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Remember Often The Destroyer Of Pleasures

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One of the scholars from the past gave a lesson on death saying:

“O you who are deceived by this world, think of death and its agonies, how difficult and bitter a cup it is. What a true promise death is! How fair a judge it is! Death is enough to fill the heart with fear and the eyes with tears, to separate people, destroy pleasure and put an end to all worldly hopes.

Have you given any thought, o son of Adam, to the day when you will die and will be taken out of your place? When you will move from the spaciousness (of this world) to the confines (of the grave), when friends and loved ones will let you down, and brothers and friends will desert you? When you will be taken from your bed and placed in a hole in the ground, and instead of a soft blanket you will be covered with dust and earth? O gatherer of wealth, O industrious builder, by Allaah you will have nothing left of your possessions except shrouds, and even they will be destroyed and will vanish as your body disintegrates and turns to dust.

Where is the wealth that you amassed? Will it save you from these terrors? No indeed, you have left it behind for those who will not praise you, and you have come with your burdens (of sin) to One Who will not excuse you.”

[Quoted in Tadhkirat Al-Qurtubi, p.9]

The Truth Refuses To Be Confined To A Geographical Location

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Sayyid Qutb said:

“Islamic jihaad seeks to replace the dominance of non-Islamic systems. This revolution is not territorial but international, though as a starter the members of the Muslim party, wherever they live, should focus on that place.

Their eventual goal should, however, be a world revolution for the simple reason that any revolutionary ideology, which is humanity specific and seeking universal welfare, cannot reduce itself to a particular state or nation. It is innate in its nature to embrace the whole world, for the truth refuses to be confined to geography. For it, truth is indivisible: if it is truth on one side of the river, it is the same truth on the other side a well.”

[Fee Zhilaal Al-Quraan [English trans.], by Sayyid Qutb, 7/36]

“This Is Your World That You Strive To Gain”

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Abul-Ashhab related that one day ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab (ra) and a group of his companions passed by a pit that was use for the disposal of sewage an garbage. For some reason, ‘Umar was forced to stop for a short while beside the pit; he (ra) soon noticed looks of disgust and nausea on the faces of his Companions, so he said to them:

“This is your world that you strive to gain and that you cry over.”

[Az-Zuhd, by Imaam Ahmad, p. 118]

This World Is Coming To An End, A Sermon By ‘Alee (Ra)

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‘Alee Ibn Abee Taalib said:

“This world is soon coming to an end and will bid farewell, and the hereafter is coming and will soon begin. Today the horses are being kept in preparation, and tomorrow will be the race.

Indeed you are living in the days of hope that will be interrupted by death. Whoever falls short during the days of hope before his death comes will be doomed.

Strive hard for the sake of Allaah (swt) in the hope of reward as you strive hard for His sake for fear of His punishment.

I have never seen anything like paradise whose seekers could sleep. And I have never seen anything like hell, those who fear which can sleep.

The one who does not benefit from the truth will be harmed by falsehood, and whoever does not benefit from guidance will be led astray by misguidance. You have been instructed to travel, and you have been told about your provision. O people, this world is a temporary convenience; the righteous and the immoral alike may enjoy its luxuries. But the hereafter is true, and it will be ruled by a powerful King. Satan threatens you with poverty and bids you to do evil, but Allah (swt) promises you forgiveness and bounty from Him, and Allaah (swt) cares for all and knows all things.

O people, do righteous deeds during your lifetime, and your offspring will be taken care of.

Allaah (swt) has promised His paradise to those who obey Him, and He has warned of His hell for those who disobey Him. Its fire will never be extinguished, its prisoners will never be ransomed, and the one who suffers therein will never be helped. Its heat is intense, its bottom is deep and its water is a boiling fetid liquid.”

[Al-Bidaayah Wan-Nihaayah, 8/7]

Having The Love of Allaah In One’s Heart

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If there is some weakness in a person’s faith, that weakens his love for Allaah. The love of this world becomes stronger in his heart and takes over until there is no room left for love of Allaah, except for the smallest trace, which has no apparent effect in counteracting the nafs or in restraining it from committing sin or urging it to do acts of obedience.

So the person indulges his desires and commits sin, and darkness of sin piles up in his heart and keeps on covering up what light of faith is present, although it is weak. When the stupor of death comes, the love of Allaah grows weaker in his heart because he sees that he is departing this world which is so dear to him. His love for this world is so great that he does not want to leave it and it hurts him to depart from it. Allaah sees that from him.

There is the fear that hatred may displace the love of Allaah in his heart, and that weak love may turn to hatred. If his soul departs at this moment of great danger, his end will be a bad one and he will be doomed for eternity.

The reason for this bad end is love of this world, being content with it and rejoicing in it, whilst also being weak in faith which means that one’s love for Allaah is weak. This is a chronic problem which may affect most people. If a person’s heart is overwhelmed with some worldly matter at the point of death, this is what will fill his heart and mind, leaving no room for anything else. If his soul departs at that point, his heart will be filled with that worldly matter and his face will be turned towards it, and that will form a barrier between him and his Lord.

[The Minor Resurrection, by ‘UMar Sulaymaan Al-Ashqar, p. 55]

The Zuhd Of ‘Alee Ibn Abee Taalib

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Haroon Ibn ‘Antar narrated that his father said:

“I entered upon ‘Alee Ibn Abee Taalib in Khoornaq (a place in Koofah) and found him shivering beneath an old, worn out cloak. I said, ‘O Ameer Al-Mu’minen, Allaah has allocated to you and your family a share of this wealth, and you are doing this to yourself!?

He said, ‘By Allaah, I do not take anything from your wealth; rather this is my old cloak that I came out with from my house‘ – or he said, ‘from Madeenah.‘ ” [Hilyat Al-Awliyaa’, 1/82 & Sifat As-Safwah, 1/316]

Lessons Learned:

We may wonder; what made Ameer Al-Mu’mineen ‘Alee live the life of the poor and put up with the bitter cold when he was able to buy the best and warmest of clothes on earth? This is an example of true zuhd (asceticism), as he shunned worldly conveniences even though he was able to afford them.

He was a student of the prophetic school in which he was raised, with no interest in the fleeting conveniences if this world; instead, he had a spirit of competing for the eternal blessings of the hereafter. The Messenger of Allaah (saw) lived the life of the poor, even though he could have been like the best of the rich. [‘Alee Ibn Abee Taalib, by Dr. ‘Alee Muhammad As-Sallaabee, p. 360-1]

Also, I may add that it was this character of his that made the people love him and trust him with their wealth. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it is only a few handful of brothers who have given up the luxuries of this ever fleeting dunyaa. And fewer indeed are the number of sisters who are characterised with zuhd. May Allaah guide us all, ameen.

The Three Major Corrupters In This Life

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Malik Ibn Dinar said:

“Love of this world is the head of every mistake (i.e. the main reason behind mistakes).

Women are the traps of the shaytan.

And wine is a caller to every sin!”

[Kitaab Dham Ad-Dunya, 3/416]