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Al-Imaam University
Ar-Riyaadh, Saudi ‘Arabia

In the Name of Allaah, the All-Merciful…


Al-Imaam Muhammad bin Su’ood Islaamic University, or Al-Imaam University for short, opened with two colleges, the College of ‘Arabic Studies and the College of Islaamic Law in 1953 in Ar-Riyaadh. Since then, many colleges have been added, as well as branches in other cities. Similar to Al-Madeenah and Umm Al-Quraa, non-‘Arabic speakers have a chance to learn ‘Arabic here from the beginning in an ‘Arabic Language Institute designed specifically for them. They can then continue their studies in ‘Arabic or seek admission to one of the colleges.


To be considered for admission, applicants must be 25 years old or younger with a high school diploma (at least 80% average or better). Their application must include photographs, copies of passport, birth and health certifictes, high school transcripts and a copy of the diploma, all verified by the Saudi Embassy of their country. Also required are letters of recommendation from known Islaamic organizations or personalities


The school provides the students with a monthly salary of SR 845 (about $225), a round-trip plane ticket yearly, discounted meals, and free housing (for single students only). A single student should bring about $1,000 to get by initially. After that, the monthly salary is sufficient for single students living in the dormitory. Married students who have children should expect their living expenses to be $6,000 to $12,000 yearly, depending on their standard of living, number of children, etc.


We do not currently have an application available for downloading. Howeve you can write the school to request an application:

Imam Mohamed Bin Saud Islamic University (IMIU)
P.O. Box 5701
Riyaadh 11432
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Or you can call them at:
(01) 258-0000 (from America dial 011-966 first)

Or fax them at:
(01) 259-0271

Or contact a student at the university for additional information at

For more information, please visit:



– Imam Universities official webpage: Arabic| English

Wassalaam o alaykum and all the best to see you succeed