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What The Founder Of Bareilawi’ism Said About “The Wahaabis”

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Ahmad Raza Bareilawee said, “The most wicked of the apostates are the Wahaabis.” [Ahkaam Ail-Sharih, 1/123]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “The Wahaabis are more wicked, harmful, and impure than the Jews and the Christians.” [Ahkaam Ail-Sharih, 1/124]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “It is necessary to take then out of the fold of Islaam and declare them Kaafir (disbelievers), according to Islaamic law, the Wahaabis who ascribe to Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhaab Najdi, who wrote ‘Kitaab At-Tawheed’, violated the sanctity of Makkah and Madinah, invaded them, and committed mischief, oppression and murder in them. His groups is one of the branches of the Khawaarij, who revolted against ‘Ali.” [Al-Kawkabul-Shihabiyya, Pp. 58-59]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “The Wahaabis are apostates and hypocrites, for they show off Islaam by utering the belief.” [Ahkaam Shariat, p. 112]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “The Wahaabis are more evil than Iblees, indeed more mischievous and more astray than he, for the Satan does not tell a lie (!!!), but they tell lies.” [Ahkaam Shariat, p. 117]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “Allaah’s curse be upon the Wahaabis. May he disgrace them and make hellfire their abode.” [Fataawa Ifriqiyyah, p. 125]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “Allaah’s curse be upon the Wahaabis. How they are deluded away from the truth.” [Fataawa Ifriqiyyah, p. 172]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “The Wahaabis will be the lowest of the low.” [khalis Al-‘Itiqad, p. 54]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “Allaah has decreed unbelief (kufr) for them.” [Al-Fataawa Ar-Ridwiyah, 4/198]

Ahmad Raza Bareilawee also said, “The Magians are more accursed than the Jews and the Christians, the Hindus are more accursed than the Magians, and the Wahaabis are more accursed than the Hindus.” [Al-fataawa Ar-Ridwiyah, p.13]

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My Call To Tawheed – What Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab Said About Himself

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My Call To Tawheed – What Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab Said About Himself

My call to Tawheed

by Shaykh Muhammed ibn Abd al Wahhab

Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhaab said, describing himself, was: “I tell you that– praise be to Allah – my belief and my religion, according to which I worship Allah, is the way of Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah, which was the way of the imams of the Muslims, such as the four Imams and their followers until the Day of Resurrection. But I explain to people that they must devote their worship sincerely to Allah (ikhlas). I forbid them to call upon the Prophets and the dead among the righteous and others, and from associating them with Allah in any act of worship that should be done for Allah alone, such as offering sacrifices, making vows, putting one’s trust, prostrating and other actions which are due to Allah and in which no one should be associated with Him, not any angel who is close to Him or any Prophet who was sent. This is the Message which was proclaimed by all the Messengers, from the first of them to the last of them, and this is the way of Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah. I hold a high position in my village and people listen to me. Some of the leaders denounced that because it goes against the customs they grew up with. I also obliged those who are under me to perform regular prayer, pay zakaah and fulfil other Islamic duties, and I forbade them to deal with ribaa, drink intoxicants and other kinds of forbidden things. The leaders could not criticize that or find fault with it, because it is something that is liked by the common folk, so they directed their criticism and enmity against that which I enjoin of Tawheed and that which I forbid of shirk, and they confused the common folk by saying that this goes against what everyone is doing, and they caused a great deal of fitnah…”

(al-Durar al-Sanniyyah, 1/64-65, 79-80)