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The Ruling Of Our Salaf On The Shi’ah

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Shaykh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhāb said, “As for these twelvers, they have left the Sunnah, nay they have left the Millah!” [Risālah Al-Radd ‘Alā Al-Rāfidhah]

Ibn Taymiyyah said, “Whoever claims that some āyāt of the Qur’ān were deleted or hidden… then there is no difference of opinion on making takfīr of him. Also, whoever claims that the Sahābah apostatized after Rasūlullāh except a very few who didn’t exceed a dozen, or that they mostly became fussāq (major sinners), then there is no doubt on making takfīr of him, because he has denied the praises of them that the Qur’ān dictated in several places. Rather, whoever doubts the kufr of such a person, then takfīr of him is obligatory. This is because the meaning of this statement is that the transmitters of the Qur’ān and the Sunnah were kuffār or fussāq. It also means that those indicated by this verse {You are the best nation produced for mankind} [Āl ‘Imrān: 110], whose best generation was the first, were mostly kuffār or fussāq. It also means that this Ummah was the worst of nations and the predecessors of this Ummah were the most evil of its people! The kufr of such a person is known by necessity from the religion of Islam.” [As-Sārim al-Maslūl]

Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdil-Wahhāb said, “The verses of the Qur’ān about the virtues of the Sahābah are numerous and the ahādīth on this are altogether mutawātir explicitly stating their righteousness. Thus whoever believes that the Sahābah or majority of them became fāsiqīn or murtaddīn or believes in the right or legality of cursing them has thereby disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger, denying the virtues of the Sahābah that Allah and His Messenger related.” [Ar-Radd ‘Alar-Rāfidah].

Al-Awzā’ī (died 157AH) said, “Whoever curses Abū Bakr as-Siddīq has apostatized” [Al-Ibānah as-Sughrā – Ibn Battah].

Al-Firyābī (died 212AH) was asked about one who curses Abū Bakr. He replied, “He is a kāfir” [As-Sunnah – al-Khallāl].

Ibn Hazm said, ‘The Rāfidah are not from the Muslims’ [Al-Fisal].

Imām Ahmad was asked about one who curses Abū Bakr, ‘Umar, or ‘Ā’ishah. He replied, ‘I don’t consider him to be upon Islam’ [As-Sunnah – Al-Khallāl].

He also said, ‘I fear kufr for those who – like the Rāfidah – curse the Sahābah. We can safely say that one who curses the Sahābah of the Prophet has left the religion’ [As-Sunnah – Al-Khallāl].

He also said, ‘The Rāfidah are those who declare barā’ah from the Sahābah of Muhammad, curse them, degrade them, and curse the leaders of the Sahābah except for four: ‘Alī, ‘Ammār, al-Miqdād, and Salmān. The Rāfidah have nothing to do with Islam at all’ [As-Sunnah].

Imām Al-Bukhārī said, ‘It makes no difference to me whether I were to pray behind a Jahmī or Rāfidī or behind a Jew or Christian. They are not to be greeted with salām. Their ill are not to be paid a sick visit. They are not to be married. Their funerals are not to be attended. The meat they slaughter is not to be eaten’ [Khalq Af’āl al-‘Ibād].

Ahmad Ibn Yūnus (died 227AH) said, ‘If a Jew were to slaughter a sheep and a Rāfidī were to slaughter one, I would eat from the sheep slaughtered by the Jew and not eat from the one slaughtered by the Rāfidī, because the Rāfidī is a murtadd’ [As-Sārim al-Maslūl – Ibn Taymiyyah]

So my dear readers, the quotes of our Salaf are clear on this regard, they are all disbelievers, and whoever denies their disbelief has himself landed into disbelief. And how grave this is indeed.


A Glimpse Into The Deviant Tafseer Of The Shee’ah

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The Shee’ah tafseers of the late ‘Abbaasid era, under the influence of their inordinate obsession with the Prophet’s descendants, interpreted the verse:

He has let the two seas flow freely and they meet.” [55:19]

– as a reference to ‘Alee, the Prophet’s son-in-law, and Faatimah, the Prophet’s daughter.

And in the following verse:

Out of them come pearls and coral,” [55:22]

– they found a reference to the prophet’s grandsons, al-Hasan and al-Husayn!

[Usool At-Tafseer, by Bilal Philips, Pp. 47-48]

Taqiyyah Exposed – Part 3

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[By TripolySunni]
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Taqqiyah or what?

However, the shiite understanding of taqqiyah elevated this act almost to the pillar of Islam. And in accordance to their sources there are many different types for different situations which do not require a life threatening situation, when person could to taqqiyah.

Below you would see few samples from a huge ocean of shia narrations in which they claim their imams to be doing taqqiyah and concealing the truth. It’s up to you to judge if these are indeed life threatening situations? You’ll also see how the shia scholars pick and choose the narrations which contradict with twelver shiism and pass them off as taqqiyah.

1) Narrated ar-Rida from his fathers:

While explaining the verse “Then on that Day, you will be asked concerning pleasure”[Al Takathur:8] Ali ibn Abu Talib said: It’s al Rutab(Dates) and cold Water”.

Shiite giant scholar of hadith al Majlisi said: Maybe this could be considered taqqiyah.

Source: Bihar al Anwar 7/273.

One has to ask himself what type of life threatening situation was caliph Ali (r.a) or Imam al Redah (r) in, which order them to lie about something so insignificant and minor? Would he have been killed if he didn’t say dates and cold water?

2) And again from him:

“Eve is created from the liver of Adam, in another narration: from the side of Adam while he was asleep”.

Allamah Majlisi says: This News is considered Taqqiyah.

Source: Bihar al Anwar 11/116, 222.

Who would have harmed him if he were to say otherwise? What is a need for taqqiyah here?

3) And they narrated:

“Adam descended in India”.

Scholar al Majlisi says: We can consider this narration as taqqiyah.

Source: “Bihar al Anwar” 11/180, 213.

What’s the purpose of telling people that Adam (alaihi salam) descended in India? Did imam al Sadiq (r) said that while being chased by an angry mob of Indians? Why use taqqiyah to tell people something like this?

4) And they narrated that Tawus al-Yamani asked imam:

“Do you know in which day a third of humanity died? He replied: O Abu AbdurRahman, a third of humanity never died but a quarter of humanity did. He said: How’s that? Imam said: It was Adam and Eve and Qabil and Habil, Then Qabil killed Habil so it was one fourth of humanity”.

Al Majlisi said: The Fact that he never mentioned their sisters is considered taqqiyah.

Source: “Bihar al Anwar” 11/230.

Can anyone explain why he used taqiyyah here?

5) And they have narrated from as-Sadiq:

“Ismail (alaihi salam) died at an age of 130 years”.

Al Majlisi said: This news is considered Taqqiyah.

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Taqiyyah Exposed – Part 2

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[By TripolySunni]
[Edited, abridged and arranged by: gift2shias]
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Taqqiyah in shia narrations:

1) They have narrated that as if prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) said:

He who leaves taqqiyah is like he who leaves Prayer.

Source: “Al Hidayah” by Saduq p51, “Man La Yahduruhu al faqih” 2/127, “Wasael al Shia” 7/94-11/466, “Bihar al Anwar” 50/181-64/103-72/412, “Kashf al ghummah” by Arbeeli 3/182.

2) And they have narrated from imam Jafar as-Sadiq:

If you had said that he who leaves taqqiyah is like he who leaves prayer then you would have been truthful.

Source: “Al Makasib al muharramah” by Khomeini 2/144, “Man La Yahduruhu al faqih” 2/127, “Wasael al Shia” 16/211-7/94-11/466, “Al kuna wal alqab” by abbas al Qummi 1/142.

3) And they narrated:

He who leaves taqqiyah is a kaffir.

Source: “Fiqh al redah” By Ali ibn Babaweih p338, “Bihar al anwar” 75/347.

4) They have attributed to prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam):

Taqqiyah is from the religion of Allah and there is no religion for he who has no taqqiyah, By Allah if it weren’t for taqqiyah then Allah would not be worshiped.

Source: “Mustadrak al Wasael” 12/252, “Jami’i Ahadith al Shia” 14/504.

5) They have narrated from Ali:

Taqqiyah is my religion and that of my household.

Source: “Mustadrak al Wasael” 12/252, “Jami’i ahadith al Shia” 14/502.

6) Narrated from Abu Jafar al-Baqir:

Taqqiyah is from my religion and that of my fathers and there is no belief -in another version no religion- for him who has no taqqiyah.

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Taqiyyah Exposed – Part 1

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[By TripolySunni]
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Fiqh of Taqqiyah:

Taqqiyah according to the Scholars of Islam and Ahlul Sunnah is as follows:

Imam Qurtube in “Jamiul ahkam” wrote:

“And it was said that if believer resides between disbelievers, if he has a fear about his life, he can manage them by his tongue, while his soul would be full with belief. AND TAQIYA ISN’T PERMITTED EXCEPT IF THERE IS A FEAR OF BEING KILLED, OR FEAR THAT LIMB COULD BE CUTTED, OR (ANY OTHER) GREAT PUNISHMENT. And if someone is forced to make kufr, authentic view that he can persist and refuse to say kalimatul-kufr”.

On the other hand, we have the Twelver Shia sect who have their own version of taqqiyah which is different than the taqqiyah normally permitted in Islam.

A Twelver Shiite will claim that taqqiyah in his sect is a means to avoid danger and is only done in extreme circumstances when his life is in danger.

We’ll translate the following narrations from the shia books to see if they lie about this matter or not, and to see if taqqiyah is basically just outright lying or a means to save one’s life, also to see if those shia are making their imams look like untrustworthy liars whose religion is based on deceit by fabricating a huge load of self-contradicting narrations and attributing them to the 11 imams.

Opinions of shia scholars:

1) Shaykh Saduq, ibn Babaveyh al-Qummi in his “al-Itiqadat” (p 114) said:

Our belief regarding taqqiyah is that it is obligatory. He who leaves it is like he who leaves praying, and it’s impermissible to dismiss it until the Mahdi rises, he who leaves it before al Mahdi rises has left the religion of Allah and the religion of imami shia and has disobeyed Allah and the Prophet and the Imams.

2) As it quoted in “Bihar al Anwar” 75/421 and “Mustadraq safeenat al bihar” 10/416, author of al-Hidaya said

Taqqiyah is obligatory and it’s impermissible to leave it until the Mahdi rises and he who left it has broken the rule of Allah and his Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ali) and the Imams (alaihuma salam).

3) Abbas al Qummi said in “Al kuna wal alqab” 1/141:

Taqqiyah is an obligatory act upon us in the government of oppressors -he means sunni islamic caliphate- and he who leaves it has left the religion of imami Shia and strayed from it.

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Sh. ‘Adnaan Aali ‘Uroor: Ways Of Luring People Into The Shee’ah Cult

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Random Shee’ah ‘Ahaadeeth’ Promoting Mut’ah

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PLEASE NOTE: These ‘ahaadeeth’ are all fabrications, and are from shee’ah sources. Mainstream Muslims do not accept these narrations due to the extreme weakness in all of the chain of narrations. The reason for this post (as all other posts about mut’ah on this blog) is to expose the beliefs of the shee’ahs.[End note]

Faith al-Kashani narrated in his book

عن الصادق بأن المتعة من ديني ودين آبائي، فالذي يعمل بها يعمل بديننا والذي ينكرها ينكر ديننا، بل إنه يدين بغير ديننا، وولد المتعة أفضل من ولد الزوجة الدائمة، ومنكر المتعة كافر مرتد

From As-Sadiq: Mut’a is from my religion and the religion of my fathers, so whoever applies it applies our deen and whoever does not apply it rejects our deen furthermore he is following another deen, the son that is conceived through mut’a is better than the one conceived through a permanent marriage and who denies mut’a is a kaffir murtad.

(Manhaj Al Sidiqin) by Fat’h AllAh Al Kashani page 356.

And he also narrated from prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ali):

من تمتع مرة كان درجته كدرجة الحسين عليه السلام، ومن تمتع مرتين فدرجته كدرجة الحسن عليه السلام، ومن تمتع ثلاث مرات كان

درجته كدرجة علي ابن أبي طالب عليه السلام، ومن تمتع أربع مرات فدرجته كدرجتي

“Who makes mut’a once, it is as if he is on the level of Al Hussein aleihi al salam, and who commits mut’a twice then it is as if he is is on the level of Al Hassan aleihi al salam, and who commits mut’a three times it is as if he is on the level of Ali Ibn Abi Taleb aleihi al salam, and who commits mut’a four times then it is as if he is on a level like mine”.

Same place as above.

And in “Muntaha Al Amal” volume 2 page 341, from imam as-Sadiq:

ما من رجل تمتع ثم اغتسل إلا وقد خلق الله تعالى سبعين ملكا من كل قطرة ماء يتقاطر من جسده ليستغفر له إلى يوم القيامة ويلعن على من

يجتنب منه حتى تقوم الساعة

“Not a man who has made mut’a then washed except that Allah has created 70 angels for each drop of water that drops from his body so that they ask Allah to forgive this man till the day of judgment and curses his ennemies till the day the hour will be here.”

Contributed by brother moheb-omar.