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‘Umar’s Affection Towards Children

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Sinan Bin Salamah said:

During my childhood, I was once picking fallen dates under a date-palm tree. Suddenly ‘Umar cam and all the children ran away (lol!) but I remained.

When ‘Umar came near I said: “O leader of the believers, these dates had already fallen.

‘Umar said: “Show me.

After seeing them, ‘Umar said: “You have spoken the truth.”

I requested ‘Umar to come with me to my house, because if I went alone, then all the boys would catch me and take away my dates from me. ‘Umar accompanied me to my home.

[Abqariyah ‘Umar, p. 206]


The Innocent Minded Bedouin Ran Away From The Prayer

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A bedouin prayed behind an imaam who was reciting from the Qur’aan:

Did We not destroy the first ones?” [Qur’aan 77:16]

The bedouin happened to be in the first row, and upon hearing that Verse, he moved to a row that was further behind. Then the Imaam recited:

So shall We make later ones to follow them.” [Qur’aan 77:17]

The bedouin then moved to another row. Next, thr Imaam recited this Verse:

Thus We will deal with the Mujrimoon (polytheists, disbelievers, sinners, etc)!” [Qur’aan 77:18]

The bedouin, whose name happened to be Mujrim, ran away from the congregational prayer saying, “By Allaah, I am his target.

When some other bedouins met him, they said, “What is the matter, O Mujrim?

He said, “Indeed the Imaam destroyed the forst ones and the last ones, and he wanted to destroy me as well. By Allaah, I do not want to see him after this day!

[Taken from “Gems And Jewels”, P. 170]