look At The Early Islamic Civilisation, By Sayyid Qutb

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“The bond of faith and ideology is a free one which human beings choose by their own free-will, after proper consideration and study. The other ties are not only more fitting for animals, but are also imposed on man and he has no say in them.

No human being can change his family descent or the race to which he belongs Nor does he have any choice of the colour of his skin. All these matters are settled before he is even born. The same applies to the land or the country of his birth and the language he speaks as a result of being raised within his particular community. Man has certain material interests and a common destiny with others, but these are also very difficult to change, because they apply to him as well as to his community. There is little room for man’s free-will in all these matters. For this reason, Islaam does not adopt any of these as the basic bond uniting its community.

Faith, ideology and its practical approach of implementation are all matters of free choice. At any moment, a human being can declare his choice of these and determine the community to which he wishes to belong. No restriction is imposed on this choice as a result of man’s colour, language, race, descent, the land of his birth or his material interests which may change from one community to another…

The concrete remarkable result of this attitude was that the Islamic society became an open and all inclusive community in which people of various races, nations, languages and colours were members. No obstacle prevented them from forming a coherent and open society. The rivers of higher talent and various abilities of all races of mankind flowed together into this vast ocean and worked in perfect harmony. Such a coherent mix gave rise to a high level of civilization in a very short period of time. It harnessed the capabilities, ideas and wisdom of all those people to produce a great civilisation, in spite of the fact that in those times, travel was difficult and the means of communication were slow.

In this unique Islamic society Arabs, Persians, Syrians, Egyptians, Moroccans, Turks, Chinese, Indians, Romans, Greeks, Indonesians, Africans and people of other nations and races were gathered together. Their various characteristics were united, and with mutual cooperation, harmony and unity they took part in the construction of the Islamic community and the Islamic culture. This marvellous civilisation was not an ‘Arab’ civilisation but an Islamic one. At no time did it acquire a nationalistic guise, but was instead always based on faith.

All these people came together on an equal footing in a relationship of love, with their minds set on a single goal. They used their best abilities, developed the qualities of their races to the fullest, and brought the essence of their personal, national and historical experiences for the development of this united community, to which they all belonged as equal members and in which their common bond was through their relationship with their Lord. In this community their ‘humanity’ developed without any hindrance. Such characteristics were never witnessed in any other community in the entire history of mankind.”

[Fee Zhilaal Al-Quraan [English trans.], 7/217-218]

Islamic Degrees Are Not Weighty, By Ibn ‘Uthaymeen

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We Do not Make Worldly Degrees our Scale in Judging Individuals

The Shaykh, al-‘Allaamah Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen – rahimahullaah – said in his comments to Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah’s (d.728H) book, Siyaasatush-Shar’iyyah fee Islaahir-Raa’ee war-Ra’iyyah, in the second chapter regarding the Ameer (leader) appointing the most qualified (for a specific task) then those who follow him in qualification,

“So if he (the Ameer) employs a person who has the qualification of a Ph.D; for example he had a Ph.D in fiqh and then he appointed him as a judge and it becomes clear that he does not have the fiqh that qualifies him for this position, then we say: this level of qualification he has, which he may have even gotten through cheating and deceit does not justify that he stay in the position of judging amongst the people at all. Rather, he should be removed.

Furthermore, the positions obtained because of present day degrees are not the only thing in which we judge an individual.

How many of the people do not have this degree, and if they are compared to the one who has a degree, (the one with the degree) could not fill his shoes. And the carrier of this degree would be incapable to match the one who does not have a degree. However, he (the one without the degree) is very good in fiqh and this is something witnessed.

So all in all, it is obligatory that we give positions to those who are capable with its true meaning, not just by having worldly degrees.”

[At-Ta’leeq ‘alas-Siyaasatish-Shar’iyyah, p. 40, translated by Anwar Wright]

Hooking Up With A Chick For $100 Dollars At The Night Club Is Islamic! Says Shi’ah Scholar Ar-Roohaani

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Please note this is a fatwa by a Shi’ah…


One time I went to a Night Club and a Prostitute asked for $100 and I paid her and she said: “I give you my whole body for Mutah(pleasure) in exchange for this amount, But only for one day“. Can I consider this Islamic Mutah Marriage?


If from what she said, she meant setting up marriage and you said to yourself “I accept this for myself” Then this would be lawful Mutah Marriage.

[By Grand “Ayatullah” ar-Roohani]

Original Arabic:

السؤال: مرة ذهبت إلى نادي ليلي، حيث طلبت عاهرة مني مبلغ 100$ دفعت لها و قالت لي: متعتك بجسدي كله مقابل هذه النقود. لكن لمدة يوم واحد فقط هل اعتبر ذلك زواج متعة؟

الجواب: باسمه جلت اسمائه

اذا کان ما قالت بقصد انشاء الزواج و انت قلت بعد ذلک قبلت لنفسی هکذا؛ یکون ذلک زواج متعة.


Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billaah!

Suggestions For Seminar/Conference Organisers

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1) Make sure flyers are passed out early.

2) Make sure the audience is aware of what is being taught prior to the lectures/lessons.

3) Try to keep the timings according to what is mentioned on the program schedules.

4) Try to distribute photocopied study materials before the lessons.

5) Attempt to make 2 separate rooms for females, 1 room for sisters with children, the other for sisters with no children.

6) Don’t allow vending during lecture timings.

7) Announce all lectures 10 mins. before the lecture begins, this will allow people to gather in the lecture hall early.

8) Encourage the brothers staying in the hotel to perform Salaat in congregation, especially Salaatul Fajr.

9) Don’t hesitate to make necessary changes during the seminar if needed.

10) Distribute a feedback questionnaire on the last day of the conference in order to review the community’s opinion and make necessary changes in the future.

[Taken from ‘Clear Advice For Benefiting From Islaamic Lectures’, p. 73]

Suggestions For Those Attending Seminars/Conferences

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1) Make your intention for attendance sincerely to benefit yourself in your religion.

2) Lower your gaze when walking through the halls and at all times. Indeed one of the elements that assist a student in his quest for knowledge is taqwa.

3) Purchase all the material needed (books, notebooks, pens, recorders, etc) before attending the conference.

4) Find a group of righteous individuals to review with during breaks and at night.

5) Do not gather with others except that there is some religious benefit mentioned.

6) Try to sit close to the speaker; this is encouraged in the famous hadeeth of Jibreel (as).

7) If you find yourself falling asleep during a lecture, change your sitting place.

8) The student should review the information taught before going to sleep at night and in the morning. This will help a person to preserve what he heard during the day. It is noticed that many people spend the night chatting with their friends; this is a major hindrance in the path of the student of knowledge  and is alos a reason why a person finds it difficult to perform Salaatul Fajr in congregation.

9) After the conference os over and a person returns home, it is important that for the next few days or weeks, the student reviews all of the knowledge taught. The notebook should not be placed on the bookshelf, never to be touched until the following year. The only way a person truly benefits is when he reviews the past information efficiently.

An Important Piece Of Advice For Sisters Attending Seminars/Lectures:

10) Sisters with children should take turns taking care of each other’s children.

For example, 4 sisters (A, B, C, D) would like to attend the lesson, but all of them have children. They should divide the lectures daily.

Sister A takes all the kids for the first lesson while sisters B, C and D attend. Sister B takes the children for the second lesson while sisters A, C and D attend. If the sisters follow this method, inshaa Allaah, all will benefit.

And at night once all the children are asleep, all the sisters can gather and share the missed notes (and of course, adjustments can be made to this suggestion to suit specific needs).

[Taken from ‘Clear Advice For Benefiting From Islaamic Lectures’, Pp. 73-74]

Souls Journey Of A Disbeliever, By Shaykh Feiz

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Souls Journey Of A Disbeliever, By Shaykh Feiz

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Souls Journey Of A Believer, By Shaykh Feiz

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Souls Journey Of A Believer, By Shaykh Feiz

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Part 3:

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