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Using One’s Left Hand For Siwāk

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Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“One should use his left hand when using the siwāk. This is Imām Ahmad’s view as reported by Mansūr Al-Kawsaj in his Masā’il. None of the Imāms held an opposite opinion – as far as I know – for using the siwāk is a way of cleaning oneself just like blowing the nose, cleaning oneself from najāsah and the like; all such acts must be done using one’s left hand.”

[Majmū’ Al-Fatāwā, 21/108]

Leaving bathing, applying perfume, beautifying oneself and using Siwaak before going to the mosque:

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[2/58] Leaving bathing, applying perfume, beautifying oneself and using Siwaak before going to the mosque:

Naming the various benefits indicated in Abū Hurairah’s () hadīth, which states: ‘Whoever takes a bath on Friday -similar to that taken after Janaaabah- then attends [the mosque], [his reward] would be similar to the one who offers a camel [for Allāh’s () sake] …’,(1) Ibn Hajar said: ‘This hadīth includes many benefits; some of which are the following: The superiority of taking a bath on Friday and the superiority of attending the mosque early; one would not get the full reward unless he does both acts. The general narrations that make mention only of going early to the mosque as a pre-requisite for gaining the promised reward and do not make mention of doing Ghusl should be interpreted in accordance with this hadīth’.(2)

Some well-versed ‘Ulamah even held that a muslim who ignores doing Ghusl does not only loose the reward stated in the previously mentioned Ahādīth but also incurs a sin upon himself.

Some ‘Ulamah held that taking a bath on Friday is an obligation as clearly stated in many Ahādīth; some of which are the following:

1– Ibn ‘Umar () narrated that the prophet () said: ‘Whoever amongs you intends to attend Jumu‘ah [Salāt], should take a bath’.(3)

the aforementioned hadīth states clearly that taking a bath should be done for the sake of attending Friday Salāt and doing it for any other intention causes to loss the promised reward -whether

(1) The narrations of the hadīth were previously narrated. (2) “Fathul Bārī” (vol. 2 / p. 368). (3) Narrated by: Al-Bukhārī in his “Sahīh” (no. 877), (894) and (919), Muslim in his
“Sahīh” (no. 844) and (5290), Ahmad in “Al-Musnad” (vol. 2 / pp. 9, 35 and 149), Al-Humaidī in “Al-Musnad” (no. 608), An-Nasā’ī in “Al-Mujtabā” (vol. 3 / pp. 105- 6), At-Tirmithī in “Al-Jāmī‘” (no. 495) and Ibm Khuzaimah in “As-Sahīh” (no. 1749) and many others.

one has taken it at the beginning of the day, in its middle or at its end.

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