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The Obligation Of Attending The Congregational Prayer In The Mosque

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Ibn Al-Qayyim said:

“Reflecting on the Sunnah deeply, one could realise that it is an obligation on a Muslim man to perform the congregational Salāh in the mosque unless there is an incidental cause that deters one from doing so. Both abandoning the mosque and the congregational Salāh – with no Islāmic reason – have the same ruling and hence the meanings in the ahādīth could be easily joined.

When the Prophet (saw) died and the bad news reached the people of Makkah, Suhayl Ibn ‘Amr delivered a speech and gave safety to Attāb Ibn Usayd, who was the Prophet’s deputy in Makkah and who concealed himself from the people of Makkah out of fear.

The people of Makkah remained on their Islām. Then Attāb delivered his speech saying, “O people of Makkah, by Allāh whoever abandons attending the mosque and doing Salāh with the congregation, I will cut off his head.
The Prophet’s companions admired Attāb’s words which raised his rank in their eyes.”

[As-Salāh Wa Hukmu Tārīkhuhā, p.137]

Pacing To The Masjid Is Not From the Sunnah, By Shaykh Mashhoor

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Aboo Hurairah (ra) narrated that the prophet (saw) said:

When you hear the Iqaamah [while going to the mosque] walk to the mosque in calmness and do not haste, whatever part of Salaat you get with the people perform it, and complete that which you have missed“. [Bukhaaree]

In another narration, the first part of the hadeeth is stated in a more general sense; it says: “when you attend the [congregational] Salaat…” [Bukhaaree]

The former narration does not however, restrict the ruling of the later; the ruling applies also to the later. According to Fiqh, this is called the “Afortiori principle”.

The one who hears the Iqaamah is more eager to catch up Takbeeratul Ihraam with the Imaam than the one who goes to the mosque before the Iqaamah is recited. And since the former is not allowed to haste to the mosque, the later is more entitled not to do so.

Other Fuqahaa’ interpreted the hadeeth in a different way. They said:

“The ruling applies to the one who hears the Iqaamah, for he reaches the mosque and joins the Imaam in his Salaat while being breathless. So, he does the Salaat without being fully given to it unlike the one who reaches the mosque before the Iqaamah is recited; he could take a rest before Salaat is performed”.

This view entails that the ruling in the hadeeth applies only on the one who hears the Iqaamah; the thing which contradicts the meaning included in the hadeeth which states “when you come to Salaat” which encompasses the later as well.

In fact, the [Iqaamah] specified narration only presents the reason that makes many people in general haste to the mosque. (1)

Hasting or pacing to the mosque, in order to catch the Rukoo‘ or even part of the congregational Salaat with the Imaam is an act of disrespect to the Salaat and causes calmlesseness and inconvenience amongst the praying people.


(1) “Fathul Baaree” (vol. 2 / p. 117).

[Taken from “The Clarified Ruling Of Mistakes Done In Salaah”, By Shaykh Mashhor, Pp. 176-177]

Americans Destroy A Masjid In Iraq

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Americans Destroy A Masjid In Iraq

Please watch till end…

The Bedouin Who Urinated In The Masjid!

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The Bedouin Who Urinated In The Masjid!

Hadith 1:

Anas Bin Maalik said:

While we were in the masjid with the Messenger of Allaah, a Bedouin came; he then urinated in the masjid.

The Companions of the Messenger of Allaah said, “Mah Mah (An expression used to severly scold someone, to indicate the graveness of a matter).”

The Messenger of Allaah said, “Do not put a halt to his urinating, but instead leave him.”

They left him alone until he finished urinating.

The Messenger of Allaah called him over and said to him, “Any kind of urine or filth is not suitable for these masjids. Instead they are only [appropriate] for the remembrance of Allaah, the Prayer, and the recitation of the Qur’aan,” or this is near to what the Messenger of Allaah said.

He (saw) then issued an order to a man from the people, who then came with a bucket of water, which he poured over the [effected] area [of the masjid].

[Related by Muslim in his Saheeh, 285]

Hadith 2:

In another narration related by Abu Huraira, a bedouin once entered in the masjid, while the Prophet was seated inside.

The Bedouin prayed, and when he finished he said, “O Allaah, have mercy on me and on Muhammad, and do not have mercy on anyone other than us.”

The Prophet turned to him and said, “You have indeed constricted that which is vast.”

Then not too much time passed before the Bedouin urinated in the masjid. The sahaabah rushed towards him, and the Prophet (saw) said, “Pour a bucketful of water on it (i.e., on the effected area).” He (saw) then said, “Verily, you were sent only to make maters easy, and you were not sent to make matters difficult.”

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Leaving bathing, applying perfume, beautifying oneself and using Siwaak before going to the mosque:

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[2/58] Leaving bathing, applying perfume, beautifying oneself and using Siwaak before going to the mosque:

Naming the various benefits indicated in Abū Hurairah’s () hadīth, which states: ‘Whoever takes a bath on Friday -similar to that taken after Janaaabah- then attends [the mosque], [his reward] would be similar to the one who offers a camel [for Allāh’s () sake] …’,(1) Ibn Hajar said: ‘This hadīth includes many benefits; some of which are the following: The superiority of taking a bath on Friday and the superiority of attending the mosque early; one would not get the full reward unless he does both acts. The general narrations that make mention only of going early to the mosque as a pre-requisite for gaining the promised reward and do not make mention of doing Ghusl should be interpreted in accordance with this hadīth’.(2)

Some well-versed ‘Ulamah even held that a muslim who ignores doing Ghusl does not only loose the reward stated in the previously mentioned Ahādīth but also incurs a sin upon himself.

Some ‘Ulamah held that taking a bath on Friday is an obligation as clearly stated in many Ahādīth; some of which are the following:

1– Ibn ‘Umar () narrated that the prophet () said: ‘Whoever amongs you intends to attend Jumu‘ah [Salāt], should take a bath’.(3)

the aforementioned hadīth states clearly that taking a bath should be done for the sake of attending Friday Salāt and doing it for any other intention causes to loss the promised reward -whether

(1) The narrations of the hadīth were previously narrated. (2) “Fathul Bārī” (vol. 2 / p. 368). (3) Narrated by: Al-Bukhārī in his “Sahīh” (no. 877), (894) and (919), Muslim in his
“Sahīh” (no. 844) and (5290), Ahmad in “Al-Musnad” (vol. 2 / pp. 9, 35 and 149), Al-Humaidī in “Al-Musnad” (no. 608), An-Nasā’ī in “Al-Mujtabā” (vol. 3 / pp. 105- 6), At-Tirmithī in “Al-Jāmī‘” (no. 495) and Ibm Khuzaimah in “As-Sahīh” (no. 1749) and many others.

one has taken it at the beginning of the day, in its middle or at its end.

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How to Help Muslims Get Married: Tips For Parents And Imams

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How to Help Muslims Get Married:
Tips For Parents And Imams

by Sound Vision Staff Writer

Sad but shocking reality: the divorce rate amongst Muslims in North America is one of the highest in the world.

According to New York-based Muslim sociologist Ilyas Ba-Yunus, Muslims in Canada and the U.S. have a divorce rate of 33 percent.

The world’s highest is the general U.S. population’s of 48.6 percent, followed by the United Kingdom’s of 36 percent.

Many assume divorce means problems began in the course of the marriage, whether it was communication breakdown or irreconcilable differences.

But there are many difficulties that lead to divorce which could have been avoided right from the beginning. This could have happened if individuals, parents, guardians and Imams had played their role right when communication between two Muslims seeking marriage began.

Below, we give you some tips and advice of what you can do:


The older woman noticed her instantly.

The twenty-something girl was an American Muslima, her white skin and Caucasian features bore testimony to that. She was perfect for her dear son Muhsin.

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3D View Of Masjid Al-Aqsa

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3D View Of Masjid Al-Aqsa

Assalaam o alaykum,


Enjoy looking at our third holiest site on earth – Masjid Al-Aqsa!

Wassalaam o alaykum,