A Letter To A Mujaahid’s Wife

“Dedicated to my princess.

You never once complained when you knew that we would have nothing. You were contempt on having only what little you needed. Where others would have left or moaned, you never once let out a sigh. You understood that what was written was what we would eat. I never once complained abut what was put in front of me as I knew it was your hands that brought it to me. When I had nothing I had you. You put your trust in your Rabb (Lord) and in turn you followed me.

Never did I have to wonder about you as my secrets, my honor and my deen were safe with you. We both know what hardships you faced just by being with me, but not a word did you speak. You were strong and in turn made me strong. Like a vanguard for this Ummah, you concealed yourself. Where others would rush to please their desires, you were the essence of taqwaa (piety).

Life was easy with you and it came so naturally. You were the extension of me and I would never need to finish my words, as who knew me better than you? You knew your place which was by my side. It is the little things that make the person and you would easily have kept me going for a lifetime. The way you would look at me with fire in your eyes showed me that I was the only one for you. You stole my heart and hid it away.

I loved your jealousy and I loved to tease you with the thought of others just so I could know how dear I was to you.

What chance did shaytaan have when you would ensure that fajr was the easiest of the salaahs. I loved that you would forsake me in an instant to fast a voluntary fast. I loved that the haqq (truth) was dearer to you than my life and those of our jewels.

Watching you makes me laugh as I wonder if my heart will ever want another as I se you feed my child, as you lift her out if the bath, as you wipe her little nose and the face she pulls. You will never find a diamond in te hands of another in the same way our diamond deserves to be carried in your hands. We could have it all my love, but who sells paradise for an hour of passing pleasure? No us.

For you Umm ****** the loyalties of my babies are. they will love what we love, they will love Allaah, The Most Glorified, The Most High. They will love those who they have never met but will long to meet. They will love them better tan us. They will love the prophets and the best of Companions. They will live to honor one statement. Laa ilaaha ill-Allaahu Muhammad ar-rasool Allaah. Others will fall under the weight of it but not them. Their hearts will beat it, their words testify to it and their hands carry it.

Don’t think I left you. Don’t think that in this world anything is dearer to me than the minute that I walk home knowing what waits for me behind closed doors.

I went to find a better place for us. I went to fulfill the best of deals. I saw it written that if you give your life, eternity would be ours. I saw it written somewhere that this was all a test and I have no doubt that the one who promises us and whose Word is the Truth must Love me very much as he gave me you and you were the hardest thing to give up.

They say that the mind cannot comprehend what awaits us, that sadness will be forgotten, and they say that the eye has yet to see and the ear has yet to hear the beauty that awaits us in our new home. They say rivers of honey my love, they say rivers of milk and wine. They say pearls and gold thrones, they say musk and cool breezes.

Is it not fitting that I go to see this land afar to take you and our children?

I fear that the gates of opportunity will close behind me my love. I fear others will hear what I hear and rush there and I will have nothing to offer to you. I know you will send our sons to look for their father.

Tell them that they will find me in every battle, in every fight where the black flag is flown. Tell them that the pain will be a pinch and then they will see what I see, they will see te beautiful birds that come to meet them. Tell them the Angels will call them by the best of names and most of all that Allaah The One, The Eternal will be pleased with them.

I told you once that only two things will have me, you and death. My life was with you but now I must marry again. I must marry what was promised to me the moment I was born, I must marry my fate and in turn I must marry death. After death will come reckoning and if I stand with the best of creation, with the permission of Allaah, The Lord of the heavens and the earth, I will beg for you.

None was worthy enough to stand next to me in this life so why is it that I should desire another in the next?”


13 Responses to “A Letter To A Mujaahid’s Wife”

  1. Please send hadees about offering right salah.and I want to join in noora university.

  2. I am sure one who wrote this letter must be very romantic with his wife but if he or any other muslim man beats up women or little girls, has forced sex with them & treats them as prostitutes, has sex with little girls before they reach puberty in the name of Islam thats SHAMEFUL and PURE HUMILIATION for rest of the ummah!!! These women/little girls could be slaves for them but they are human too! How could they not see/feel it??!! The shocking video & leaflet reveals UNBELIEVABLE stuff that people can do in the name of Islam! If Umar(ra) was alive I don’t know what he would do to these guys! If the things being revealed is true then they don’t deserve any respect as they can’t respect those who are helpless!

  3. Walaykumsalam

    I am referring to the way IS treating those yazidis. Aren’t you aware of it at all? You don’t know they published pamphlets instructing how to deal with those women & then there is a video of some fighters joking about those ladies. Having inter course with girls before they reach puberty is just inhuman akhi!

    • Assalaamu alaykum,
      I’m sorry but I’m not aware of any if the things u mentioned.

      But as for distributing pamphlets on how to treat slaves, I think this is a good idea right? As then brothers can be made aware of the rulings pertaining to them.

      As for joking about the yazidis then I have not seen such a vid. Tbh akhi, the west are experts at making their own vids. So unless I c the vid myself I cannot say that it happened bcz for me, the western media r known liars.

      But as for being intimate with girls under puberty, then yes this is unislamic. However as we know, we cannot judge a group based on the actions of a few.

      Lastly, then from what I have seen with my win eyes, the slaves get treated good. The other day we had four slaves in our safe house and they were treated well. Brothers slept in the damp room while the slaves had the warm room with the nice blankets. They all ate good food (better than us). Brothers were literally running around all day to make sure they had what they needed. Even buying milk powder and sweets for the kids.

      So from what I have seen and witnessed myself, they get treated good. But I say again, IF some brothers mistreat them then obviously they need to b punished by the mahkamah.

      And Alhumdulillaah this is a place where even the highest of ppl in leadership can b punished. Just last week I took my Amir to the mahkamah (over an issue I don’t wish to mention) and I won the case.

      Bit even if these brothers don’t get punished then rest assured they will b questioned on yawm Al-qiyaamah.

      • Walaykumsalam

        JazakAllahu khair for the reply. Online report was saying pamphlet described that their fighters can have sex with under aged girls which made me really angry because that would mean they have no sense of morality whatsoever! I have seen the video where guys giggling about having those women as if they’re some objects! That is so humiliating! Anyways, thanks for the clarification. IA I hope your wife will be happy reading your letters. :)

        • Akhi, online reports by who? The kuffaar right? Last time they “reported” how 100’s of yazidis fled for their lives in the mountains. That was an obvious lie, as they later on found out.
          Akhi, habibi, did u read the leaflet yourself? So please habibi, y r u trusting a kafir? A kafir who has deep hatred for anything slightly islamic.
          And I stress again, yes having intimacy with under aged girls is not allowed, im not saying its right, all im saying is, as Muslims we need 2 verify information.
          As for the video u saw, then yes if it’s really dawlah brothers, and not actors (as usually happens) then its obviously disgusting and unislamic.

        • Oh and this isn’t my letter, I found it online -)

  4. Wow I did not know the user of this page support that group until now! Ya Allah what has happened to this ummah. Slaves in the time we live in? Although Islam allows slavery, the only reason for that is that they are captives and part of booty in the time of war but subhan Allah I didn’t know they have slave women there, and for what reason?
    That group is not following Quran and Sunnah as per the methodology of the salaf. Making up their own Khalifa and beheading people? How is that even justified?
    What we need is education. We need to learn the deen first, unite as one ummah, organize ourselves and then we will be successful. As for what this group is calling to, it is shameful and wrong. They are the Khawarij of this ummah. Muslims patiently endured the persecution of the Mushirkeen of Makkah for 13 years until Allah strengthened them and allowed them to fight back.
    Our situation is very similar. Just think about it. May Allah guide us to the Straight Path and save us from extremism.

    • Assalaamu alaykum,
      Slaves r taken as war booty from the dead soldiers. The wisdom behind it is that when a soldier of the enemy dies, his family need taking care of, hence why they are taken and looked after. The word “slavery” carries with it many negative connotations, which contradict the islamic viewpoint and outlook on it.
      As for not following the quran and sunnah, then I can c y an outsider may think that especially with all the media propaganda against dawlah. But once on the inside, its very different. Its impossible to judge a group when one has not witnessed them first hand, nor living among them.
      As for beheading ppl, then obviously beheading any random person is unjistified, but beheading those who r at war with Islam is, from a fiqh point of view, permissible. And there is not a single case that I know of where the ppl who we have beheaded were innocent. Yes, the westwrn media may say so, but when does the western media ever speak the haqq with regards to the mujaahideen?
      As for saying what this group is calling to is shameful and wrong, then I would kindly ask u for further clarification on this, with strong evidence. If u r judging a group based on individual cases, then that is far from justice. Yes there may b certain individuals inside dawlah who may be “unislamic” but the same is said for jabhat an-nusrah, as well as all other groups.
      As for calling them the lhawaroj of this ummah then I ask u for daleel on this matter. Irrefutable evidence. As Abu muhammad Al-Adnani, the spokesman fpr dawlah, said, if dawlah is upon the khawarij mentality then kill it’s leaders and destroy the group, but if its upon Your methodology then give it the Caliphate. He said this a month before the Caliphate was established.
      If u say they r khawarij bcz they fight fsa, then know that jabhat r also fihting fsa. If u say they r khawarij bcz they r fihting jabhat, then know that jabhat was the one qho started the all-out war on Dawlah.
      There r many reasons ppl give to say Dawlag r khawarij, but sadly all of them lack solid evidence or logic. However, I kindly ask u to state ur reasons y u believe them 2 b khawarij so maybe I can help clear some misconceptions u may have.
      And the situation of Makkah cannot b used as an example here in sham. Alhumdulillaah Dawlah is the moat powerful Muslim group, as admitted by the west aswell. The situation of makkah may apply to those living among the kuffaar not those in Muslim populated lands.

      Anyways I can talk long about the situation. As muslims we knlw thats it’s HARAM to spread info without verifying it, yet sadly , any muslims r quick to spread the weatern pumped lies against Dawlah without the alightest thought of even verifying info.

      • Ok to reply to all ur points in detail will b lengthy, but ill try inshaaAllaah.

        1. He who sees with his own eyes is not like the one who does not see. Im on the ground. Name a single scholar who called us khawarij who is on the ground, seeing events with his own eyes, rather than getting second hand info from the wesern-backed media.

        2. If ISIS r khawaroj, then its obligatory to fight them, so which one of these scholars is on the front lines fihtin us? When the ridda wars happened in the time of Abu Bakr, so many huffaadh were martyred, which shows that the manhaj of the salaf is for a scholar to go jihad, and practice what he preaches, if indeed he truly gollows the way of the salaf.

        3. For a scholar to give a fatwa, he needs 2 have ilm of the deen, and ilm of the current affairs. And for those who call ISIS khawarij, majority, if not all of them, have not seen us, nor interacted with us, nor lived amongst us. Their source of info is, as I said above, second hand, filtered, western backed media.

        4. When I first came sham, I was with jabhat, and believe me, the propaganda against ISIS was so strong even here. But as Islam teaches us, we should verify info before believing in it, let alone forwarding it. And that is what I, and hundreds, if not thousands of others done, and hence found the haqq to be the complete opposite.

        In my battalion there r so many ex-jabha guys, brothers who got fed false propaganda against ISIS but then used their aql to go and vwrify the facts. Tbh, majority of the ppl I knew in jabha r now with ISIS, why? Bcz he who sees is not like the one qho does not see. And alhumdulillaah here in sham, we see WITH OU OWN EYES the reality of the matter.

        5. To have the ‘mentality’ of he khawarij doesn’t make ne a khawarij. May of those who claim to follow quran and sunnah blindly follow 1 or 2 shaykhs, somehing which is a charactwristic of the sufis. So can we say the sufis bcz of this mentality? Also the khawarij have many characteristics like they don’t wipe over the socks, they dont believe in the punishment of the grave, they do takfir of the sahabah. None of which r found in ISIS. Sadly its ignorance (of the characteristics of the khawarij) and blindly accepting fatwas without question or verification (a characteristic of the sufis I remind u) which has made many ppl accuse ISIS of being khawarij.

        6. Abu bakr baghdadi has clearly mentioned his aqeedah in his talks which r widely available online, where e mentions he doesnt do takfir on major sins, etc.

        7. As for u saying I need 2 do my research, then that’s exactly what I done and what lead me to join ISIS. My research was r go and speak to ISIS umaraa, to go to their territory, to interact with them, to live with them, to verify with my own eyes (somehing which 99% of ppldo not do). So yes I have done my research, and if I can ask u the same. What research have u done? Have u come to sham to see with ur own eyes? Or is the way of the salaf to accept fatwas without verification, knowin full-well these fatwas are invalid due to them not meeting the condition of the mufti not having ilm of the facts?

        8. As for Abu Bakr not mentioned in the quran or sunnah, then tbh im not going to answer that. I’ll let someone else reading his answer that for u.

        9. As for a current khalifah appointing a new one like abu bakr did for umar, then this is not a condition, and he who says so, is lacking in basic ilm, whosoever he may be. It is well known to anyone who has read the bios of the four caliphs that there r many ways for a caliph to come in charge. Abu bakr appointed umar. Umar made a council of 6 ppl who will decide the matter afte him. Uthman didnt say anyhing about ali being next. So is the caliphate of uthman and ali illegitimate! Likewise the prophet said if a man takes the caliphate by force obey him as long as he does not do major kufr. This alone refutes the concept that a new caliph needs 2 b appounted by the old one. So please bring me a quote of a well known scholar who said that the way of the salaf is for the old caliph to appoint a new one. Pkus we know that when imam Mahdi is apointed as a caliph, it’ll b at a time when the old caliph just passed away and ppl will b in dispute over the new one. So where is the evidence for this old caliph? Who appoints him! Where’s the ecidence?

        10. The issue of ahl al-hall wal-aqd where everyone jahil layman is a scholar nowadays. So when umar was on his deathbed, he made a group of about 6 sahabahs qho were in madeenah, evwn though the caliphate was expanding far ease and far west. All the far lands had great sahabah in them, yet umar did not consult any of them. He only set up a council of 6 ppl from madeenah, why! Bcz madeeah was going to b the seat of the caliph. Also, what logic says that the ppl of sham and iraq need to consult the muslims of africa, or uk, or china, whether or not they can appoint a caliphate in iraq and sham? Umar only consulted those around him, nay only those in the same city! He didt look outside of his city eve though great sahabahs and mountains of knowledge were not in madeenah,

        11. To say we have no control over the land is a blatant lie, and may Allaah guide the one who started this false propaganda. Wallaahi ISIS r the strongest fighting force the Muslims have, the bravest, and this is admitted by all those in iraq and sham, evwn thwir enemies. To those who say we have no control have not even seen with their eyes what they utter with their tongues. And where is the logic of all those who believe such ppl? How can u believw a person saying that 2 u who has not even been in sham. What is your evidence to say such a thing. Bring ur proof if indeed u t truthful. (And on the side topic of characteristics of a khawarij, isnt it a characteristic of the jews that one seaks wihout evidence and proof? So would it b logical for me call auch ppl jews bcz they speak without daleel?). All I say is, verify info, come to sham and vwrify with ur own eyes, not by watching filtered half facts given by kuffaar on the media, and subhaanallaah whe is a kafir trustworthy? If uve studied usool al-hadeeth, you’ll know that we do not take our deen from kuffaar, and jarh and ta’deel (praising and dispraising ppl) is from our deen, and kafir is never a source unless he brings clear evidence, and their trustworthiness is known to b false when they speak about Muslims.

        12. The scholars of ahlus sunnah r NOT unanimous that ISIS r khawarij. Its only those who r famous that speak such lies. Lies without proper investigation. If u say its done aftwr propwr investigation, then which of them have been here? Isnt it a characteristic of the mushriks of Makkah to blindly accept propaganda? When propaganda against Muhammad (saw) was going around, those with aql amongst the ppl of Makkah, thought to verify information first hand. And those that did, ended up following him. So our deen is all about verifying info first hand.

        And there r many scholars here in sham. Yet just bcz they do not come on tv, or r not known to u, does it mean they r not scholars? Juat bcz they r not known to the ppl of Saudi, does it mean they r not scholars. Every masjid here has a shaykh or student of ilm. Shaykh abu abdur rahman jazairi, a shaykh at the local masjid who’s memory is outstanding, memorised bukhari and muslim. A fountain of ilm. And let me ask all those who say we have no scholars, can u na, e me 10 scholars from iraq, can u na, e me 10 scholars from sham? So if u do not even know any scholara who were in iraq and sham beforw the jihad, then how hilarious u r asking for their names. Abu Mu’ath Maghribi, a shaykh and a mujaahid, anoher shaykh at the other masjid not far from me. Not to mention all the shaykhs from jabhat who joined ISIS. My shaykh from my jabhat camp, Abu abdullaah Misri, now wih ISIS. Subhaanallaah if only the blind putsiders knew and saw what those on the inside see!

        13. As for allying with the kafir against a muslim, then Muhammad ibn abdul Wahab also , entioned that in his 10 things which nullify uslam, withot further “clarification”. If u read the books of aqeedah, the small ones at least, then most of them just talk general guidelines without going into specifics all the time. And if u sat in the study circles that r held in the masjids here in sham, you would know that the scholara do mention this. And I stress again, he who is not in sham is not like he who is in sham.

        14. As for ISIS fighting those who disagrwe qith thwm, then plz bring ur proof, if ur not a jew, whoops, if ur not followi g the manhaj and haractwriatics od the jews.

        Ok I said that for a reason. Did it annoy u by me saying that? Was it a silly thing to say! Yes indeed. So likewise when u said about ISIS being khawarij due to shared characteristics with the khawarij, which btw r all false. Just bring me solid evidence, as evey fatwa should have.

        We did not start this infighting, irrespective of what any outsider says. Fsa attacked ISIS first, ask any Syrian civilian, ask FSA yourself. Nay, thwir own amir said they will fight us bcz of our “strict” implementation of islam. Yet strange he defines strict as cutting the hand of the thief, or lashing the one who drinks alcohol, or ensuring all shops r closed at salah time, or all women cover up as Allaah loves.

        So who r u refering to when u say we fiht those who we diaagree with. Which group, and over what disagreement. Surely this should not be something hard to produce as u r speaking with solid proof.

        15. More muslims r dying bcz of ISIS? Really? Where? What stats do u have? In which town? Or is this statement the conclusion from the western media?

        16. I just downloaded the youtube vid, will watch it now. It will b interesting what a guy who has not been to iraq or sham has to say about ppl he has not met nor spoken to.

        17. Forgive me for my harshness in places. Plz read my points and awaiting a reply inshaaAllaah.

        Wassalaamu alaykum.

        Akhook: Omar

      • Assalaamu alaykum,
        Ok I saw the vid, seems like he’s doing a pointless lecture as what he atyributes 2 us is not ven the haqq. So his whole 90 mins is useless info. Its like me seeing a guy walk past the masjid and then doing takfir on him and give him a hour lecture on the virtue of salah and the consequences of being a murtad.

        Also, he mentions that ISIS mwmbers have not memorized the book of Allah, not even a juzz. Subhaanallaah!!! What an evil accusation! Dont u agree? What is his proof? How many ISIS brothers has he spoken to, how can he say that while still living in dar al-kufr. Allaahu musta’aan, we have kids here who r huffaadh! May Allaah guide him and forgive him for his stupidity!

        Also this brother says that najaashi never ruled by the sharia. Na’oodhubillaah! He claims to follow ibn taymiyyah, ibn hajar etc. So let him bring one quote from these giants of knowledge where they said that. Attributing lies against the ulamaa’. Speaking with his own desires and making it out as if these scholars also said that! SubhaanAllaah. Accusing a sahabi aswell.

        Also r the conditions of a valid caliphate just 4? What about being a Qurayshi? Why didn’t he mention that? This guy is a real joke, no offense.

        Also how can one take ilm from a guy who does videos titled, “They call me sexy”, and “Giving dawah to Eminem” to name a few. Is this from the characteristics of a person of ilm? Seriously?

        Alsohe mentions how pls worship will seem little in front of ISIS members. Ok so when was he in sham witnessing us in our salaah?

        Again, this guy is accusing us of things and then giving proofs against these baf stuff. A satanic ideology indeed. Again, its like me seeing a guy spit while fasting and then accusing him of spitting out a bubblegum during fasting, and then proceed 2 do a “refutation” of him. Satanic indeed.

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