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What The Shee’ah Say About Sunni Muslims

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As-Sadooq mentioned in “Al-E’lal” a narration that Abu Abdullaah said to Abu dawud Ibn Farqad, “What do you say about the Naasibi (a term used to describe a Sunni Muslim)?” 

He said, “His blood is lawful for us to shed. If you can kil him by pushing a wall over so that he is crushed or by drowning him in a sea, so that no witnesses are there, then do so.

Abu dawud Ibn Farqad then asked him about his wealth and he said, “Take it if you can.

[Al-Mahaasin An-Nafsaaniyah, p. 166]

Disclaimer: This post is for information purposes only. I do not promote violence or revenge in any manner. Indeed violence and terrorism of any kind to innocent civilians is condemned in Islam.

The Faqeeh Thief! Awesome

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The Faqeeh Thief! Awesome

Imam ibn al Jawzi narrated with his Isnad to Ahmad bin alMu?addil al Basri who said:

I was sitting in a gathering when a person came and said:

I was heading to the woods where I own a garden. When I got far from the community houses I was approached by a thief.

He said: Give me your clothes.

I said (trying to be defiant): Why should I give you my clothes?

He said: I am more deserving of your clothes than you.

I said: Why?

He said: Because I am your brother. You are clothed and I am not.

I said: Allow me to give you some money.

He said: No. I want to wear your clothes, just as you have worn them.

I said: So you want to make me naked and expose my Awrah?!

He said: There is nothing wrong with this (being naked if alone). Imam Malik narrated that it was OK for a man to perform Ghusul naked.

I said: But people will see me naked.

He said: Had there been people on this road I would not have approached you on it.

I said: You seem to be intelligent. Let me go to my garden and I will take off my clothes and give them to you.

He said: No. You want to have your servants grab me and take me to the Sultan who will imprison me, rip my skin, and put chains around my anckles.

I said: No, I swear to you that I will fulfill my promise, and will do you no harm.

He said: No. Imam Malik narrated that oaths given to thieves do not have to be fulfilled.

I said: I swear that I will not use my swearing to con you.

He said: Same thing, this is a compounded oath given to a thief.

I said: Let us stop debating, allow me to go to my gareden and I promise to give you these clothes out of my good will with no hard feelings.

So the thief thought for a moment and said: Do you know what I am thinking?

I said: No.

He said: I went over the cases of thieves since the time of the Prophet SAW until today. I do not recall a thief who stole something this way (by leaving a time gap between his attack and receiving stolen goods). I hate to innovate something into Islam which was not from it. I will bare the sin of it and every one who goes by it to the day of judgment? Give me your clothes now!

[The Arabic text can be found here]

The Fasting Thief

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The Fasting Thief

The book “Raudur Riyaheen” mentions a story of a thief narrated by Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Shibli.

He says;

“Once I was travelling to Syria along with a group of other travellers when on the way we were plundered by a gang of thieves. They took all our possessions and put them in front of their gang leader. Amongst the goods were a bag of sugar and almonds, the thieves began to eat them but their leader did not join them.

I asked him why the rest of his gang was eating but he was not, he replied, “I am fasting”. I asked surprisingly, “How is it that you steal from people and fast at the same time?” He replied, “A man should do something to keep the doors of reconciliation open as well”.

Sometime later I saw the same gang leader in a state of “ihram” performing tawaaf [circulating around] of the blessed ka’ba. His face was resplendent with the light of worship and he had weakened himself through devotional practices. I asked surprisingly, “Are you the same man?” he answered,

“Yes, I am, and let me tell you, that very same fast is what caused my reconciliation with Allah”.

(Raud-ur Riyaheen, P163, Maktaba-tul-Maymaniyyah Egypt)


Men Are Thieves On Guard

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Men Are Thieves On Guard

By Umm Hanifa

My dear daughters in Islam,

Assalamu alaikum,

I wanted to write this article because it is important that you know the nature of men to both protect yourself and gain your husband’s love.

Allah knows best the nature of men and women and thus, He (swt) has instilled some rules to follow. Islam is a wonderful religion because it gives its right to every creature on Earth and of course to all men, women and children.

The children are the weakest of the three and Allah – with His infinite Mercy, has given them rights (and duties) but this is not the scope of this article.

Women are also weaker than men and this is not to mean that women are less important or less intelligent or less capable, it just means there are certain things that women are not as strong as men and one of such things is dealing with emotions or some aspects of our physical abilities. Thus, women are a trust in men’s hands. Yet, Allah (swt) knows the nature of men and that there is a sexual weakness in the hearts of many of them that Allah (swt) has taught us how to protect ourselves from them!

When you go out, you always make sure that your house’s door is closed and so are the windows. This preventive measures are to avoid letting thieves in. Many times you have heard ‘Do not invite thieves by leaving your window open’ of if you are going to park your car on the street ‘Do not encourage thieves by leaving your valuables insight in your car’ as this will most certainly attract thieves to your car, and the outcome of that is always not something you wish to deal with as it involves a loss in property and a loss in wealth and a shake to your emotions and nerves.

Such is the case with men! Women have to protect themselves so that men do not steal their bodies or their mind or their sharaf (Honour).

Women wear hijab because, as my father said, hijab is a shield (for French speaking sisters he said “carapace”). I said “yes”, then he said “a shield from men” and I said that this is exactly the reason behind the hijab. My father is not Muslim and is in his late 70s and he told me that on his trip to Egypt. Alhamdulillah, he finally understood the meaning of it and accepted it, may Allah make his heart accept Islam.

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