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Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

Please see my other blogs:

– http://IbnUthaymeen.Wordpress.Com
– http://IbnuTaymiyyah.Wordpress.Com
– http://IslamAndChristianity.Wordpress.Com
– http://IslamForSisters.Wordpress.Com
– http://MonthOfTheQuran.Wordpress.Com
– http://TheMarriageBase.Wordpress.Com

None of my articles are copyright, feel free to copy and paste these articles anywhere you wish. May Allaah guide us all and rectify our affairs, amen.

Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,


3 Responses to “My Other Blogs”

  1. Rizwan Sheikh Says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum,

    I have twin boys that are mashaAllah almost 18 yrs old. They are born US citizens and are currently in their senior year of high school in Dubai. They have mashaAllah lived in USA, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and UAE. Intitially we had decided to send them to the USA to pursue further education but are very concerned about the environment and fitna. I am very interested in sending them to Madeena University for 2 yrs to strengthen their Islamic foundation and prepare them for the Akhira. Can you pls help us and guide us in the admission process for Madeena University. Your help and effort is greatly appreciated. May Allah reward you immensely, Ameen.

  2. Asalamu alaikum brother, i want to ask sheikh yasir qadi a question regarding marital life.I have read his ebook but could nt find my clear answer.How can i ask him? Any email address? Pkz this is veryyy important.JazakAllah khairan

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