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Studying in The West

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Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam said:

“I declare it forbidden for the youth to study in the West, except if they are married. Hear it from me; it is forbidden for a youth to study in the west, unless he is married. Relay on my behalf, even if it is one fatwa: it is not allowed, not allowed, not allowed. How can one protect himself? It is impossible to protect oneself, except through marriage.

It is impossible, impossible, impossible for the unmarried person to live there, unless he is abnormal. If he is abnormal, then he might be able to live there. As for the normal human being, then how my brother? Sex is available like water, and it is allowed, according to the law, in the street, everywhere!”

[Fee Dhilaal Soorah At-Tawbah, p.12]


Accepted Students List For Islamic University Of Madeenah 1432

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It pleases us to announce the following brothers have been blessed with acceptance to pursue their studies at the islaamic university of madeenah commencing this october (2011), inshaa.-Allaah:


1) KARL PIERRE ODET COUTET كارل بيير أدير كوتي
2) RUNAKO AKUA CHARLES روناكو أكوء تشارلس
3) KIERAN HUGH HAMM-PASCOE كيران هو همبسكو
4) abdulmajid mohamed hersi عبدالمجيد محمد حرسي
5) STEPHEN TOMS ستيفين طمس
6) HUSSEIN JAMAL HUSSEIN حسين جمال حسين
8) Adnan Khan عدنان خان
9) MUHAMMED ABUBAKER محمد أبو بكر
10) HAROON METWALI هارون ميتوالي
11) Shaun James Donoghue شون جيمس دونوغوي
12) uwais mohamad khan أويس محمد خان
13) hamza ahmad khan حمزة أحمد خان
14) ADESINA ARABA أديستار مايوا
15) SAAD BURBANK سعد بربنك
16) AMERI RAMIN أميري رامين
17) HELAL UDDIN هلال الدين
18) KENNIS BANJAMIN DIEDRICK كينيس بنيمين ديدرك
19) NAHAD ABAS نهاد عباس

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Ibn Uthaymeen And The Inkpot!

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It has been narrated regarding Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen:

“When the Shaykh (Muhammad Ibn Uthaymeen) was in need of refilling his pen with ink from an inkpot in the University library to use for University work purposes, he would make sure to empty the ink out of his pen into the inkpot before he left, since it was the property of the University.”


The Dangers Of Women In The Field Of Business, Ibn Katheer

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In his tafseer of soorah 11, verse 114, the aayah of which reads:

And perform the Salat at the two ends of the day and in some hours of the night [i.e. the five compulsory prayers]. Verily, the good deeds remove the evil deeds (i.e. small sins).”

Ibn Katheer mentiones a very interesting story:

Imam Ahmad recorded that Ibn ‘Abbas said that a man came to ‘Umar and said that a woman came to do business with him.

During the course of their business, he took her into his place and did everything with her except the actual act of sexual intercourse.

‘Umar said, “Woe unto you! She probably was a woman whose husband is away (fighting) in the path of Allah.’

The man said, “Of course she was.

‘Umar then said, “Go to Abu Bakr and ask him about this.

The man went to Abu Bakr and asked him about the matter. Abu Bakr said, “She probably was a woman whose husband is away (fighting) in the path of Allah,” just as ‘Umar had said.

Then he went to the Prophet and told him the same story. The Prophet said;

She probably was a woman whose husband is away (fighting) in the path of Allah.

Then a verse of Qur’an was revealed,

And perform the Salah, at the two ends of the day and in some hours of the night. Verily, the good deeds remove the evil deeds.” [11:114]

The man then said, “O Messenger of Allah! Is this verse only for me, or does it apply to all of the people in general?

‘Umar then struck the man on his chest with his hand and said, “No, rather it is for all of the people in general.

Then the Messenger of Allah said,

‘Umar has spoken the truth.

[End Quote]

This incident is recorded in Tafseer Ibn Katheer, under the explanatiopn of the verse 11:114 and is found in Ahmad, and another similar version in Bukhaaree.

An interesting point to be noted is that the man and woman who done everything together “except the actual act of sexual intercourse”, were both Companions of the Prophet (saw)!

If such was the case for the most noble and fearful of all generations, what about those possessing less taqwa’? It is sad to say that women are increasing and increasing in the field of business, looking outside of the house, ignoring the dangers, and ignoring the fitna awaiting.

True was the one (i.e, the Prophet (saw)) who said:

The women is object of concealment, when she leaves the house, Shaytaan (the Devil) beautifies her.” [Tirmidhi, and it is Saheeh]

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Madeenah Uni Acceptance List 2010-2011

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Notification of acceptance for the UK

English Name & Arabic Name

CHARLIE GARNI-WILLIAMS تشارلي غارني ويليامس

TANZILUR RAHMAN NUMAN تنزيل الرحمن نعمان


Daniel Linehan دانيال لاينهن

DOMINIC STEWART دومانيك ستويت

SAEED WADEE سعيد وادي

SALEH PATEL صالح باتل

ABDIRAHMAN MOHAMED عبدالرحمن عثمان محمد

OMAR OUIDIR عمر علي عمر قويدر

IMRAN PATEL عمران باتيل

FAISAL IQBAL فيصل إقبال

MOHAMMED A JUNEJA محمد عمار جنيجر

WAYNE BLAK وين بلاك

Notification of acceptance for the USA

AZAR KHALID HUSSAIN أزار خالد حسين

AKIRAH MONTEL CHANEY أكيرا منتل تشاني

ALEXANDRE NICHOLAS DE VITRY ألكسندر نيكولاس دو فتري

BRANDON PETTIFORD براندون بتيفورد

TREVOR LAWRENCE FAULK تريفر لورينس فولك

GREGORY HUSTAD جرجير هيوستد

JAMIL ABDULAZIZ COTTO جميل عبد العزيز كتو

JOEY DARRELL JACKSON جوي داريل جاكسون


RALIK IKEE CHARITY راليك أخي تشارتي


SAAJID TAYMULLAH LIPHAM ساجد تيم الله ليبهام


ABDIRAHMAN A. ABDULA عبدالرحمن أحمد عبدالله

ANDRE BRYANT SPRAY عندري براينت سبري



MOHAMMED EL-HADI SMAIL MANA محمد الهادي المانع

MUSA ABDULKARIM موسى عبدالكريم

Warrayat Adel ورايات عادل

Notification of acceptance for Canada



ISMAEL HABIB اسماعيل حبيب

BILEL LOUATI بلال لواتي

JIHAD AIT MOUSSA جهاد آيت موسى

HEMZA YAGOUB حمزة يعقوب

RIAZ KARIM FAZAL رياض كريم فضل

SYED BILAL SHAFI سيد بلال شفيع

SAIF AHMED MORAD سيف احمد مراد

AAMIR AZHAR ZAIDI عامر أزهر زيدي


MAHMOUD IBRAHIM MOHAMED محمود ابراهيم محمد



How To Get Accepted Into Madeenah Uni

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[Written by brother Khaldun – A crurrent student enrolled at Madeenah University]

Now there is no simple answer or way to this, as muslims we believe in the Qadr of Allah. If it is written for you it will happen and if not then do not be sad about it.
Disclaimer! Please remember this is in no way a promise, even if you did implement these things it does not guarantee your acceptance.

1. Sincerity

Ask yourself, why do you want to go to Madeenah and study? Is it to become someone? To make a name for yourself? Most of you might say of course not, but then ask yourself, are you actively seeking knowledge where you are now? If not, what makes you think you will do so in Madeenah?

2. Du’aa from the Parents

This is very important, yet we see a lot of people wasting this opportunity. They might feel shy etc. Be kind to your parents and ask them to make du’aa for you, remind them constantly. The Prophet told us that the du’aa of the parent is always accepted so make the most of it.

When I applied to the uni, my father took me to his father all the way in Somalia, now my grandfather is a bedouin about 90 years old, so when we came there my father entered my grandfathers little hut explaining to him that I wanted to go to the city of the Prophet and learn the Qur’aan and the Sunnah, afterwards I was called in and my grandfather made a lot of du’aa for me.

The point is, try to get du’aa from your parents, uncles, even righteous (living) people in general.

3. Know someone here

When applying, try to come here in person have all your papers ready, if possible try to get a senior student to go with you into the office and by senior I mean a doctor or the likes of it.

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The Ruling On Mixed Colleges/Universities, By Shaykh Feiz Muhammad

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The Ruling On Mixed Colleges/Universities

Shaykh Feiz Muhammad