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The Sincerity Of Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul Wahhaab In Reaching The Truth

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Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhaab said:

“If I give a ruling or perform any deed and you know that I am wrong, it is obligatory upon you to clarify the truth to your Muslim brother.”

[Mu’allifaat, 7/240]

He also said:

“If the truth is with them (his opponents) or if we have some truth and some falsehood or we have gone to an extreme in some matters then it is obligatory upon you to point it out and to advise us and to show us the statements of the people of knowledge. Perhaps, through you, Allaah will guide us back to the truth.”

[Mu’ allifaat, 7/301]

A Word On Innovators, By Imaam Ahmad

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Imaam Ahmad said:

“And let him not be of those who invent new matters [into the Deen], for whenever such a thing emerges from such a man, he seeks to find a proof for what he is doing.

So he induces himself to do the impossible, searching for a proof for what he has brought out – whether valid or baseless – in order to beautify his innovation and his invention. And worse than that, is that he fabricates it – attributing it to some written text that has been conveyed about it. So he desires to beautify that with truth and falsehood.”

[Al-Ibaanah, by Ibn Battah, 2/472]

Truth Takes Priority Over Friendship, Leadership, Relationship etc.

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When it came to the issue of right and wrong, truth and falsehood, the Companions would voice their opinions not allowing friendship, leadership, relationship, or anything else, for that matter, to stop them from expressing what they felt to be the truth.

When Aboo Bakr (ra), the Caliph, resolved upon fighting the apostates and those who refused to pay the zakaat, ‘Umar (ra) demurred, arguing that the Prophet (saw) said:

I have been ordered to fight the people until they say, ‘None has the right to be worshipped except Allaah.‘ And if they say it, then they have protected from me their blood and wealth, except if there is a prior right to it, and their accountability is with Allaah.” [Bukharee & Muslim]

Aboo Bakr answered:

“Did not the Prophet (saw) say, ‘except if there is a prior right‘? And from its rights is the zakaat.”

‘Umar was the first to pledge allegiance to Aboo Bakr as Caliph because he recognized his superiority, yet his love and veneration for Aboo Bakr did not prevent him from contending with him regarding a matter in which he felt was right – in a matter about which he disagreed with Aboo Bakr.

Is It legit To Say “SadaqAllaahul ‘Azheem” After Reciting The Quraan?

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When I finish reading something from the Quraan, may I say, ‘Allaah, the Alighty, has spoken the truth (SadaqAllaahul ‘Azheem)‘?

Answer: (By Shaykh Bin Baaz)

Though this practice has become popular among Musilms, it has no precedent or basis or foundation in Islaam; therefore you should not make it a habit or a ritual to say this phrase after reading the Quraan. The meaning of te following hadeeth applies to the said practice:

Whoever does a deed that is not upon our affair, then it is rejected.

Though we might not call this practice an innovation (bid’ah), it is nonetheless similar to an innovation. Som epeople go to further extremes, reciting this phrase during prayer.

To say ‘‘Allaah, the Alighty, has spoken the truth (SadaqAllaahul ‘Azheem)‘ after reciting the Quraan has not been related from ther Prophet (saw), his companions, or the pious early generations of Muslims. Just because this practice is now widespread and some people approve of it, it does not mean that it is legitimate.

If you read a verse of the Quraan that you are in awe of because of what the verse signifies in terms of profound meaning, you may, in such an instance, say ‘Allaah, the Alighty, has spoken the truth (SadaqAllaahul ‘Azheem)‘. But as far as we know, there is no basis for you to say it as a habit every time you read the Quraan.

We arrived at this decision only after having researched the issue thoroughly and after having discussed it with the people of knowledge.

Shaykh Bin Baaz.

Do Not Burden People With More Than They Can Handle of the Rulings of Islam

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‘Abd al-Malik, the son of ‘Umar bin ‘Abd al-’Aziz, said to his father: “O father, why are you not forthcoming in people’s affairs? By Allah, I do not care about anything else when it comes to implementing the truth, even if everyone were to despise us for it.

So, ‘Umar said to him: “O son, do not be hasty! For Allah – the Exalted – discouraged the consumption of alcohol in the Qur’an twice, and finally forbade it the third time, and I am afraid that I would burden the people with all of the truth at once, causing them to reject it, and this would be a trial for them.

Should We Excuse One Another On Matters Wherein We Differ? By Ibn Uthaymeen

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Should We Excuse One Another On Matters Wherein We Differ?

By Ibn Uthaymeen


What is your view regarding the statement of some, “We unite in issues that we agree upon, and we excuse one another in matters we disagree about”?


This statement is too general in its implications:

– Its first part – “We unite in issues that we agree upon” – is the truth

– Its second part – “We excuse one another in matters we disagree about” – requires a more detailed explanation.

If difference of opinion on an issue is based upon valid ijtihaad, then yes, we should excuse one another, and moreover, our hearts should not differ. But if ijtihaad is not valid (when the ruling in a matter is clearly expressed in the sharee’ah), then we do not excuse those who oppose the truth; rather, we must make it clear to them that they must submit to the truth.

[Taken from “The Islamic Awakening, Important Guidelines”, By Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen, p. 208]

The Truth About Fazail – e – ‘Amaal

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The Truth About Fazail – e – ‘Amaal

(The True Aqeedah Of The Tablighi Jamaat)

Part 1:

Part 2: