Tafseer Of 78:33 (“Young Full-Breasted Virgins Of Equal Age”)

Strictly for mature brothers only… 18+ Material

Allaah says in soorah Naba (78) Verse 33, describing the pleasures of Jannah and what the believers will have therein:

(And for the believers, there will be) Young full-breasted virgins of equal age.

At-Tabaree said; “And full-breasted maidens of equal age.

Qataadah said; “Full-breasted women of equal age.

‘Alee Ibn Abee Talhah, from Ibn ‘Abbaas (who said about ‘wakawaa’iba’); “And full-breasted maidens; and His saying ‘atraabaa’ (means) of equal age.

Ibn Zayd said; “ ‘Al-Kawaakib’ means the woman whose breasts are raised and full/prominent” and he said ‘atraabaa’ means “of equal age.

Ibn Katheer said; “Meaning; Full-breasted maidens, which means that their breasts are raised and full; not dropping, since they are amorous virgins of equal age.

As-Sam’aanee said; “ ‘Atraabaa’ meaning: maidens equal in age; and it is said that they will be thirty three years old.

Aboo Nu’aym reported in ‘Sifatul-Jannah’ (2/106), Bukhaaree in ‘At-Taareekhul-Kabeer’ (4/2/219/no. 2779) by way of ‘Umar ibn ‘Abdul-Waahid, from al-Awzaa’ee, from Haaroon ibn Ri’aab, from Anas ibn Maalik (ra), who said that the Messenger of Allaah said: “The people will be raised on the Day of Resurrection in thre form of Aadam: hairless, beardless, with eyelids edged with black, being thirty three years old. Then they will be brought to a tree in Paradise and be clothed from it. Their clothes will not wear out and their youth wil not pass away.” [Shaykh Al-Albaanee said in ‘As-Saheehah’ (6/1/46); ‘Its chain of narration is Saheeh.”]

As-Sa’dee said; “And they will have (pure) wives therein, in accordance with their souls’ desires. ‘wakawaa’iba’ means they are maidens with full breasts. So because of their youthfulness, vitality and freshness, their breasts have not sagged (down). And ‘atraabaa’ means women of equal age, close to each other, and it is usual that those of equal age will be in harmony and be able to live together, and this age is thirty three years which is the most justly balanced age of youth.

5 Responses to “Tafseer Of 78:33 (“Young Full-Breasted Virgins Of Equal Age”)”

  1. 'Abdul ''Azeez Says:


    Bro, u know the score!


  2. I am sorry to say this..
    Indeed there is a glad tiding for the pious men..BUT it does not sound modest to describe the secrets of sisterhood in this way….
    They are our sisters, and mothers..
    The way they have described is so immodest..

  3. Shaykh Fawzaan says that this is the description of the Worldy Women. Why you lot praising the Hoor al Ayn more than us? Sometimes it hurts us you know. Brothers don’t know how to treat us women Wallahi. I am not even gonna get Married.

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